Blewbury man in world-record fundraiser attempt

March 23, 2018

I wanted a challenge…I thought of the cause. 12 HOURS of BURPEES is the challenge. Blewbury Pre-school Playgroup and Blewbury Village Hall are the causes.

The two facilities have proved vital in both my family and professional life. They are a vital part of the community and I want to show my appreciation for both by raising some funds.

The CAUSE: Both facilities are vital to the village of Blewbury. They are the heart and soul for events and for families. The pre-school has seen generations of Blewburians pass through its doors and I want it to be able to do the same for many more.

The Village Hall already has a refurbishment plan in place and I want to do what I can to improve this facility for the whole village to use for the future.

The HOW: On the 29th April I will be doing 12 HOURS of BURPEES. I will attempt to set a new world record of over 4546, chest to floor burpees. The world record is a secondary goal. The first goal is to do as many as I can within the 12 hours to raise funds for the two great causes above.

To donate, please go to my JustGiving page at Dave Whitlock