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News from Blewbury School

January 29, 2018

With Christmas a distant memory, and discarded wrapping paper finally out of the house, it is back to business for the pupils at Blewbury School.

The next two terms are busy ones for each of the classes and whilst everyone will be learning different skills, both life and academic, there remains a common theme throughout the classrooms, that of Innovation. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to see this in action and to see how each class interprets their brief in different ways. The focus is wide and varied and we see ancient civilisations under scrutiny, how we adapt to hostile environments, and how we cause our own problems as a result. There are some interesting discussions taking place in the classrooms on water and plastic pollution as a result of studying the water cycle. It is refreshing to see such young people have a grasp of the impact man has on his surroundings and be able to have well-informed conversations on such topics as water aid, sustainable development, clean water and sanitation. I was told (with a good measure of glee, I might add) that my bottle of water could contain, what once was, dinosaur wee. Followed by a very rational explanation of how this may well be the case!

On an international note, the school is delighted to welcome two trainee Spanish teachers for 7 weeks from the University of Andalucía. This has come about as a result of a trip made by Marion Mills, the School head, to Cordoba last year as part of an Erasmus Plus job shadowing opportunity, which is funded by the EU. No doubt this will lead to another injection of culture and some interesting projects for all.

Speaking of interesting projects, I am delighted to say that Class 6 will be taking part in this year’s BBC Radio 2 500 words short story competition. This is an annual competition with some wonderful prizes for both school and pupil up for grabs. The standard is high, but having seen some of the literature already written by Class Six on Myths and Legends I think that we will be in with a fighting chance. The Class Six winner is guaranteed something special already, and I must thank the Editor of the Bulletin, Chris Whatmore, as he has kindly said that he will publish the winning story in next month’s bulletin. A sure-fire stepping stone to success. May I also urge all parents to encourage their children to come up with their own 500-word entry. For those of you not aware of the competition is open to any child who is aged between 5 and 13 years old, and the winners are split into categories by age. The competition closes at 7pm on Thursday 22nd February. Amongst the many prizes is the opportunity for the winners to ride on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and take tea on the Queen’s boat. Let’s hope they are both environmentally friendly!

Michael Evans, Parent Governor