Minutes December 2018

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 12th December 2018 in the Vale Room of the Village Hall

Councillors present: Mr C Lakeland (Chair), Mrs J Gibson (JG), Ms M Jacobs (MJ), Mrs L Inglis (LI), Mr D Lomas (DL), Mr M Blythe (MB), Mr M Shayler (MS). Also present: Michelle Taylor (Clerk), Mr David Hollick (Lengthman), Michael Fox-Davies (MF-D) and 1 member of the public.


No. Actions arising from meeting Target Date
1. Cllr MF-D to send to Clerk a list of all proposed road/path/bridge changes By next meeting
2. Informed decision required on speed data – Cllr MF-D ASAP
3. LI to establish what speed data means for Blewbury main roads & copy info to all (& Cllr MF-D) ASAP
4. Cllr MF-D to chase repair of signpost at junction of Aston Tirrold turn with road out of Blewbury. ASAP
5. DH to continue to look for appropriate health & Safety course. ASAP
6. CL to write a document to cover active CCTV. By next meeting
7. CL to write follow up letter on Watery Lane thatched wall. By next meeting
8. JG to gather evidence of how valuable the Red Lion was as an ACV ASAP
9. Clerk to ensure Salt Bin check is on October agenda every year. Actioned.
10. Clerk to obtain Boxing Day Walk risk assessment Requested 18.12.18


  1. To receive apologies for absence

Apologies received in advance from:- Mrs C Cameron (CC), Mr M Penington (MP), District Councillors Reg Waite & Janet Shelley, PCSO Gary Kirby

  1. To record declarations of interests relating to this meeting

Three declarations of interest were made. Cllr Lakeland and Cllr Shaylor regarding reimbursements and Cllr Inglis on the Chapmans planning application.

  1. To approve the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 14th November 2018.

Minutes were approved and signed.

  1. To receive the County Councillor’s report

MF-D gave his report which had been circulated earlier & is attached below. Of particular note to:-

  • A report on numerous infrastructure changes (pathways, cycle paths, bridges and road changes) under

future consideration around the county. MF-D to send through a list of all road changes.

  • A motion he had put forward for damages to roads caused by construction traffic to be paid for by the

developers and not the CC/tax payers. Further work required to put in to action.

  • Speed data. Need to understand what it means. LI asked what level of data triggered action? MF-D has

already asked for an informed decision. Also LI to ask originator what it means & copy in MF-D.

  • CL reported the sign post at the junction of the Aston Tirrold road with the road out of Blewbury is

down & has been reported. PC stated that a private individual had driven in to the pole & should pay for

  1. MF-D agreed & would chase repair.
  2. To receive District Councillor’s report

The DC Councillor’s report was circulated earlier & is attached below.

JG reported the possibility of gravel being laid in Bridus Way & would monitor this.

  1. To receive the Lengthman’s report – attached below.

A Health & Safety course needs to be found for DH to attend.

DH stated laminated instructions are now available for the operation of all equipment.

DH confirmed that he is away for the whole of January.

DH stated that the Morton path (between old stables & caravan park) needed some work.


  1. Open Forum

A member of the public came to hear the results of the ‘Speed Survey/Black Box Data’ which had only been received today. Therefore no analysis had taken place, but copies of graphs produced were given out.

  1. Matters arising

There were no matters arising from the previous meeting & all actions were complete.

  1. Village hall refurbishment

It was confirmed that Ridge & Co. is working up a new quote. There is a deadline of 19.1.19 for funds to be allocated to work.

  1. Recreation Ground

CL stated the clubhouse is doing well. CL had sent an email to CIC regarding £11,800 of S106 money to be allocated to capital ‘sports’ projects and the relevant forms need to be completed.

  1. Planning & Housing


P18/V2890/LB & P18/V2891/LB

2 Bacon Almshouses Church Road Blewbury Didcot OX11 9PY

Rebuilding of chimney & introducing a layer of slate to some exterior walls.

The PC voted ‘no objections’ to these applications.



Land adjacent to The Nurseries London Road Blewbury OX11 9HB

Erection of one and a half storey dwelling and associated works.

The PC voted ‘no objections’ to this application.



Chapmans Nottingham Fee Blewbury Didcot OX11 9PG

Replacement of late 20th century wooden fence and gates with painted wrought iron fencing, gates and pedestrian gate.

The PC voted ‘no objections’ to this application.



Chapmans Nottingham Fee Blewbury Didcot OX11 9PG

Replacement of late 20th century wooden fence and gates with painted wrought iron fencing, gates and pedestrian gate. (Responded to in advance of meeting due to time constraints).

The PC voted ‘no objections’ to this application.


  1. Finance & Administration

12.1 To receive any update on S106 contributions.

CL stated the tennis club had sent a letter about their planning application. CL made a point

regarding tennis court lights must go off at 10pm. Will make formal comments when planning

application received.

12.2 To approve payments to be made under ancillary powers and within budgeted amounts. All

payments below were approved by the PC.


PAYEE Description / Power to spend Amount
M Taylor, E de Ridder & D Hollick Clerk and Lengthman’s salary and expenses £1795.54
NEST Clerk’s pension £98.27
Biffa Waste Services Ltd Waste services £66.58
BT Payment Services Ltd Clubhouse line rental and Wifi £29.52
Kit Davis and Co Blewbury Cob Wall Repairs £2160.00
Shayler Concrete Pumping Ltd Supply of Gravel for footpaths around Blewbury and Hire of dumper for spreading gravel £459.96
St Michael’s Church, Blewbury Rent for Church Acre-Allotment Plots £150.00
Ridge and Partners LLP Blewbury Village Hall Alterations Concept Design £4200.00
PWLB Loan Repayment £3563.75
SLCC Annual Membership £147.00
ALCC Annual Membership £30.00
Calgary Just Companies Ltd Hose Kit (for water pump) £89.00
Total £12,789.62


  1. Risk Management

13.1 11/10/17    To receive an update on the progress of our Emergency Plan and SSE communities

funded items. Resolve to add items to asset register. CL gave an update & asked

for item to be removed from future agendas.

It was reported that all this money had been spent, with the exception of Heath & Safety

training for DH. C/fwd to next meeting.

13.3 14/03/18     GDPR. CL to write a document to cover active CCTV.

13.5 13/06/18    To receive an update on the TFF BBQ area – item moved to April meeting.

13.6 12/12/18     BVS Risk Assessment for Boxing Day walk is required. EC to request.

  1. To receive an update on any issues relating to the Environment

         14.1 12/09/18  To receive a report from Sustainable Blewbury – none provided.

14.3 12/09/18  To receive an update on the wall adjoining the Watery Lane wall that required repair. CL

to write follow up letter.

14.4                 MB had spoken to June Smith regarding the maintenance of the Cleve (banks & briars).

Cleve is a complex area with the PC only one riparian owner. MB & DH to work on

cutting back briars over next few months. The levels issue would need more discussion

with all parties concerned.

  1. To receive an update on any issues relating to Footways, Footpaths, rights of way and open spaces
    • 09/05/18 To receive a report on any developments relating to a Coffin Way cycle path. LI provided

an update on recent meetings (see below).

  • 12/09/18 To receive an update on the clearing of cricket club sight screens and netting next to the

Melland Room. This work has been completed.

  • 12/09/18 To receive a report on winter leaf clearance – this work was completed.
  1. To receive an update on the outdoor Gym Equipment

16.1 14/03/18 This work was complete and invoice paid. Cycle hoops have been received & need


  1. To receive an update on any issues relating to roads, road safety and public transport

17.1 08/11/17 PC agreed to send letters off on the Oxford Cambridge expressway. ACTION CL

17.2 13/12/17 To receive an update on Salt bins in and around the village, and any response to councils repeat prompting to refill. JG confirmed that the salt bins were full and asked for this to be on the October agenda in future.

17.3 14/02/18 To receive an update on actions taken reference speeding on the B4016 and A417.

Data received, but no analysis has taken place.  LI to establish what the data means for the two main roads through Blewbury.

  1. Village Hall Management Committee.

CL had circulated information.

  1. Asset of Community Value Renewals.

JG asked for evidence of how valuable the Red Lion was as an asset to the community is required in order

to renew the listing.

  1. Website Correspondence and Uploads on PC section.

No update this month. JG to include a general thank you in the next Blewbury bulletin.

  1. Any other business Exceptionally to deal with business received too late for inclusion in agenda. No  decisions can be made under AOB.
  2. To set the date of the Finance meeting and next meeting of the PC.

The Finance meeting was set for 7.30pm on Wednesday 9th January in the Vale room.

The next BPC meeting is on Wednesday 16th January at 7.30pm in the Vale room.

Meeting closed at 9pm.









The council’s initial proposals for the 2019/2020 budget will be reviewed by the Performance Scrutiny Committee during December. A key element is the plan to invest up to £120m in roads and schools – a ‘growth dividend’ as more households mean more Council Tax revenue in future years. Tough decisions in the past have created a route to financial stability at a time when other councils face financial threats. There are new ‘Transformation’ plans being developed to completely redesign the council to reduce running costs. Making financial savings will enable OCC to support the growing number of vulnerable children and adults – more vulnerable children are coming into council care, both locally and nationally, creating financial pressures. Protecting children remains OCC’s top priority.




The Oxfordshire Growth Board has published details of the infrastructure projects to receive funding in Year 1 and Years 2-5 of the Oxfordshire Housing & Growth Deal, signed in April 2018. The total £150 million of Growth Deal funding has been earmarked for specific projects. This forward funding is helping unlock projects that will benefit from developer contributions, delivering schemes valued at over £480 million in total, excluding costs of the major rail projects, which are still to be confirmed.




Residents’ interests come first – that was the resolute message from OCC last month as its cabinet called for a public inquiry on Thames Water’s plans for a new reservoir. The council has concerns about the size and need for the proposed reservoir to the southwest of Abingdon, between Steventon, East Hanney and Marcham. It is also concerned about the length of time Thames Water has set itself to reduce leakages. Further clarity is sought from Thames Water on whether other potential sites have been fully assessed across the southeast region. Only when these details are provided in the form of a regional water resource plan for the south east, will the council be able to decide on whether to back the principle of having a reservoir at this location. This is the second consultation held by Thames Water – the county council and others demanded earlier this year that a further consultation should take place and Thames Water agreed to this in the summer.




As reported last month, the county council has increased the amount of relatively small-scale work it does to put right local roads that are suffering from potholes, cracks and worn out tarmac. The number of completed defect repairs between January and October this year is 37219.




December 1st marks the start of meteorological winter. Live updates on gritting and snow clearing can be found here: https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/residents/roads-and-transport/street-maintenance-z/salting-and-snow-clearance Details about how community groups can request salt bins can be found here: https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/residents/roads-and-transport/street-maintenance-z/salt-and-grit-bins





OCC provides a useful guide about how to keep safe, how to be healthy and how to be prepared during the winter months. It can be found here: https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/node/2782



OCC Leader Ian Hudspeth and all County Councillors would like to thank Parish Councillors for all their hard work over the last year and wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.




Blewbury Parish Council

District Council Notes for Parish Councillors on

Wednesday, 12th December 2018

from Cllr Janet Shelley & Cllr Reg Waite



Councillors Janet Shelley and Reg Waite are summoned to a full Council Meeting at The Beacon, Wantage commencing at 7.00 and regret they are unable to attend your meeting.


Planning Enforcement Investigations:

VE18/573   Chailey Gardens, Blewbury                                           Reported: 24 September 2018                                                                           Alleged Breach: Failure to provide footpath links.  Breach of landscape conditions attached to P15/V047/FUL. P16/V2008/DIS and P16/V3067/NM.                  Case Officer: Heather Rowe                                                                                6 week target date: 5 November 2018                                                                   Site Visited: 18 October 2018                                                                                  Still under investigation 

Vale’s Payment System goes live:


The Vale’s new on-line and telephone payment system, called Pay360, is now up and running.


Any residents facing difficulties with the system should not hesitate to contact the telephone number on their correspondence.


Services over Christmas and the New Year:


There’s a useful website page that details the Vale’s services, such as leisure centres, planning applications and council tax over the festive period.


Cornerstone and The Beacon:


Both Cornerstone and The Beacon are gearing up for their Christmas performances.


Find out more information on Cornerstone’s website about The Pied Piper on now until 30th December, and The Beacon’s website about Sleeping Beauty showing 21st and 22nd December.


Vale and South Oxford offices closed:

The offices will be closing for Christmas at 4.30pm on Friday, 21st December  and re-opening on Wednesday, 2nd January.


Christmas Waste Collections:

There will be changes to resident’s bin collection days over Christmas and the New Year. Vale residents should receive a leaflet.


Residents can find out the revised collection dates on the Vale’s website.


There will be no garden waste collection during this time, however, residents will be offered an extra garden waste week in April next year.


Valley Park Development:

Awaiting details from Taylor Wimpey’s and will forward on receipt.


Local Plan Part 2:

Work continues on the Local Plan 2031 Part 2.  The next step will be dependent on the Inspector’s response, which may require the Vale to consult on the changes to the plan in the new year.


The latest information can be found on the website page.


Thames Water Consultation:

The Vale responded to Thames Water’s consultation on their draft Water Resources Management Plan 2019.


In its letter the Vale has stated that they would like to see a public inquiry to ensure correct processes have been followed in Thames Water’s decision to propose a reservoir and that all of the implications of such a large structure has been fully assessed and explored to the appropriate detail.


They have requested more detailed impact assessments on the environment, highways and landscape to demonstrate that other alternatives have been properly explored.



Janet and Reg

wish to take this opportunity to thank each one of you

for undertaking your parish council work throughout the year

in such a professional, steadfast and conscientious manner, and

to wish you and your families a very good Christmas, and

a happy, healthy and successful New Year.



JS & RWW – 12 December 2018




Lengthman’s Report

November 2018


Not much to report this month.


Grass cutting has been minimal although one final cut in some areas will need to be done.


All the hedges were cut at the beginning of the month. The new shredder worked beautifully.


The old goal posts and broken metal cricket sightscreens have been cut up and skipped ready for collection.


All the emergency equipment is now installed and ready for use should it be needed.


Footpaths and the other grass areas are all in good condition although there is some hedge and ivy incursion to the footpaths in some areas from resident’s property.





Update on the cycle path between Blewbury and Upton


I met Chris Kauntze (CK), owner of the first large field at the Blewbury end of Coffin Way, on Wednesday 5th December.

  • CK was involved in similar discussions with the PC in 2007, when Sustrans had the potential to fund the path
  • CK is still not keen on any kind of cycle path across his land, but he restated his offer to use a strip of land along the side of the A417, for cycling use
  • The reason CK won’t accept any kind of paved or hardened surface on Coffin Way is that he often crosses the path using heavy machinery, and doesn’t want to be responsible for paying to repair it
  • The fact that people walk across his field is a cause of some annoyance to CK, partly because if he is spraying his crops, he has to stop while people are walking across. Coffin Way is a historic right of way and is in no danger of disappearing, but…
  • While he did not say that the offer of a strip of land along the A417 for a cycle path would result in him applying to remove the Coffin Way footpath, this is a remote possibility (see advice from Ed Webster, OCC, below).
  • We discussed the possibility of a cycle path from the existing concrete track and along Frog Alley, an existing footpath. CK said that there were a number of landowners along this route, which I believe would make it trickier to negotiate any kind of consensus to build a cycle route. A further negative is the fact that OCC has a tiny budget for maintenance of cycle routes, so any path could become the maintenance responsibility of Blewbury and Upton PCs (this wasn’t explicitly stated by EW, but was inferred)
  • CK has various gripes with the PC, including the fact that part of the fence he erected around the village hall car park has been knocked down. I think it would help relations if the PC could find the funds to repair this, but I also suspect that he thinks the PC is generally rather meddlesome and an unwelcome intruder in his affairs!



On Thursday 6th December Chris Lakeland (CL) and I met Ed Webster (EW) from OCC, who works for Jason Sherwood’s infrastructure team and has good knowledge of cycle paths/rights of way/funding methods. Also at the meeting was Stuart Fraser (SF) of Upton PC.

  • There are three different types of surfaces which are used in Oxfordshire for cycling paths. The first is tarmac; the second is basically tarmac embedded with gravel and sand-coloured grit; the third is a non-tarmac compacted earth surface. The first two options are more durable; the last option works well for bikes as it hardens as it is walked on or cycled over, but can’t be used for horses as their hooves churn it up. The first option is usually seen as ‘urbanisation’ by rural communities.
  • Blewbury-Upton is included in the strategic cycling network plan for Oxfordshire. That means that if Blewbury and Upton can gain permission and access from landowners, it is likely that OCC will be able to find the funding to create a cycle path.
  • It is best for parishioners to persuade reluctant owners to give permission for cycle paths – OCC doesn’t have the knowledge or resources to compel owners to give land. Owners withholding their permission is the principal cause of planned cycle paths failing to materialise in the county.
  • While it is unlikely that CK would get permission to remove the Coffin Way footpath if a cycle route along the A417 was constructed, there is a long-winded legal process which he could pursue to do this. EW agreed to consult a colleague about the likelihood of the success of such an application.
  • If the A417 strip is pursued, a 3m wide path is best practice (2.5m wide would be the minimum). A buffer is also needed, especially if the owner required a fence along the field side – so basically 5m in total. The width required during construction is 10m.
  • The usual procedure is that the landowner enters into a voluntary agreement with OCC whereby he would still own it but Highways would effectively control it because the owner couldn’t remove it. The other option is that OCC could offer to buy the strip of land at an agricultural price (i.e. not a developer’s price!)
  • We discussed the idea of extending the path across a smaller field (thought to also be owned by CK and sublet – can anyone confirm this?) so that it reached the top end of the parking area at Savages, linking up with footpaths heading north and east into the village. EW said this would be possible, theoretically
  • SF said there were considerable advantages to Upton residents in pursuing the cycle path, not the least of which was sustainable links to Savages and other amenities in Blewbury including the tennis club, post office and school.
  • The large field on the Upton side is owned by the executors of Guy Napper’s Estate. The principle contact is Mr Philip Pocock of Adkins, whose email is philip.pocock@adkin.co.uk/telephone number 01235 862 888. SF agreed to talk to Mr Pocock about this and report back to Blewbury PC.



Other points to consider:

  • Phil ?? at Green Bushes has told CL that he is willing to allow a cycle path through the small section of Coffin Way owned by him as long as his boundary can be extended, as agreed. However, this still needs to be carefully managed so that he is not alienated from the process.


  • As OCC planners have said in the past that part of the reason why Blewbury hasn’t been a target for major new housing development is the fact it is NOT well connected to sustainable travel routes, I think that if this became a serious plan it should be put to the village for discussion.


Lydia Inglis, 11.12.18