Blewbury Local History Group

September 25, 2019

Blewbury in the 1950s/60s – can you help?

We’ve had a request from a person writing a biography of Irene Mawer (married name Perugini). She came to live here and share a house with Ruby Ginner, both friends of Marguerite Steen, living at Little Triton. Irene died in the J.R. in late 1962. She was a mime artist and dancer of some note but not much is known of her time here. (She would have been a useful person to have for the Players because she travelled the country in the 1930s doing various shows in music halls and theatres.)  If you remember her at all, either as friend or maybe employer then please let our contacts know so we can put you in contact with her biographer.

The question of why the walk commemorating the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II visited eight Blewbury houses when only seven men are named on the Church memorial was answered to those who attended. The event was completed on a scorching hot day and revealed more information from participants as well as a promise of some unknown photographs of people and places in the village from times past.

We didn’t have any feedback about our hopes of enticing a younger audience to our Group. Our hope is that the website we host carries enough information to generate a spark of interest and later in life the fire will burn brighter perhaps. If you would like to join us then our next meeting is on October 8th at 8pm in the History room to the rear of Robinsons, Church Road. We would love to see you there. Contact either Audrey, 07766 7834006, or Mark,