Blewbury School News

May 29, 2018

As Parent Governor for Class 6 at Blewbury School, I have the pleasure to observe their lessons from time to time.

I am always impressed by the levels of concentration, attention and genuine interest the children display in learning both new and traditional subjects. It is an amazing journey for me to look back at my school days in East Hagbourne and see how many similarities there are in today’s lessons and also the stark contrast in how times have changed. The most obvious difference is in technology. I dreamt of the day when we would have devices similar to the ones portrayed in Star Trek and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and now the dream is a reality. As a result, there are no more trips to the local library on a nightly basis to find the solutions to homework questions (some may say this is a bad thing!), as so many of the answers can be found in a portable device which can be carried around with us. The speed in which we can obtain information is incredible in comparison to just a handful of years ago. It is also wonderful to see how “tech savvy” our children are at such a young age. It puts many of us to shame, but at the same time shows the key skills they learn so adeptly which future industries will require.

Technology also has its challenges, and one which is faced by Blewbury School is that of “keeping up”. On my most recent visit I was a little saddened to see that the children were having difficulties with their IT equipment, and further to a conversation with their teacher, Mrs. Galbraith, I learned that some of them are using, by IT standards, fairly antiquated equipment. For those of you who are into their tech, you will know that there is nothing more frustrating than having out of date kit. It becomes slow, clunky and unable to perform the tasks demanded by more modern equipment. Upon further investigation, the root cause is lack of funds, over the last couple of years and the school needs to find £13,000 per year to fill the hole in the IT budget.

I was reminded of a recent news article from the BBC which said that four in ten parents are asked to contribute regularly to school funds, and whilst no parents are obliged to contribute, desperate times require desperate measures. So here is a plea, on behalf of all of the Blewbury School Governors and Teachers to all Blewbury residents. The village is only as good as its school. The Blewbury School Governors would like to ask you to set up a regular donation to the school to help with the budget shortfall and give our children the tools for the education they need. Through Just Giving you can set up a standing order or make a one-off donation. If 220 villagers were to pledge £5 per month we would hit our target. That’s about the price of a glass of wine in the local pub! It would make a huge difference to the school, so please do consider helping in any way you can. In order to make a donation please go to or if you prefer there is a donate button you can click on the school website at  or you can ring the School Office on 850411. You will be helping our children to find the answers to Life, The Universe and Everything!

Michael Evans Class 6 Parent Governor