November 3, 2016

Time moves on and it barely seems like yesterday that we were welcoming the new starters to Mrs Clarke’s Class 1.

Now approaching their first half term all have settled in well and have had an extremely interesting couple of months at the beginning of their learning journey, which included exploring Africa and India (from the classroom of course), and finding out about their cultures. Luckily, this included making curried flatbreads and mango chutney, Nigerian Puff Puff’s (Google it) and a decent cup of Chai.

Class 1 are really short of spare shorts, shirts, trousers and T-shirts, so if you have any old ones from older siblings, or know anyone who has, we would be grateful for donations.

As you will know from last month’s article, the theme which permeates throughout the School is “Explorers”. Class 4 have been learning about famous explorers and I have first-hand knowledge of their findings from my 8-year-old daughter, who was astonished to find out that my American wife had actually heard of Christopher Columbus. Year 4 have been studying the attitudes and skills of great explorers and working out how these qualities can be used in real life scenarios. Look out for some more commemorative plaques on Blewbury buildings in the future!

Classes 5 and 6 will have some very special dates to look forward to as the School plans a visit for a trip to Germany, Finland and Spain. I will return to this with more information as the plans unfurl, but we will be hosting children in return and will be looking for volunteers from Blewbury residents, particularly those fluent in Finnish.

Finally, a note about the newly formed School Council. Students were asked to give presentations to join the Council and elections were held. The speeches were fantastic (Donald and Hillary take note) and we have some new School Council members. They are – Ruby, Stephanie, Oscar and Charlotte in Class 6, Tabitha, Josh, Libiya and Beatrice in Class 5 and Freddie, Archie and Alice from Class 4. Congratulations to you all.

The first meeting was a great success and the council will be working on improving playtimes and lunch times. They will also be working with the BVS on the Autumn clean-up and will be helping to transform the village into an even lovelier place.  Mike Evans, Link Governor