September 22, 2017

We hope that many of you heard the Peal of Morville Delight Major (with 5088 changes in the order of the bells) rung in 3hr 5min on 23rd August to celebrate the life of Jim Blond who, during his life, contributed so much to bell ringing. The Peal was beautiful to listen to and was an inspiration to those of us who are still trying to improve our ringing. Thank you to Colin Turner and his band of ringers.

Our learners are making fantastic progress, we are very fortunate in Blewbury to have teenagers wanting to learn and continue the tradition of bell ringing not forgetting the experienced ringers who are teaching them. As an aside it has reduced the average age of bell ringers at Blewbury considerably!

We continue to ring for Sunday service and practice night is Friday 8-9.30pm, a warm welcome awaits anyone who would like to come and see what ringing is all about.