Minutes February 2017

Of the Meeting of the Parish Council
held in the Melland Room on Wednesday 8th February 2017 at 7.30 p.m.


Councillors present: Mr C Lakeland (Chair), Mrs J Gibson, Mr M Shayler (MS), Mrs L Inglis (LI), Mrs C Cameron (CC), Mr M Blythe (MB), Mr M Penington (MP). Also present: Mrs Elaine de Ridder (clerk), County Councillor Lilly, District Councillor Waite, District Councillor Shelley, 1 member of the public.

Matters resolved:

  1. Ms Trish Ingham was appointed internal auditor provided her quote was less than £350.
  2. All payments were approved.
Actions arising from the meeting Target date
1.      Clerk to report state of the roads (A417, A34, B4016) By next meeting
2.      Clerk to circulate health questionnaire. As soon as possible
3.      CL & Clerk to respond to unitary council consultation and to include issues about boundaries and where Blewbury would be placed in terms of the neighbouring towns and villages By next meeting
4.      JG to put a note in the Bulletin re the Vale newsletter By next meeting
5.      Clerk to ask lengthman to re-set the timer controlling the outside lights on the clubhouse.  As soon as possible
6.      Clerk to respond to planning applications. Clerk to respond to resident re Hillview fence appeal. As soon as possible
7.      Clerk to circulate Trish Ingham’s quote for internal audit services and if within agreed amount, confirm her appointed. As soon as possible
8.      CL to reply to Mr Blackford to ask him to investigate the Cleve matter further. Clerk to report back to Mrs Smith. As soon as possible
9.      Clerk to discuss FP24 with the lengthman and ask him to remove the tree closest to the Sibleys. By next meeting
10.  Clerk to respond to Mr Sibley By next meeting


  1. To receive apologies for absence. Apologies from Ms M Jacobs (MJ), Mr D Lomas (DL) and Mr D Hollick (lengthman).
  2. To record declarations of interest. MS declared an interest in payments. MP declared an interest in the planning item.
  3. To approve the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 11th January 2017. The minutes were accepted and signed as a true record.
  4. To receive the County Councillor’s report. The County Councillor’s report was circulated prior to the meeting. See Annex A. The current state of the roads was mentioned to Cllr Lilly. Action: Clerk to report state of the roads (A417, A34, B4016). Clerk to circulate health questionnaire.
  5. To receive the District Councillor’s report. District Councillor’s report was circulated prior to the meeting. See Annex B. There was some discussion about the proposed Unitary Council for Oxfordshire. Action: In PC’s response to the unitary council consultations, boundaries and where Blewbury would be placed in terms of the neighbouring towns/villages should be mentioned. JG to put a note in the Bulletin about the Vale newsletter.
  6. To receive the Lengthman’s report. No report was given as the lengthman is on holiday.
  7. Open Forum.

Nothing discussed during Open Forum.  

  1. Matters arising
    • To report back on actions arising at previous meeting. All actions were taken apart from contacting Mr Sibley. Action: Clerk to contact Mr Sibley re FP24 trees.
  2. Village hall redevelopment
    • To receive an update on the progress of the working party and fundraising. It was reported that although Knowles have been appointed and was due to start the refurbishment they have not signed the contract and came back to say they have made a calculation error. They were investigating if they could deliver the project by making savings. It is hoped that this would be sorted out and that the refurbishment would go ahead.
  3. Recreation Ground
    • To receive an update from the PC representative on the BVCIC. MP requested the accounts for the Parish meeting. It was mentioned that the thermostat in the Melland Room seems faulty and it is too hot. The outside lights which are on a timer are also not switching on when needed. Action: Clerk to ask lengthman to re-set the timer controlling the outside lights on the clubhouse
  4. Planning & Housing
    • To receive the planning committee report. See Annex C for the planning report.
    • To approve responses to current applications

P17/V0130/HH           Barnfield, Nottingham Fee. Single storey flat roof extension to front and new bay window to side.           Parish Council has no objection.

P17/V0114/HH           Correen House, Bessels Way. Single storey oak framed orangery extension to rear.   Parish Council has no objection.

P16/V2840/LDP 1 Downside Westbrook Street. The use of existing outbuilding as ancillary residential accommodation to 1 Downside. Noted. It was mentioned that the PC will not be consulted in this matter and the Vale are not inviting comments.

It was mentioned that a resident wrote to the PC expressing concern about the recent appeal decision about the Hillview fence and the fact that the BNDP was not takin into consideration. Action: Clerk to respond to resident re Hillview fence appeal.

  1. Finance & Administration
    • To receive a progress report on “view only” online banking with Barclays Bank for the clerk. The clerk reported that it was not possible to have “view only” online banking with Barclays.
    • To approve payments to be made under ancillary powers and within budgeted amounts


Description Amount
E de Ridder (salary and expenses) £931.25
NEST (pension contribution) £56.71
BT Payment Services Ltd £25.44
Biffa Waste Services Ltd £45.07
Mr P Clarke £175.00
Payments relating to the Blewbury Neighbourhood Plan
Hankinson Duckett Associates LLP £905.28
Wokingham Borough Council £165.64
D Mathias £88.82
R Farrell £100.00
Payments relating to the Village Hall refurbishment
Payment made prior to the meeting: Stackhouse Poland Ltd £401.50
West Waddy ADP £2,004.42
PROVISIONAL TOTAL                            £4,899.13

The clerk explained that the payment to Mr Farrell is to reimburse him for the donation he gave to kickstart the funds for the BNDP. As there was sufficient funds left over after the BNDP has been completed, the BNDP committee recommended that Mr Farrell be reimbursed.

All payments were approved.

  1. Risk Management
    • 05/01/17 To receive an update on annual inspection of play areas and repairs needed prior to the inspection. To receive quotes for landscaping and safety matting installation. The clerk reported that she has met with White Horse Horticulture and that a meeting has been set up with Fenland Play. It is hoped that the annual inspection will be done before the March meeting.
    • 05/01/17 To consider quotes for internal audit services. The clerk invited 3 quotes for the services for next year. Two quotes were received. One for £390 and one starting at £245. A formal quote from Trish Ingham is expected within the next few days but it is expected to be less than £300. She is also available to start immediately. As Ms Ingham comes highly recommended it was decided to appoint her provided that her quote comes in below £350.
  2. Environment
    • To consider the suggestion that the Cleve becomes a nature reserve. It was reported that Mr Blackford approached CL about the possibility to have the Cleve declared as a nature reserve. All riparian owners would have to agree and a management plan would have to be put in place. Action: CL to reply to Mr Blackford to ask him to investigate the matter further. Clerk to report back to Mrs Smith.
  3. To receive an update on any issues relating to Footways, Footpaths, rights of way and open spaces. Following concerns about trees on FP24, the Vale’s tree officer met with the PC and was of the opinion that most of the trees next to the footpath would be Dibleys Heritage’s responsibility. Dibleys did not agree as they maintained these trees were well outside their boundary. As no-one would take responsibility of the trees it was unclear who would take any action. The Vale did however agree that they were responsible for a tree behind one of the Eastfields bungalows and would take appropriate action. It was agreed that the PC should take action concerning the tree at the bottom of Mr Sibley’s garden. Action: Clerk to ask lengthman to contact Mr Sibley re the tree and remove it if possible.

It was reported that the following was received from the County Council: Notice of landowner deposit under section 31(6) of the Highways Act 1980 and section 15A(1) Commons Act 2006: Land at Woodway Farm, Blewbury, Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX11 9EZ. No action required.

It was reported the cemetery hedges have been laid with very good result. A member of the public has expressed their thanks. The debris would have to be put on a bonfire.

  1. To receive an update on any issues relating to roads, road safety and public transport. It was reported that the speed cameras have been in use in recent weeks. The bus seems to be coping with the South Street diversion.
  2. Village Hall Management Committee. To receive an update from the VHMC. Nothing to report.
  3. Correspondence
    • Items requesting a reply & consultations
      • Vale of White Horse District Council media release – Apply for your festival or event grant. Noted.
      • Proposed Main Modifications to the Oxfordshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan: Part 1 – Core Strategy. Noted.
      • INVITE: Meeting about town councils and parishes in ‘One Oxfordshire’ unitary council. Noted.
    • Items for information that have been circulated
      • OALC update. Noted
      • Emails re Pennie Lane Stud. Emails were circulated and a follow up note was sent to the Vale to pass on the neighbours’ concerns.
      • Vale of White Horse District Council – Apply for your festival or event grant now. Noted.
      • From local start up to world leader – invitation to register for the South and Vale Business Breakfast. Noted.
  1. Any other business. Exceptionally to deal with business received too late for inclusion in agenda.

The clerk reported the rubbish in the bus shelter to the Vale’s fly-tipping unit.

  1. To set the date of the next meeting. The next meeting of the Parish Council is on 8th March 2017.

Meeting closed 21h06













Annex A






Last week OCC launched ‘A Fresh Start for Oxfordshire’, a draft of OCC’s intended proposal for DCLG on how and why a single unitary authority for Oxfordshire could work. The full proposal can be found online at www.oneoxfordshire.org. There will be meetings with key local stakeholders in the coming weeks and activities will take place across Oxfordshire’s libraries. An online survey will enable OCC to engage with the wider public. The results of these actions will be incorporated into a revised version of the proposal document to be considered at the March 14th meeting of the Cabinet. Following advice from the DCLG at the end of last year, OCC has been reassured that there is nothing preventing the pursuing of reorganisation of local government in parallel to working with the District Councils on a potential devolution deal for Oxfordshire. OCC is keen to hear from as many councillors, community groups, businesses and residents as possible via the website.




Proposals for how £3.4m of temporary funding can be spent were discussed at Cabinet on 24th January. The money would come from OCC being allowed by Government to set a 5% council tax rise in 2017/18 and 2018/19 – with 3% intended to be spent on adult social care. If the council votes to levy the 5% council tax increase at its budget meeting in February, OCC proposes to spend the adult social care portion of the money investing in capacity building and resilience, to help respond to future demand. The proposals are for the temporary funding to be spent in three key areas over the course of 2017/18 and 2018/19:

  1. £1.01million to grow, develop and build resilience in the external care workforce

The social care workforce and, in particular, the home care workforce, is one of the key constraints on the health and social care system in Oxfordshire. Issues with recruiting, retaining, training, and supporting this workforce, combined with the high cost of living mean that the private and voluntary sector face issues in providing adequate numbers of staff. The £1.01m would be used to improve recruitment and retention for existing providers, and the skill base of local care workers. It would increase workforce and capacity, and would benefit individuals funding their own care.

  1. £1.485 million to transform delivery

OCC proposes to invest £1.485m in transforming capacity in the public and private sector. This involves optimising the use of available care capacity, improving purchasing and sourcing, and working with people who use services and their carers to make services better. OCC plans to increase staff capacity (social workers, occupational therapists, and care managers) to ensure the right size for home care packages whilst at the same time supporting people to have the maximum levels of independence. It is also proposed to create additional capacity to support assessment and reviews to achieve maximum flow for the whole system. OCC also proposes to invest in improvements to systems to enable it to better to track and monitor the care demands in order to understand and use available capacity. This investment would release additional capacity into the homecare market, increase the availability of homecare, and improve the speed and timeliness of social care assessments.

  1. Daytime support (£650,000)

This money would be used to form part of the £975,000 that OCC is proposing to spend supporting Daytime Support Services to transition to the new model of service provision. (Further detail can be found in the next item).




OCC is proposing a new daytime support system that would enable older people and people with disabilities to live independently in their community. Having listened to more than 1,000 responses to a consultation that ran during November and December, the OCC’s original proposals have changed to reflect comments made – with £975,000 extra being spent. The proposals continue to include a guaranteed core service for people who require daytime support, alongside financial support to enable community-based services to continue to flourish. People with ‘assessed needs’ who receive help from OCC’s adult social services would continue to receive support under a new proposed structure for daytime support in the county. The proposal now includes the additional money to be spent as follows:1. An additional £550,000 in a transition fund for voluntary sector providers who receive grant funding from the council. This is in direct response to providers who responded to the consultation to say more time was needed. 2. An additional £100,000 on fundraising support for the voluntary sector. 3. Replacing current annual funding for 47 community-based daytime support services with grant pots totalling £350,000 a year.




The Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group has now launched the first phase of its consultation on proposed changes to health services in Oxfordshire. OCC is a consultee in the process, and Cabinet is due to make its view known at the cabinet meeting on 21st February. OCC officers are currently examining the detail of the proposals, and Cabinet will consider these alongside the emerging public view. The Cabinet’s view will also be fed into the full debate on the consultation, which the Oxfordshire Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HOSC) is hosting on the 7th March. HOSC is an independent joint committee, which includes representatives from the four District Councils, the City Council and County Council. The issue is also scheduled to be debated at the full Council meeting on the 21st March to ensure that all County Councillors are given the opportunity to voice local concerns.




OCC currently provides personal budgets of between £200 and £600 a year to more than 1,800 people who provide care to relatives and others. A consultation was undertaken during 2016 about discontinuing these personal budgets to save the county council £690,000. However, after having listened to consultation responses, a new proposal has been made for annual personal budgets of £300 targeted at those carers with the highest needs. It is estimated that only one-third of those who received a personal budget in 2016/17 would not do so at all in 2017/18. The revised proposals will save OCC £588,000, with £400,000 of this to be directly reinvested in preserving the Dementia Service which supports 120 people in Oxfordshire.


Annex B


Blewbury Parish Council

District Notes for Parish Councillors on Wednesday, 8th February 2017

from Cllr Janet Shelley & Cllr Reg Waite


Enforcement Investigations:

VE17/42 – Allotment Gardens, Besselsway, Blewbury

Alleged breach: Without advert consent, erection of developer advertisement hoarding and flags.

Reported: 1 February 2017

Case Officer: Corey Webster

6 week target date: 15 March 2017.  12 week target date: 26 April 2017.


VE17/21 – Blewbury Centre, Besselsway, Blewbury OX11 9NH

Alleged breach: Without planning permission the material change of use of land from equestrian centre to a mixed use of equestrian centre and scrap metal yard

Reported: 12 January 2017

Case Officer: Robert Cramp

6 week target date: 23 February 2017.  12 week target date: 6 April 2017

Site visited by Robert Cramp on 30 January 2017.


VE16/610 – Blewbury Garage, London Road, Blewbury

Alleged breach: display of illuminated signage without advertisement consent

Reported: 2 December 2016

Case Officer: Corey Webster.

6 week target date: 13 January 2017.  12 week target date: 24 February 2017.


VE16/394 – 12, London Road, Blewbury

Alleged breach: without planning permission, erection of a tree house (raised platform)

Reported: 3 August 2016

Case Officer: Corey Webster

6 week target date: 14 September 2016.  12 week target date: 26 October 2016.

Awaiting further news – no formal planning application appears to have been submitted.


Single Unitary Council for Oxfordshire:

This has been one of the topics during the last two weeks and updates can be found by visiting the Oxfordshire County Council and Vale websites.


Waste contamination update:

To reduce contamination in the recycling we collect we’ve been running a campaign to get residents to recycle loose or use clear sacks so that waste crews can see what is in each bin before emptying it. Crews do not empty green bins which contain black or coloured sacks.
The campaign has been very successful. The quality of the recycling has improved, the contamination rate is falling and we only have to have to leave a couple of dozen bins un-emptied each day.


Science Vale website relaunch:

The Councils are planning a relaunch of the Science Vale UK regional website www.sciencevale.com in the next couple of months or so.
Updates now on Facebook:

We have started posting news notifications on our South and Vale Facebook sites. The regular postings are bright and effective and link to news stories on the councils’ websites.  Check out Vale Facebook.


Advance notice – New waste vehicles to improve collections:
Our Councils are planning to introduce a new fleet of waste collection vehicles in June which will further improve our collection service.

Residents will only see a minor change to their collections, recycling or waste will be collected by one vehicle and food collected by a separate vehicle rather than the current vehicles collecting both.  Collections will continue to take place on the same day but not necessarily at the same time. Changing to a two pass system will give more operational flexibility when Biffa experience breakdowns or delays but will also provide more resilience when it comes to managing the increase in property numbers as a result of new developments.

Also by changing to a two pass system each vehicle will have increased capacity, this will reduce the number of visits in a day to the disposal points.


Encourage residents to sign up to South and Vale News:

We are requested to continue to encourage local residents to sign up to South Vale News and/or South News.  The newsletters, emailed out every two months, keep residents in touch with the latest council news including planning updates, recycling collections and activities and events.

Please encourage residents to sign up to the newsletter at Vale sign me up
Please encourage residents to sign up to the newsletter at South sign me up


LEADER funding is available for businesses:

We still have £1.55 million Oxfordshire LEADER funding available for projects in rural areas of Oxfordshire that will create jobs, grow businesses, bring in tourists and benefit local communities.

Grants of £5,000-£35,000 towards capital costs such as building work or equipment are available to farmers, businesses and community organisations. The project must fall within the Oxfordshire LEADER area and fit with one of the four local themes. These details and information about suitable projects and how to apply are on the website. Alternatively contact the Oxfordshire Leader Programme Team on 01235 422245.

Oxfordshire Leader Voluntary and Community Sector Forum:

The annual South and Vale Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) Forum, supported by the councils, will be held on 15 March 2017 (9am-4.30pm). The Forum aims to bring local community and voluntary groups together so they can share ideas and advice.

The event, at Cornerstone Arts Centre, is free to attend and includes two workshops, lunch and a funding information fair, plus time for networking.

Please invite community and voluntary groups in your area to come along.

For more details about the day’s programme and to book a place at the Forum please see the OCVA Forum page. If you have any questions about the event email OCVA or call 01865 251946.

Alternatively, contact Anne Richardson, Corporate Projects Officer by email or call 01235 422109. Programme Team on 01235 422245.


Go Active Gold events for residents:

GO Active Gold provides physical activities in rural areas to help people aged 60 and over to be more active.  In 2016 more than 1,000 residents from 20 different communities took part in over 70 GO Active Gold activities.

We are building on this success by offering free taster sessions where residents can find out about the benefits GO Active Gold can offer.  The enjoyable, fun sessions include a presentation from GO Active Gold staff, two taster activities, a functional fitness MOT and refreshments.

  • Wednesday 1 February: 9.30am to 12.30pm – Horspath Village Hall
  • Thursday 2 February: 10am to midday – Rotherfield Peppard Sports Pavilion

To sign up for a taster session, or for more information, please call 01235 422219 or email the Go Active Team.

More than £52,000 awarded to Vale community projects:

Over £52,000 has been awarded by Vale of White Horse District Council to support improvements to community facilities across the district.

The funding was agreed by the Abingdon and North East, Faringdon, and Wantage Area Committees for the following grants:

  • £14,442 to Faringdon Football Club for an upgrade to their changing rooms and to replace their door and security shutter
  • £12,216 for floodlighting at Wantage Tennis Club
  • £7,015 for car park improvements at Abingdon Rowing Club
  • £6,721 to Uffington Parish Council for repairs to Tom Brown’s Museum
  • £6,553 for a sprung floor at Wantage Gym Club
  • £3,143 for stage resurfacing and a buggy/bike shelter at the Pump House Project, Faringdon
  • £2,160 to Harwell Village Tennis Club for replacement fencing.

Subject to the council approving its 2017/18 budget, the next round of applications for community grant funding for the Vale opens on Saturday 1 April.  To find out more please visit www.whitehorsedc.gov.uk/grants.

Recent Festival Grant awards:

  • Watchfield Village Hall Committee – £1,000 towards Watchfield Village fete – Awarded 24 January 2017
  • Oxfordshire Play Association – £500 towards their Abingdon Play Day 2017 – awarded 9 January 2017
  • Drayton Village Hall – £319 towards Edward Mott’s Victoria Cross Centenary commemoration event – awarded 18 January 2017

Festival grants are open for applications until 1 March 2017.

JS & RWW 8 February 2017



Annex C

Planning report for Parish Council  – Bulletin March 2017

Planning Applications

All Blewbury planning applications, decisions and Parish Council responses, including items under consideration, can be found in the ‘Parish’ section of the Blewbury website
(http://blewbury.co.uk/parish/planning/), which is updated once a week. Links are also provided to the main Vale Planning site, where full details can be obtained.


Responses from the Parish Council:

P17/V0114/HH   Correen House Bessels Way          

Single storey oak framed orangery extension to rear

Parish Council has no objections.

P17/V0130/HH   Barnfield, Nottingham Fee             

Single storey flat roof extension to front and new bay window to side.

Parish Council has no objections.

P17/V0002/FUL Pennie Lane Stud, Berry Lane

Full Planning Application for the demolition of the existing and erection of a replacement dwelling.

Parish Council has no objections.

Decisions from the District Council:

P16/V3035/HH   Chapmans, Watery Lane

External repairs; new windows; raising of chimney stacks to conform to fire safety standards; relocation of internal staircase.


P16/V3036/LB    Chapmans, Watery Lane

External repairs; new windows; raising of chimney stacks to conform to fire safety standards; relocation of internal staircase.


P16/V3164/HH Beorg Lodge, Bessels Way

Single storey timber outbuilding for use as a garden room.


Enquiries regarding planning in the parish may be sent to blewburypc@gmail.com