Bridge Club

June 3, 2019

It is pleasing to note that our attendance has, so far this year, kept up reasonably well. In particular our Friday night Novices sessions are now seeing a regular 4+ tables, which is excellent. Hopefully this will be boosted further in the autumn when our learners’ group are ready to join.

However, all our members should not be complacent and, I would hope, will take any opportunity to encourage new players, or potential players, to come along and try the ‘Blewbury Experience’! That is whether it is one of our regular Tuesday and Thursday sessions, our Friday night Novices, or as a complete beginner to learn the game. We hope to start a new series of lessons for complete beginners in January, subject to sufficient demand.

The Friday night Novices will continue through June. There may be a couple of months’ holiday thereafter but, again, this will depend on demand. Otherwise the sessions will re-start in September. Keep in touch with Tina Hollick on if you are interested.  Michael Allen  851870