June 29, 2018

What an exciting month it has been.

A successful quarter peal was rung on the morning of May 19th to celebrate the Royal Wedding and the 10 year anniversary of Revd. Jason St.John Nicolle. As well as our normal Sunday service ringing the bells are rung for special services and last month there were two of these. A choral evensong on 20th May to mark Revd Jason and Maranda’s 10 years in the Benefice and then on the following evening for The Archdeacon’s Visitation for the Admission of Churchwardens.

The most exciting event of the month was the launch of Project Resound. It was lovely to see so many people attend the launch and meet the artist, Rachel Phillips, who is so enthusiastic about the project. There will be lots more about this in the months to come.

Our regular Friday practices continue, we are always pleased to see visitors, and were delighted when a couple from Adelaide came to join us for a Friday practice.