Minutes for August 2014 (Special Meeting)

Minutes of the Special Parish Council Meeting of the Blewbury Parish Council in the Benefice Office on Tuesday 12th August 2014 at 10 a.m.

Councillors present: Mr C Lakeland, Ms J Gibson, Mr B Morgan, Mr R Farrell

Also present: E de Ridder (clerk)

  1. Apologies for absence. Ms V Fox, Mr M Blythe, Mr M Shayler, Mr B Cooper
  2. Declarations of interest. None made
  3. Clubhouse plant room. Quotes were sought and accepted to provide electricity to the equipment store behind the clubhouse. The 3 yearly service of the plant room has been carried out. The Parish Council agreed to pay for this service.
  4. TFF litter bins. Volunteers are struggling to cope with the volume of rubbish left at Tickers Folly. It was agreed that the clerk should seek quotes for waste disposal, e.g. Biffa.
  5. It was agreed that the Parish Council should go ahead and advertise for a new lengthman. A small working party would meet to discuss the new scope of work for the lengthman.
  6. Planning
    • 02/02/06 Planning Committee Report. See attached planning report
    • 08/11/12 Current applications

P14/V1744/RM. Chailey House Bessels Way Blewbury OX11 9NJ. Reserved matters application following Outline permission P13/V0458/O (for demolition of existing bungalow. Erection of 30 dwellings comprising, 4×1 bed flats, 3×2 bed flats, 8×3 bed homes and 3×4 bed houses (open market housing), 1×2 bed flat, 8×2 bed houses, 2×3 bed houses and 1×4 bed houses (affordable housing), extension to existing access, improvements to Bridus Way and provision of open space including ‘Leap), for Landscaping works only.

As the main application has already been approved, the Parish Council will not object to the landscaping works, but would like the following comments to be taken into account:

* The Parish Council will not take on the responsibility of the LEAP

* The Parish Council is still most concerned about the impact this development will have on the surface drainage and sewage disposal of the site and surrounding area

*Where conditions of a technical nature are imposed, as with sewerage and drainage systems, the Parish Council would like reassurance that these conditions would be enforced and that they will actually work in practice. The Parish Council wishes to see the technical proposals prior to the discharge of conditions.

  1. Payments for approval to be made under ancillary powers and within budgeted amounts
Description Amount
E de Ridder (salary and expenses) £842.90
A.    Hoy £87.72
BT Payment Services Ltd (direct debit) £21.60
White Horse Horticulture £400.00
Blewbury Village Hall £38.50
Blewbury Post Office £50.00
Post Office Ltd (for Southern Electric) £18.85
GA Electrical £1,032.00
Payments relating to Neighbourhood Plan:
·       J. Ogden (for mailing database) £24.00
Payments relating to Village Hall redevelopment:
·       West Waddy ADP £1,521.90
TOTAL                   £4,037.47


All payments were approved

  1. Any Other Business

It was reported that at the previous night’s Neighbourhood Plan meeting, it was agreed that quotes should be sought for the landscape assessment. The clerk requested that more than one quote should be sought as to be sure that best value is obtained.

It was also reported that CL would attend the A417 summit.

The state of the playclose hedge was brought to the clerk’s attention. This would be reported to St Michael’s PCC.

Meeting closed 10.49 am



Annex A – Report for the September Bulletin

Responses from the Parish Council:

P14/V1339/LB – Meers Parcel, London Road – Repair work to listed building. BPC has no objection.

P14/V1382/HH – Waylands, London Road – Single storey extension at the rear and enclosure of the open front porch. BPC has no objection, but would like to be sure that this does not reduce the available parking space.

P14/V1348/FUL – Orchard Dene – Construction of shelter for the Blewbury Wagon. BPC has no objection.

The Parish Council has also expressed concern to the Vale about a preliminary application on which we have not been invited to comment, to convert a farm shed into a dwelling, on the corner of Bessels Way and Hagbourne Road. BPC has said that it is anxious to prevent any building that might potentially encourage joining up with Didcot, and that the junction of the two roads is already a dangerous one and does not need any additional hazards.

Decisions from the District Council:
P114/V1077/HH – 27 Eastfields –
Erection of a single storey rear extension. GRANTED.
P14/V0921/FULL – Blewbury C of E Primary School – Installation of solar photovoltaic panels to the roof of the School. GRANTED.
P14/V1005/HH – Upperton, Pilgrim’s Way – Renovation, alteration and extension and the construction of a garage building/garden store. GRANTED
P14/V1365/HH – 10 London Road – Two-storey extension at front. GRANTED
P14/V1368/HH – 19 Bridus Mead – Two-storey and single storey extension. GRANTED