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Goalmouth Glory: Project completed!

October 15, 2018

The Tony Loy Trust is delighted to announce that the new all-weather surface for the Tickers Folly Field practice goal is now in place and it is great to see it being used.  The very first user is in the photo above!

Since the goal was installed, the ground in front of it has been reduced to  bare earth and this has made the facility unusable for a large part of the year. The Trust, in partnership with the Blewbury Parish Council and the Blewbury Village Society, have been fundraising so that our footballers can use the goal mouth all year round.

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated. It is never too late to donate – especially if you are enjoying using it!  Donate to:

Blewbury Local History Group

October 28, 2018

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice in 1918, the History Group are conducting a  walking tour of houses in the village lived in by soldiers such as the Aldworth brothers, pictured above, who served during the Great War.

Covering 10 houses we will be placing a large poppy with the name of the soldier and, where possible, a picture of him, outside the house concerned. There will also be some information on that soldier’s life both before, during and after the war. We have been fortunate in obtaining some detailed information about the Blewbury men who served. Commencing at 14:30 on Nov 11th, the walk is expected to take between 60-90 minutes; those interested should meet at the bench at the top of Westbrook Street where it joins the London Road. There will be hand-outs of the names and houses to be visited on the day. No need to book, we should be able to accommodate all those who wish to join us.

Thanks to the Pre-school children who are assisting us with the making of the memorial poppies.

Our usual meeting on November 9th is at The History Room on Parsonage Lane. All are welcome.

Contacts: Mark or Audrey 850427 or

Post Office News

We have a limited amount of Harry Potter stamps on sale now, while this year’s Christmas stamps go on sale on November 1st – very pretty post boxes, with holly & robins! On November 14th, Royal Mail are issuing stamps to commemorate Prince Charles’s 70th birthday!

Lloyds, Bank of Scotland & Halifax personal & business customers can now make cash deposits using their debit card, which offers a much faster service into accounts! This means almost all banks can now be accessed through the Post Office network, for cash withdrawals & deposits, also cheque deposits via envelopes that we always keep in stock! This is a free service for personal & community/ charity accounts, while business accounts usually pay a fee. Santander have a new cheque deposit envelope and we keep those too!

Letters to Santa/Father Christmas can now be posted to him at Santa’s Grotto, Reindeerland, XM45HQ. You will need a stamp to send it, and he tries really hard to reply to all letters, which must be posted by December 8th.

We hear many groans & moans: 1) speeding cars through the village, (please slow down?) 2) Bonfires, horrible smoke on nice days when folk have their laundry on the line & windows open, (please be mindful of other people) 3) Fireworks, please be mindful of neighbours with dogs, cats, horses, babies or who are elderly, frail or trying to sleep when they are set off late? 4) Litter, please take your rubbish home or dispose of it in one of the village bins, don’t just drop it? 5) Hallowe’en; if you are out ‘trick or treating’, please visit only houses with hallowe’en decorations up! (I know most of you already do this, so just a reminder really!) Love from Karen & Maggie 

Blewbury Film

Blewbury Film is pleased to announce our screening of “Grease – The 40th Anniversary Singalong” as the winter BlewTube on the 12th December.

“Grease” explores the friendships, romances and adventures of a group of American High School kids in the 1950s – but does it in a way that could only have been done in the late 70s! The movie produced a string of number 1 hits, helped launch the career of a young and relatively unknown actor, John Travolta. Now, re-released for its 40th anniversary, this nostalgic Rock’n’Roll high school musical remains a real rush of film. It is full of sensational “Can’t Help but Singalong” songs, fabulous dancing that would send Strictly fans swooning and incredible costumes that have been to more parties than Coco the clown – in fact more of everything that makes a musical film absolutely unforgettable! So, come along to relive the songs, the dance and the adventure of Rydal High, the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies.  Come along if you want to sing along, come along if you don’t want to sing along, come along if you secretly sing along in the shower but don’t want anyone else to know but, either way, make sure you come along to this year’s Blewbury Film winter extravaganza!  Grease – is the word!

“The most successful move musical of all time”

The Guardian “∗∗∗∗∗”    The Blewbury Bulletin “∗∗∗∗∗∗∗”


The 40th Anniversary Singalong (PG)

Director: Randal Kleiser.

Starring: John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.

Location: The Melland Room Date: Wednesday, 12th December Doors Open: 7:30pm
Price: £5 / head Tickets available at the Post Office from Saturday 27th October

Please note: Tickets will only be available on the door if any remain unsold at the Post Office – on the door sales cannot be guaranteed.  Please make sure you get your tickets early to avoid disappointment.  No refunds.

Licensed bar and ice creams available (No BYO please).

Like us on Facebook or email us and we’ll add you to our mailing list and keep you informed of future events.

In association with the Blewbury Players. Profits to the Village Hall refurb.

Contact Paul Sanders or Peter Willison for more information and / or with your ideas:

Sustainable Blewbury

Apple juicing at Blewbury Manor stable: Sunday 4 November, 11am to 1pm

This last, late-season session will run if there is demand, so if you will still have apples to juice please try to let us know in advance by email ( or phone (07935 232 296). If you wish to pasteurise your juice (to last up to a year) please arrive early in the session. HIRE: Too many apples for our sessions? Hire our equipment for just £10 per day in Blewbury and Upton, £15 elsewhere. Contact us as above.

Blewbury Garden Market 2018

It was a strange, difficult year in the garden: a cold, wet spring with a brief late frost, and then the hot and very dry summer. Some fruit, vegetables and flowers did very well indeed but many didn’t, and one large crop of sweetcorn was demolished by muntjacs. Our Saturday morning Garden Market stall at the garage (its ninth year), had a surprisingly good season, but with crops running out we stopped two weeks earlier than planned. All is not lost – there will be occasional produce and preserves at the Post Office during the off season.

Thanks to everyone who brought things to sell, all our friendly ‘customers’, and of course the dedicated people who spent Saturday mornings running the stall. The Garden Market is a little bit of glue that helps bind Blewbury together and reminds us that we can produce nice fresh produce locally. See you again next year.

Hedge laying

At SB’s 25th anniversary bash on 30 September we had a display showing hedges that we’ve laid around the village in the past few years, some of our tools, and examples of regional hedge-laying styles. We wanted to recruit more members, and seven more villagers are joining us this winter to learn the skills. We’ll be starting in November. If you have not yet signed up and would like to do so please contact

Our Canadian correspondent, Angela Hoy, adds:

Today was the Riley Park Community Garden Apple Festival, one of many around Vancouver.

We had an apple expert from the adjoining farmers market telling us all about the history of North American apples , with samples, then Robin (a  Brit) explained the process of making cider with windfalls using an ancient method of breaking up the fruit followed by the familiar press….

Then there was a potluck lunch provided by people in the group, including spiced apple muffins and a red cabbage/ carrot and apple coleslaw from us and lots of other innovative dishes from around the world!



3 bookcases, 2 are 160cm high, 1 is 180cm high. All 70cm wide and 30cm deep. White finish. Dick Figgins 850604
Greenhouse, metal frame, 240cm x 188cm.

Peter Saunders


·   Small red first bike – fine condition, suitable for 3-5 yr old.

·   Wood/metal wine racks x3: 77 x 77cm; 63 x 63cm; 63 x 120cm

Lydia Inglis

07801 932393

·   Metal double bed + none turn mattress in good clean condition

·   Two wheels for 122 ERDE trailer

·   RALEIGH MAX Bike grey wheel size 24×2.10

Linda Humber 851289

·   Balloon back chair frame, mid Victorian, oak (?) Sound condition, for re-upholstery project.

·   Guinea pig/ rabbit indoor plastic cage, 48 x 78 cm.

·   Green plastic slide, 3m long, no ladder. Ideal for setting into a bank.

07808 287507
To freecycle your item please send a short description, email & phone number to Lydia Inglis (

Go to to find out more about Sustainable Blewbury.
Getting involved is fun and can contribute to the village and its environment. To participate, or to receive
our free monthly Newsletter, email
us at or phone 01235 850558.

Oxford-Cambridge Expressway – Further Update

October 20, 2018

Further to our update in last month’s Bulletin, the Parish Council has received an update from Highways England clarifying the different maps used in the press release announcement of the preferred route for the proposed new motorway between Oxford and Cambridge. Above is a map of the ‘preferred corridor’, which is the area chosen to develop the new road. Blewbury is not included in this map, which ultimately means the village is NOT being assessed as part of the route options for the new road link.

The intention is for the new road to connect to the existing network at some point in the areas identified as ‘common corridor’ on the map below:

Highways England has told us that the common corridor will be subject to a ‘separate package of interventions and upgrades to the existing network’ that will connect to the new road link. That is, the common corridor (which includes Blewbury), is the area under consideration for connections to existing infrastructure. We have been told that this area may narrow further as routes are subject to further analysis.

Public consultation on the full plan is planned for autumn 2019. On 23rd October representatives from the PC will attend a meeting of the Expressway Action Group, which is campaigning against the road and its wider effects (including houses and supporting infrastructure) – the changes this proposed road will affect all of us living in Oxfordshire. We will report on this meeting in the next Bulletin.

Anyone who wishes to contact Lynne McWilliam, Stakeholder Manager of the Oxford-Cambridge expressway, directly can email her on


October 28, 2018

November this year is particularly special as it is 100 years since the end of the First World War. It is recorded that 1400 bell ringers lost their lives in the conflict; nationally it was the aim to recruit 1400 new bell ringers during this year as part of “Ringing Remembers”.

We have been fortunate over recent years to have had a number of new learners and this year we have one new ringer who qualifies to be included in “Ringing Remembers” and potentially one more. This would be particularly fitting as two Blewbury Ringers lost their lives in the conflict.

Along with the nation we will be remembering this Armistice Day with some special ringing, the bells will be rung half muffled for the Remembrance Day Service. At 2.30pm there will be an Armistice peal attempt and at 7.05pm we will ring for approximately 10 minutes to mark the national “Battle’s Over” initiative when it is hoped that nationally all church bells will be rung at the same time as beacons being lit across the country.



Hello to everyone. Autumn has arrived, showing off its beautiful colours on all the trees. But, then we shall be sweeping up the leaves when they decide to fall?

Bonfire night will soon be here and we will see a wonderful firework display and some of our WI ladies will be serving hot baked potatoes and mulled wine. Below is a list of our November events and we would love to welcome any new Members to join us.

  • Friday, 2nd Craft evening at Liz’s. 7pm. Please ring beforehand.
  • Monday, 5th Mah Jong at Judy’s.  2.30pm. Please ring beforehand.
  • Tuesday, 6th Lyn’s Walk. Meet at the Village Hall at 9am. Destination will depend on the state of the paths, but will probably be around Blewbury. Coffee possible.
  • Tuesday, 6th Coffee morning at Sharon’s. 10.30am.
  • Wednesday, 7th Scrabble at Judy’s. 7.30pm. Please ring beforehand.
  • Friday, 16th Talking Science Lecture at RAL Harwell. 1.30pm.  Speaker  Dr. Kathryn Harkup – “B is for Belladonna “
  • Wednesday, 28th WI monthly meeting.  7.30pm. In the Vale Room.  Craft Evening.

For more details of any of our events, or if you wish to join us, please ring Karen on 850219 or visit our web page, where you will find more information.       Love from Cilla.

Bridge Club

The AGM was held on 4th October ahead of a shortened bridge session. All Officers and Committee members were re-elected unopposed.

Attendance has increased during the 2017-2018 year in comparison with the previous year, but there is no guarantee that similar levels of attendance will be maintained in future. So Ken Angus’ offer to form a sub-committee to look at ways of recruiting new members is very welcome – anyone who has any suggestions or would like to contribute to this initiative should contact Ken directly.

The current playing year ends on 30th October and a new year’s competitions will commence. Subscriptions will be due on 1st November and a new calendar with list of members and contact details will be available. For the 2018-2019 year we have a new competition, thanks to the generosity of Richard Bird, who has presented the Bird Salver to the club for the best handicap pair on Thursday evenings over a minimum of 15 qualifying events.

This year’s Children in Need Simultaneous Pairs competition is to be held at the normal Thursday club session on 15th November. Please make every effort to come along and contribute to this very worthwhile cause. It is hoped that participants will agree to a contribution of at least £5 each on the night – all of which will be donated to Children in Need. Michael Allen 851870