Blewbury Local History Group

October 31, 2019

All of us are history in the making, which is what I was thinking at our recent meeting.

First, at our October meeting we were pleased to welcome some new members and covered many subjects in the discussions. We highlighted an error in the well circulated `100 years of Blewbury’ photograph book involving The Sawyers Arms, touched on the possibility of Eastbrook House having a tannery in its grounds, answered queries on a vicar of Blewbury in 1496 who has (possibly) a relative of the same surname alive today and many other points amongst the myriad of input from all the members. Copies of Berkshire Old and New were also given out.

We also plan to re-produce an A3 map of the village drawn in 1943 which is rather fanciful. It’s very similar to the one you can see in the Doctors Surgery waiting room in the village but with one very subtle difference. We believe only two copies of the map exist, drawn as gifts, with the copy the History Group owns being a very personal copy given to Gladys Hazel of Suffragette fame. It is hoped we can publicise this more in the December Bulletin (published end of November) making it an ideal Christmas present for those of you who leave gift purchases later than some.

Our next meeting is on November 12th at 8 pm in our dedicated room to the rear of Robinsons on Parsonage Lane. All are welcome. Contact Audrey on 850427 or Mark at