Could you help mend Blewbury’s broken milestone?

October 18, 2018

Some time ago, Blewbury’s Grade 2-listed milestone at the west end of the village, opposite Savages, was broken in half by vandals. (The photo shows it in its heyday.)

A couple of attempts have been made to get it fixed but, through a combination of illnesses and lack of time, the project has never been completed. The Bulletin has established that the various interested parties (OCC, the Vale, the Milestone Society and Savages, who have very kindly been looking after the two broken pieces for all this time) are more than happy for someone else to take up the reins and try to get our little piece of local history finally repaired and restored.

Could that some-one be you? With public funds so stretched, it would mean raising a bit of money (a stonemason’s estimate from a year ago suggests it would cost about £400, and we have over £100 already pledged) and liaising with the repairers, OCC Highways and the Vale’s Conservation departments. If you think this might be something you could take on, please contact the editor at on 01235 851055