Blewbury Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 13th February 2019 in the Vale Room of the Village Hall

Councillors present: Mr C Lakeland (Chair), Miss E Cooper (Clerk), Mrs J Gibson (JG), Ms M Jacobs (MJ), Mrs L Inglis (LI), Mr M Shayler (MS), Mrs C Cameron, Mr M Penington, Mr D Hollick. Also present: Three members of the public.


No. Actions arising from this meeting Target Date
1. JG to consider sending a second letter in March to householder where overgrown hedge on to road needs cutting back. March
2. CL/PC to give further consideration to white gates at three entrances to village in new financial year. April
3. Football club to be asked to make a contribution towards use of clubhouse facilities. ASAP
4. DH & MP offered their help in the refurbishment of the sign/artwork at the Cleeve ASAP
5. LI to action Freedom of Information requests in order to understand what are OxLEP (Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership) and OGBs (Oxford Growth Board) remits ASAP
6. Clerk to pay in £18.89 to BPC bank account. Immediately
7. MS to raise path between top of Westbrook Street and Savages with Highways. Also to if information available on how path from Fairmile to Cholsey came in to being. ASAP
8. CL to request activation of VH CCTV be brought forward. ASAP
9. Clerk to contact came&co re VH fence repairs. ASAP


No. Actions arising from meeting 12.12.18 Target Date
2. Informed decision required on speed data – Cllr MF-D ASAP
4. Cllr MF-D to chase repair of signpost at junction of Aston Tirrold turn with road out of Blewbury. ASAP


No. Actions arising from meeting 16.01.19 Target Date
1. Clerk to look in to new broadband/landline package for clubhouse. No further action required at this time. Cleared.
3. Building of BBQ area at TFF (MS) March meeting
4. Clerk to request risk assessment for Boxing Day walk (requested 18.12.18 & 4.2.19) No response from BVS.
6. CL to explore S106 grant for TFF car park. March meeting


  1. To receive apologies for absence

Cllrs R. Waite, J Shelley, M Fox-Davies, PCSO G Kirby, Cllrs Blythe & Lomas.

  1. To record declarations of interests relating to this meeting

None declared.

  1. To approve the following minutes:-

3.1 Parish council Finance meeting held on 9th January 2019

3.2 Parish Council meeting held on 16th January 2019

Both sets of minutes were approved by the meeting and signed by the Chair.

  1. To receive the County Councillor’s report

Details below.

  1. To receive District Councillor’s report

Details below.

  1. To receive PCSOs report

Details below.

  1. To receive the Lengthman’s report

Confirmed Chainsaw course booked for 21/22 February 2019.

Confirmed that concrete and logs causing a blockage in waste pipes at the Clubhouse had been removed and that pressure washing of same pipes was to be carried out.

Confirmed that no action had been taken regarding overgrown hedges on to roadways, despite a letter requesting householder action. JG to consider sending a second letter in March.

Confirmed with CL that hedge laying along Coffin Way was proceeding.

  1. Open Forum

8.1 Blewshed

Two members of the public discussed a proposal share the use of the Scout Hut as a part of the UK Men’s Sheds Association. The PC agreed in principle to the proposal. The Chair agreed to write a letter inviting further discussion to take place outside of the meeting.

8.2 Church Steeple Christmas Tree

Mrs K Forman formally thanked the PC for its agreement to contribute to future Christmas trees. Mrs Forman also handed over a ‘Christmas Tree fund tin’ containing £18.89.

8.3 Speed Determent Proposal

Mrs Forman proposed that white gates were installed at each of the three entrances to the village to aid reduction of speeding cars when entering the village. A further proposal was for village groups to take responsibility for planting and tending of wild flowers in the same locations, with the same aim of increasing awareness of reducing speed when entering the village. The PC thanked Mrs Forman for her proposals and would consider in the new financial year.

  1. Matters arising

There were no matters arising from the previous meeting.

  1. Village hall refurbishment

The planning application consultation had been received and distributed to the PC.

  1. 11. Recreation Ground

CL confirmed that David Flynn was to make a £500 contribution per month towards running costs.

Mr C Savage would be speaking to the football club regarding a contribution for their use of the facilities (currently no contribution is made).

  1. Planning & Housing

12.1 To receive the planning committee report

LI requested that planning applications were only notified to the PC by the Clerk once a deadline was known. Advance notices were not required. Planning number, property and deadline to be include in the subject line of the email.

12.2 To approve responses to current applications

P18/V2956/FUL Amendment no. 2 The Nurseries, London Road, Blewbury.    BPC voted ‘no objections’ to this application.

P19/V0131/LB Variation of cond.2, land opposite Borlase, South Street, Blewbury.    BPC voted ‘no objections’ to this application

P19/V0035/FUL Variation of cond.2, land opposite Borlase, South Street, Blewbury.    BPC voted ‘no objections’ to this application.

In addition, the PC voted on the following planning applications with deadlines before the next meeting:-

P19/V0286/O (deadline 1.3.19).

Rumseys Barn, conversion of swimming pool area to residential dwelling. The PC voted ‘no objections with comments’ and noted an historical condition which appeared to oppose this conversion.

P19/V0310/HH (deadline 5.3.19)

4 London Road, single storey rear extension and front porch extension.  The PC voted ‘no objections’ to this application.

  1. Finance & Administration

13.1 To receive any update on S106 contributions.

CL stated that two quotes would be needed for the potential funding of resurfacing of the TFF car park.

13.2 To approve payments to be made under ancillary powers and within budgeted amounts.

PAYMENTS – January


Description / Power to spend Amount inc VAT
E Cooper & D Hollick Clerk and Lengthman salary and expenses £1102.31
HMRC PAYE & NI Oct, Nov, Dec 2018 (Clerk & Lengthman) paid, to be ratified. £1155.06
Biffa Waste Services Ltd Waste services January 2019 by DD £39.19
BT Payment Services Ltd Clubhouse line rental January 2019 £31.08
Red Box Fire Control Clubhouse fire equipment inspection 3.1.19 £94.56
SSE Southern Electric Scout Hut electricity £67.38
NPC Training Lengthman Chainsaw Training & Assessment Course Feb2019 £375.00
Total £2864.58

PAYMENTS – January


Description / Power to spend Amount inc VAT
Ridge and Partners LLP Blewbury Village Hall Alterations – Continued professional services inc. proposed developed designs. £2394.00


13.3 To note major receipts made during January

RECEIPTS Description Amount
4.1.19 Ashes burial £210.00


  1. Risk Management

14.1 CL stated that the front page of the Emergency Plan was now on the village web site.

14.2 CL confirmed that SSE communities fund was spent.

14.3 No update on GDPR compliance to date.

14.4 Election Planning – CL handed nomination forms to all councillors present, emphasising the importance of returning the forms to him by the next meeting in order to be submitted on time. CL confirmed that he had put an entry in the next Blewbury Bulletin regarding election of new councillors.

  1. To receive an update on any issues relating to the Environment

         15.1 To receive a report from Sustainable Blewbury if available.

None provided.

15.2 Update on the wall adjoining the Watery Lane footpath. No response had been received from the  householder concerned, nor did it appear that any remedial work had taken place. LI expressed her  ongoing concern regarding the unsafe condition of this wall.

  1. To receive an update on any issues relating to Footways, Footpaths, rights of way and open spaces

16.1 No further update at this time on the Blewbury/Upton cycle path (Coffin Way). Still awaiting land  owner response.

16.2 DH & MP offered their help in the refurbishment of the sign/artwork at the Cleeve.

16.3 MS suggested reporting to Highways the path from the top of Westbrook Street to Savages as  needing considerable attention. Also to find out who & how a new path from Fairmile to Cholsey was carried out.

  1. 16.4 Pilgrims Way – CL confirmed that the previously contested right of access has been conceded  allowing the sale of a property.

16.5 A quote had been received for repair of the damaged fence on the post office side of the village hall.  The PC agreed in principle to accept the quote. Clerk to contact came&co regarding an insurance claim.

CL to request bringing forward CCTV activation for such incidents.

  1. To receive an update on any issues relating to roads, road safety and public transport

17.1 No further external update for this meeting on the Oxford Cambridge expressway. LI to action Freedom of Information requests in order to understand what are OxLEP (Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership) and OGBs (Oxford Growth Board) remits.

17.2 Update on actions to be taken following the speeding report on the B4016 and A417.

17.2.1 No update was provided particularly on available funding. Reference was made again to the  suggestions of the member of the public regarding white gates etc at the village entrance points.

17.2.2 It was suggested that a ‘community speed watch group’ with a charitable status could be set up by concerned villagers. The resources do not exist for this to be undertaken by the PC. CL had       written to concerned residents who may consider this at some point in the future.

MP left the meeting at 8.35pm.

  1. Village Hall Management Committee.

The Village Hall AGM is on Monday 25th February.

  1. Asset of Community Value Renewals.

         The renewal of the ACV for the Red Lion paperwork had been completed by JG and was with CL for  editing.

  1. Correspondence

20.1 Items requesting a reply & consultations

Blewshed proposal for the Scout Hut (email 4.2.19 refers). See 8.1 above.

20.2 Items of important information that have been circulated

None circulated.

  1. Website Correspondence and Uploads on PC section

 Updating to the PC section was ongoing with training from outgoing clerk.

  1. Date of the next regular meeting of the PC

 Wednesday 13th March 2019 7.30pm.

Date of the Annual Parish Meeting to be run jointly with BVS

Wednesday 3rd April 2019, 7.15 for 7.30pm


The meeting closed at 9pm.






Young people and their families in Oxfordshire are now set to benefit from improved community-run youth services if county councillors agree grant funding when they set the council’s budget next week. Youth groups will be invited to bid in to a £1m fund over two years, with encouragement to find match-funding from their local communities. Feedback from residents points to strong support for improving community-run youth services, and this money would help existing projects expand and new ones get off the ground. By offering start-up funding, the council has already helped many community-run groups provide support for young children and families, and it is hoped the same could happen for youth services. Community-run youth services would complement the work of the county council’s Children’s Services department, which targets its resources at children at risk of abuse and neglect. This proposal has been made possible by better than expected Council Tax collection following growth in Oxfordshire. 


Residents of Oxfordshire will see highway improvements, new school buildings and energy-efficient streetlighting thanks to a £1 billion investment over the next ten years as part of the county council’s budget. However, the county council is also warning that funding pressure on services remains as demand for social care for vulnerable children and adults continues grow and continued financial prudence is required to meet those demands.

Transport schemes across the county are set for funding approval so the county council can improve journeys for drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users. Nearly £20m will be invested to increase the provision of school places for children with special needs in the county, including rebuilding Northfield School in Oxford with more pupil places.

Capital funding is for large one-off projects such as highway repairs or building work to assist the council meet its obligations, such as creating extra school places – as opposed to the normal revenue budget which covers funding for the costs of day-to-day services. Most of the funding for capital programme is made up of government funding and developer contributions, which cannot be used for any other purpose.

The proposed capital programme includes government funding through the Oxfordshire Growth Deal, agreed by all Oxfordshire councils. Elsewhere in the Capital Programme a £41m street lighting improvement programme continues to be part of the investment plan, with traditional lanterns to be replaced with more energy efficient LED lighting, saving money in the long-run. The ten-year capital programme is part of the council’s proposed budget for next year, which has been put forward following public consultation. The proposals will be put before all councillors on 12 February 2019.

Pressure on funding for day-to-day council services continues as the council increases funding for to support of Oxfordshire’s most vulnerable children and adults. There is also uncertainty about future government funding, which is making budget planning harder.

To make sure the growing number of children at risk of abuse and neglect are protected, the children’s social care budget has increased annually. It was £46m in 2011 and is forecast to be £95m in 2022/23 – more than doubling in ten years.

The council’s budget for adult social care could increase by £5m in 2019/20, with further annual increases reaching nearly £6m by 2022/23 to increase support for the growing number of older and disabled people.

Meanwhile planned redesign of the council around the changing needs of residents and communities will maintain or improve services, with investment in digital technology enabling us to save money in the process.

OCC is now reviewing the digital technology needed to make the council run more effectively and efficiently, including improving customer service by making it easier to access services online. The council has identified savings of £50m from changing the way services are delivered and has already started implementing these changes, including improving online ‘self-service’ HR and finance systems used by staff. As part of the partnership with Cherwell District Council, legal services for the two councils are being joined up. 


People living, working and studying in Oxfordshire are being encouraged to help set the future direction of the county’s health and wellbeing strategy. A draft strategy has been developed by Oxfordshire’s Health and Wellbeing Board – the partnership between local NHS services, local councils and Healthwatch Oxfordshire. The board’s joint working approach aims to improve everyone’s health and wellbeing, but especially of those people who have health problems or are in difficult circumstances due to age or vulnerability. The strategy outlines the actions the board is proposing to take, but it now wants further input from the wider public. Feedback from previous public engagement, especially around the health and wellbeing of children and young people and older people was used in developing the document. The survey document and draft strategy is available at:


Oxfordshire’s road users could see a technological revolution take place in the coming years that could involve important traffic information being used to help them to get around more easily thanks to a successful bid for £1.25m of Government funding. The cash, which has been through the national GovTech Catalyst initiative towards work to transform the existing Oxfordshire traffic management system – ready for the Government’s hoped-for introduction of connected vehicles by 2021 as well as other new mobility options, such as electric vehicles. Many people think of the new wave of transport in terms of cars. However, connected vehicles – anything that can be linked up via the internet to a wider system – could mean vans, buses, lorries, motor or pedal cycles. Even wheelchairs could take advantage of new technology to get around more easily. Everyone stands to benefit. Oxfordshire’s money will pay for researching how data – of which there is lots and from varied sources – could be used to help manage traffic in the future.


OCC’s highways teams are out daily relentlessly resurfacing roads and pavements. They have been able to more work than last year thanks to the county council putting in extra cash over and above the normal budget in response to the problems caused during the last cold spell. Since January 2018 the council has repaired 40,117 defects. That’s an average of 3,652 repairs a month which is quite colossal compared to what was needed during the same time period the year before – a total of 34,677 defects were repaired between Jan-Dec 2017. Due to severe weather last winter, pothole fixing peaked between February and May with nearly 18,000 being repaired. The county council this year invested an extra £10m in road repairs which has resulted in extra major resurfacing projects being completed as well as smaller, but no less important, repairs being completed across Oxfordshire.


Significant work has been done to join up services across Oxfordshire that is already demonstrating improved outcomes for people, according to a follow-up review by the national regulator for health and social care published on Wednesday, January 9. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) found key improvements had been made eight months into an 18-month action plan that was agreed by Oxfordshire health and social care organisations after an initial review by the CQC in November 2017. Following the first review, a key priority for system leaders has been to work more closely together to plan and deliver health and social care services, particularly for older people.

Blewbury Parish Council

District Council Notes for Parish Councillors on

Wednesday, 13th February 2019

from Cllr Janet Shelley & Cllr Reg Waite 


Cllrs Janet Shelley and Reg Waite are summoned to attend the Vale’s full Council Meeting this evening and tender their apologies to Blewbury Parish Council. 

Planning Enforcement Investigations:

VE19/16   Churn Estate, Bohams Road, Blewbury                                           Reported: 7 January 2019                                                                           Alleged Breach: Without planning permission the material change of use of land from a hostel to single dwelling and breach of the legal agreement.                  Case Officer: Enforcement Clerk                                                                                6 week target date: 18 February 2019                                                                   Site Visited:   not yet …………………………………

Still under investigation

VE18/573   Chailey Gardens, Blewbury                                           Reported: 24 September 2018                                                                           Alleged Breach: Failure to provide footpath links.  Breach of landscape conditions attached to P15/V047/FUL. P16/V2008/DIS and P16/V3067/NM.                  Case Officer:  Heather Rowe left the Vale in November 2018                                                                               6 week target date: 5 November 2018                                                                   Site Visited: 18 October 2018                                                                                  I have received an acknowledgement from the Vale to my enquiry.  Full response awaited at present. 

Planning Application Appeal: 

P18/V0309/FUL  Fir Trees, London Road, Blewbury OX11 9BP

Construction of a new 1.5 storey 3 bedroom house to rear of Fir Trees.

Appeal reference APP/V3120/W/18/3209796 – start date 26 October 2018

Appeal dismissed by Inspectorate on 21 January 2019.

Didcot Garden Town looks forward to the future:

A Board Meeting was held last week, following which communication will be made with local Parish Councils shortly.

Meanwhile, the following Press Release was released on 30 January 19, headed “Major transport improvements in Didcot Garden Town: £218m Housing Infrastructure Fund bid”.

Oxfordshire County Council has submitted a Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) business case to the Ministry of Housing Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) associated with expected growth in the Didcot Garden Town area. It sets out how we want to improve travel for residents, communities and business and support thousands of new homes and jobs.

If successful, this bid for £218m (towards a total of £234m) will deliver:

  • A4130 widening from A34 Milton Interchange towards Didcot;
  • A new Science Bridge over the A4130, Great Western Railway Line and Milton Road into the former Didcot A Power Station site;
  • A new Culham to Didcot river crossing between the A4130 and A415; and
  • A Clifton Hampden Bypass

All schemes include improved segregated walking and cycling routes which will give people real travel choice. The lack of suitable crossings over the railway line and river coupled with growth in the past three decades has resulted in heavy congestion. The same constraints have resulted in limited alternatives to the private car. HIF will enable direct and convenient access between new and existing homes and key employment sites in and around Didcot. The HIF schemes have previously been identified in Local Plan development to deliver growth across South Oxfordshire and the Vale of White Horse districts.

Bringing community groups together: from 9.15am to 4.15pm

The Vale is arranging a large event on Wednesday, 13th March at Cornerstone Arts Centre in Didcot to bring community groups together.

This is to help local community groups and voluntary organisations meet, discuss ideas and share advice.  It is free to attend but everybody will need to book a place if they want to go along.  Invitations will be out soon with instructions of how to book online.

To add a community or voluntary group onto the invitation list, please contact or call her on 01235 422109.

Letters for voter information:

Earlier this month, the councils sent a letter to all households in South and Vale confirming the voter registration information they have for the people living in their property.

If the information is correct they do not need to do anything.  However, if the information is wrong or incomplete residents should visit as soon as possible to update their details (they will need the two security codes on the letter) – this is to help ensure their information is correct before the 2019 local elections in May.

JS & RWW  11 February 2019

PCSO Report

There is little report regarding the Village.

Across the wider area we have seen an increase in Theft of vehicles and theft from vehicles. These have been mainly commercial vehicles. Patrols have increased in the area. Some of these incidents have occurred as early as 22:00. We encourage the public to please call in any suspicious vehicles or persons. These incidents have occurred in both rural locations and built up areas.

As always at this time of year we continue to patrol and disrupt hare coursers and poachers. Please be vigilant when in the rural areas and report any activity to us.

Please feel free to contact me should anything come up that I should be aware of, or can help with.


Gary Kirby PCSO C9455

Wantage and Grove Neighbourhood Police Team

Non emergency number: 101