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Sustainable Blewbury

February 27, 2020

Our first Repair Café

Saturday 29th February, 2 to 4 pm, in the Melland Room, Blewbury Clubhouse

If it’s worn out, torn or has just stopped working don’t bin it, bring it to see if we can fix it! We aim to have a team of local experts who can sharpen tools and knives, do electrical and mechanical repairs, help with sewing and upcycling clothes, fix bikes, and stick things back together. If we can’t fix it we’ll try to suggest where you can go to get it looked at. And you can enjoy our café while you watch us work. All repairs are free, but a donation to cover expenses would be appreciated.

The mind-blowing truth about our food – a talk by Anthony Simpson

Monday 9th March, 8.00 pm, in Blewbury Manor Barn

Anthony gave us an excellent talk on electric cars a year ago. In this talk he will look at the surprising range of impacts of our food choices. Food is a crucial element in reducing carbon emissions – this talk will help us make reasoned choices. Anthony’s research produced some facts that will surprise us, with answers to questions like:

  • Is food responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all forms of transport?
  • Do we grow enough food to feed the world?
  • How do our food choices impact fires in the Amazon, ocean dead zones and water shortages?
  • Is our diet sustainable in a net-zero carbon world?
  • Do we need to eat animal produce for protein and calcium?
  • Local food is much better, isn’t it?

Tickets £6 including a drink and nibbles, from the Post Office (or on the door if not sold out).

Love Food Hate Waste workshop

Saturday 14th March, 10 am to 12 noon, in the Melland Room, Blewbury Clubhouse

It’s a free event but you will still need a ticket, available at the Post Office from the end of February. See the Blewbury Climate Action/WI item and advertisement elsewhere in this Bulletin for more information.

Two single electric under-blankets Peter Saunders
Mr Shifta caravan mover, battery renewed 2012. Previously used to assist when moving single-axle touring caravan, now sold. Michael page 850661
To freecycle your item please send a short description, email & phone number to Lydia Inglis (

To find out more about Sustainable Blewbury go to
Getting involved is fun and can contribute to the village and its environment. To participate, or to receive
our free bi-monthly Newsletter, email us at or phone 01235 850558.

Blewbury Climate Action

Our Second Action Meeting: 7.30 pm, March 4th in the Melland Room, Blewbury Clubhouse

This is the follow up meeting to our successful January ideas meeting. The people who attended the first meeting (and other SB supporters) have now voted for the five areas that they think are the ones we could tackle and/or look the most interesting.

At the second meeting they will be able to decide which group they would like to join and make some decisions about what they want to do first. Do join us at the second meeting if you want to join in.

Love Food Hate Waste Workshop: Saturday 14th March, 10 am to 12 noon, in the Melland Room

Would you like to save food, save money and help the planet? Did you know that UK households throw away 7 MILLION tonnes of food every year, and 5 MILLION tonnes of it is perfectly usable!

Love Food Hate Waste is a workshop put on by Blewbury Climate Action and the WI that can help you do all that. It is a completely free event that we hope will get you to think about how you choose the food you buy, how you use it and also make tasty meals from leftovers, a short quiz and ideas to discuss with your friends,  coffee and a free homemade soup and bread lunch afterwards! Although it is free you will need a ticket, which you can collect from the Post Office from the end of February onwards

BCA now has a Facebook group well as a Facebook page, which means that you will be able to start conversations as well as “like” or comment on posts on the page, or you can email us at

Finally, please see the Sustainable Blewbury entry for details of our first Repair Cafe and a “Mind-blowing truth about our food” talk that are both motivated by our aim to live more sustainably.  Jo Lakeland

Blewbury Local History Group

When does history become history?

I ask that because this year we shall be celebrating VE Day, 1945, 8th May, and that’s history to schoolchildren today, but a vivid memory to many of us born before the War. What do you remember about that day? If we get enough people recalling events for that day then we shall have an exhibition and a chance to exchange stories about it. I remember everyone sitting at a long table in our street and having ham sandwiches, and jelly that families had saved their coupons for. Any photos, stories about VE-Day either in Blewbury or elsewhere will be welcomed. Talk to any member of the History Group.

Next meeting is Tuesday, March 10th at 8pm in the History Room, Parsonage Lane. Contacts: Mark at or Audrey 850427 or

Bridge Club

A reminder that we are now playing in Blewbury School on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evening, during the refurbishment of Blewbury Village Hall.

A course for Beginners has now commenced on Monday evenings.

The Club recently handed over another cheque to the Blewbury Village Hall Refurbishment Fund. The total now donated by the club to the Village Hall stands at almost £16,500. Furthermore, Oxfordshire Bridge Association have kindly agreed to donate a grant of £800 towards the provision of a new ‘cupboard’ in the refurbished Vale Room to house all our spare stationary and playing equipment, including laptop, dealing machine, printer, etc.

Our Wessex league team completed all their matches before Christmas and experienced a particularly poor season, the best result being a draw against the bottom team. However, although we finished next to bottom we will drop down to Division 3 next season.  Michael Allen 851870


After all the excitement of Project Resound bell ringing activities are returning to our normal pattern of practice nights on a Friday evening and service ringing on a Sunday.

We are delighted to welcome four new learners (three from North Moreton and one from Blewbury) to bell ringing. They have been learning on Saturday mornings since the end of January at both North Moreton and Blewbury and are all making excellent progress.

This year seems to be disappearing fast and there will only be this Bulletin and one at the beginning of April before the annual duck race on Easter Sunday. Please look out for further details of this event. We look forward to seeing as many as possible on Easter Sunday and to welcome anyone to our practice night on Fridays 8-9.30pm

Blewbury WI News

Hello, again, to everyone. The following events are lined up for March and we would love any new members to come and join us in a friendly atmosphere.

  • Monday, 2nd Scrabble at Graeme’s. 7.30pm.   Please ring beforehand.
  • Wednesday, 4th Lyn’s Walk.  Meet at the Village Hall at 9am. We will reprise the Steventon walk, which should not be muddy. Coffee at the end, so bring coffee pennies.
  • Friday, 6th Craft Evening at Liz Sweet’s. 7pm. Please bring bottle, nibbles etc.
  • Monday, 16th Coffee at Style Acre. 10.30am.
  • Friday, 20th Talking Science lecture at RAL Harwell.1pm. “Engineering enzymes to digest our most polluting plastics.” Professor John McGeehan, Director, Centre for Enzyme Innovation, University of Plymouth.
  • Wednesday, 25th WI Main Meeting at the Melland Room. AGM and Social Evening. 7pm for 7.30pm.
  • Monday afternoons at 2.30pm.  Please contact Sharon for details. (850412)
  • Saturday 14th March Blewbury WI is joining with Sustainable Blewbury to put on an event,” Love Food Hate Waste” (LFHW) in the Melland Room from 10am. till 12 noon. We hope that some of you will come along to help with information and advice about stopping food waste in particular. There will be posters round the Village, so please read them and join us. It should be informative, interesting and a source of new ideas.

For more details of any of our events, or if you wish to join us, please ring Cilla on 851966 or visit our web page, where you will find more information.       Love from Cilla.

Blewbury and Upton Village Produce Association

– Your Local Village Gardening Club

This is what I wrote in February 2016 – We might be complaining about the rain and wind here – but aren’t we lucky we don’t live in Cumbria and further north.  I do hope they are drying themselves out and getting back to normal.

You may recall that Cumbria had serious flooding.   It appears that the weather hasn’t changed that much over the last four years other than, this year, the wind and rain is worse and has covered the whole of the country.  I do hope that everyone is safe and dry in Blewbury and Upton, even though some of the roads have been flooded.  I believe we have got to accept that this is the type of winter we are going to have in the future – all because of global warming and climate change.

On a happier note!!   Our Summer Show Schedule is now ready.  Copies are in the Blewbury Post Office or contact Maggie Maytham in Upton.    It is also available on line – send an email to: and I’ll forward you a copy.  We’ve produced it nice and early this year to give you time to decide what you want to enter.

Since writing about my hens last month, I have some sad news.   Polly had not been on top of her game for a few weeks and then a couple of weeks ago she was really poorly, not eating and drinking.   I took her to the vet and it turned out she had a growth in her digestive system.   Nothing could be done for her, so I had no alternative but to have her put to sleep.   Holly, who had been with Polly from the start, was a bit unsettled but is now mixing well with the other girls.   The hens were flooded  by Storm Ciara and since then I have dug trenches and ditches in and around the chicken run and good news – the hens weren’t flooded by Storm Dennis!  although the allotments are in inches of water at the moment.

The VPA Committee is meeting soon and will probably be planning a garden visit in the spring – so keep an eye out in the next newsletter for details.

DID YOU KNOW?  Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-82) said: “The good rain, like the bad preacher, does not know when to leave off.” Happy Gardening Eileen

Blewbury Film Update

November 26, 2019

We are now pleased to announce our latest donation of £1,500 to the Village Hall Refurbishment Fund which is just in time for the works to begin.

This has been our fifth year of Blewbury Film and we’ve now had over 25 BlewTube screenings. With your help, and including our latest donation, we have raised over £2,000 for the Village Hall Refurbishment Fund – well done everybody and thank you for your support!

This year we have had some great films; highlights include Death of Stalin, Manchester By The Sea, The Favourite and Darkest Hour.  Our audiences have given us great feedback on these films but we have noticed that recent numbers have been down and because BlewTube finances are marginal, we have only just been breaking even.  We don’t want to run at a loss because this means we cannot raise money for good community causes or for future Blewbury Film events. So we are going to take a pause in BlewTube screenings whilst the Village Hall Refurbishment progresses which will allow us to review the future of BlewTube.  We would therefore like your feedback, good or bad, on how BlewTube is running. We would like to know:

  • Film choice – are we getting this right? Should we have more blockbusters or more niche productions?
  • Location – what do you think about our location for Blewbury Film?
  • Ticket Price – stay at £5 or is it time to up our prices so we are not so marginal?
  • What would encourage you to attend BlewTube more regularly?
  • What should we do with future surplus funds? Are there any good village causes you would like us to support?
  • Would you like to help out with Blewbury Film as we move forward?
  • Anything else you would like to tell us?

Let us know what you think on or talk to either Peter or Paul if you see them. Your feedback will not be made public so feel free to say what you think. Thank you again for all your support.  Without our helpers and audience we could not have had such an enjoyable first five years or have raised as much money for the village hall. We look forward to future screenings and to seeing you all again soon.  – Peter and Paul,   Blewbury Film

In association with the Blewbury Players. Profits to the Village Hall refurb.

Blewbury Table Tennis Club

September 25, 2019

Our weekly Club Sessions are every Tuesday from 6-8pm in the Blewbury Village Hall. These are open to players of all standards, and we welcome visitors. We have four tables, bats & balls and can provide coaching if required.

We would love to welcome some additional players this winter. Our aim is to have fun and be as inclusive as possible for anyone who would like to give it a try.

Any first visit to the Club is free. After that our weekly playing fees are £3 for Adults and £1 for those 18 and under.

From Tuesday 5th November we will be launching a Blewbury School After-School KS2 Table Tennis Club. This will meet each week during term time from 3:15 – 4:15pm. Blewbury School pupils can sign up now at the School Office.

History Group – What my DNA test told me

February 24, 2017

The next Blewbury Local History Group meeting includes a talk by Tony Hadland with the title shown above.

The availability of DNA tests has given rise to people questioning where their ancestors originated from and many other groups have been fascinated by Tony’s talk so we thought we would give the village a chance to hear it too. We are holding it in the History room, March 14th 8pm start, and SPACE IS LIMITED TO A MAXIMUM OF 20 PEOPLE.  If you wish to attend the meeting then we ask that you make contact with either of the people shown below and wait for confirmation of a ticket. There is no charge.

The response to our request for information on village cellars was excellent, many thanks to those who contacted us. You might also like to take a look at the group’s website which has many interesting pages on the village history. WWW.BLHG.ORG.UK .

For tickets contact either Audrey Long on 850427 or Mark Palethorpe via email