Bell Ringing News from Blewbury Tower

December 28, 2019

It was worth being patient over the bell ringing, the new window is amazing!

A quarter peal, (a Resound auction promise), was rung on Monday 9th December to celebrate Cilla Maguire’s 85th birthday, on the first day that we were allowed to ring after the window installation. Regular Friday practice night resumes on Friday 13th and Sunday service ringing from 15th.

Quarter peals will be attempted on Saturday 14th December in all four Benefice Towers to remember local ringing legend Cliff Garlick who died recently. Cliff rang at Hagbourne and was one of our regular visitors at Friday night practices. He was an inspiration to so many of us with his ringing expertise and his humour, we will miss him.

The ‘Resound’ window and reflective banners will be dedicated by the Bishop of Dorchester on Tuesday 7th January at 7.00 pm (see the Church section in this Bulletin). Bell ringers from Westminster Abbey will be ringing a full celebratory peal (3 hours ringing) starting at 2.15 pm so do listen out for the bells.

Of course your local band will be ringing for the many traditional Christmas services, as well as ringing ‘in’ the New Year. We hope that you enjoy hearing the bells ringing out again and wish everyone a Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year.