August 23, 2018

Wow what an amazing summer, the weather certainly didn’t disappoint for the annual Summer outing and BBQ on July 21st which was enjoyed by all those who attended.

On the evening of July 23rd, a successful quarter peal was rung in memory of Lt. Robert Bishop Slade, a Blewbury bell ringer who died a century ago on 23rd July 1918 whilst on active RAF service. We were thrilled that members of Robert’s family who live in Blewbury came to listen. Robert’s father, Leonard, was a churchwarden of St Michael’s when the two new bells were installed in 1906, so it is no surprise that his son learnt to ring!

As always, we enjoy welcoming visitors to the tower and were delighted when we had a visitor from Lincolnshire and one from Kent on the same Friday evening, both had been visiting relatives in Blewbury. The bonus for Blewbury has been that one of the relatives has started to learn to ring and is making fantastic progress.

Because the bells have been around for so long it is sometimes easy to forget that bits wear out and need replacing, that has been the case in the last couple of months with a couple of bell ropes needing replacing, plus we were just ending Sunday ringing when a stay broke (the bit that stops the bell from continuing to rotate). Richard Loyd was able to take the broken stay to Whites of Appleton, who made a new stay which Richard was able fit in time for wedding ringing the following Saturday.

We have continued to practice on a Friday evening and ring for the Sunday morning service although you may have noticed that there have not always been eight bells ringing as numbers of ringers fluctuate with holidays.

We are of course enthusiastically supporting the PCC’s Resound project, and you will read much more in this and future Bulletin updates.