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Neighbourhood Development Plan: Blewbury votes 'Yes'!

The village's answer to the question 'Do you want the Vale of White Horse District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Blewbury to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?' was a resounding 'Yes'.


Blewbury & Didcot Garden Town

Heard about the Didcot Garden Town scheme? Want to know how it will affect Blewbury? The Parish Council has invited the DGT team to talk to the village and listen to your concerns at 6.30pm on Wednesday 14th December in the Vale Room.


Cat on a Cold Tile Roof

Poor Kip, a very small and very young cat, had spent all day stuck on a roof being swooped on by magpies and kites. Terrified and very hungry, even a dish of tuna could not persuade him to attempt the climb down. Then, late in the afternoon, the Fire Brigade arrives...

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