Minutes February 2018


Minutes Of the Meeting of the Parish Council
held in the Vale Room on Wednesday 14th February 2018 at 7.30 p.m.

Councillors present: Mr C Lakeland (Chair), Mrs J Gibson (JG), Mr Mark Shayler (MS), Mr M Penington (MP), Mr David Lomas (DL), Ms Miriam Jacobs (MJ) Also present: Michelle Taylor (clerk), Mr David Hollick (Lengthman), County Councillor Mr Mike Fox- Davies.

Matters resolved:

  1. All payments were approved.
  2. The appointment of Meirion James as nominated Parish Council Trustee to the Malthus Trust for a further 4 years approved.
  3. The appointment of Jill Willison as replacement trustee to the United Charities approved.
  4. Company appointed to supply and fit Gym Equipment at TFF approved.
Actions arising from meeting Target date
1.      Cllr Gibson to place notice in bulletin ref: Any road problems to be reported on ‘Fix my street’ 15th February
2.      Cllr Lakeland to explore which areas could benefit from the councillor priority funding then report back at next PC meeting By next meeting
3.      Cllr Gibson to place notice in bulletin ref: TFF Playspace closure until further notice 15th February
4.      Cllr Lakeland and Clerk to compose a letter to Meirion James to confirm appointment as PC trustee of the Malthus Trust for a further 4 years As soon as possible
5.      Cllr Lakeland and Clerk to compose a letter to Sheila Loy confirming the successful appointment of Jill Willison as the new trustee of the United Charities As soon as possible
6.      Cllr Lakeland to compose a letter to Audrey Long thanking her for her 25 years as a trustee to the United Charities As soon as possible
7.      Cllr Lakeland to confirm with the VWH that the TFF Gym Equipment (Trim Trail) work will commence April 2018 By next meeting
8.      Cllr Shayler to contact Grundon to ask for quote ref: TFF Car park ground surface repairs By next meeting
9.      Cllr Shayler to contact Beeswax to ask for a donation of 150 whips to put up around the corner of the cemetery leading onto Boham’s Road As soon as possible
10.  Clerk to email Cllr Inglis and ask her to compose a response to the CPRE request from 14/02/2018- Campaign on Oxford Cambridge Expressway As soon as possible
11.  Cllr Gibson to draft a letter to Ed Vaizey ref: Roads As soon as possible
Urgent Actions to be followed up at next meeting
1.      Review and update emergency plan.
2.      Clerk to follow up OCC re Church Lane tree


  • To receive apologies for absence. Apologies Cllr Blythe, Cllr Cameron, Cllr Inglis and District Councillor’s Reg Waite and Janet Shelley.
  • To record declarations of interest.  No declarations were made.
  • To approve the minutes of the Finance Committee meeting held on the 8th January and Parish Council meeting held on 10th January 2018. The minutes were accepted and signed as a true record.
  • To receive the County Councillor’s report. County Councillor’s report was circulated prior to the meeting. See Annex A. Issues were raised over the conditions of the local roads, especially the B4016 and A417. Concerns over the recent incidents along the B4016 were also raised. Councillor Mike Fox-Davies assured the PC that he would personally contact highways and put concerns forward. Action: Cllr Gibson to place notice in bulletin ref: Any road problems to be reported on ‘Fix my street’. Oxfordshire County Councillor priority funding which will become available to support parish council highways needs and community group projects was also discussed. Action: Cllr Lakeland to explore which areas could benefit from the councillor priority funding then report back at next PC meeting.
  • To receive the District Councillor’s report. District Councillor’s report was circulated prior to meeting. See Annex B.
  • To receive the Lengthman’s report. Report not circulated due to Lengthman being on annual leave. General village inspections continued to be carried out by the Blewbury Parish Council Chairman in his absence. Concerns were raised over TFF Playspace being waterlogged due to the extreme weather conditions. Action: Cllr Gibson to put entry in Bulletin ref: TFF Playspace closed until further notice.
  • Open Forum. Nothing discussed.
  • Matters arising

To report back on actions arising at previous meeting. All actions were taken apart from assessment of tree hanging towards the A417 next to the cricket pitch, and response from OCC ref Church Lane tree.

  • Village hall redevelopment
    • To receive an update on the progress of the refurbishment project and fundraising if available. Meeting was held with MD builders and Village Hall Refurbishment Committee. MD Builders are reviewing the existing designs and requirements to see if they are able to keep within budget, and advise the best way forward utilising the funds likely to be available. Awaiting report.
  • Recreation Ground
    • To receive an update from working group on the future of the clubhouse if available. Cllrs Lomas, Penington and Cameron met with the CIC to discuss the future of the clubhouse. It was reported that a meeting has been organised for the coming week, for Mike and David to meet with the CIC to discuss options for the clubhouse moving forward. Concerns were raised over the condition of the clubhouse, and the possibility of a refurbishment.
  • Planning & Housing
    • To receive the planning committee report. See Annex C for the planning report.
    • To approve responses to current applications:



20 Grahame Close Blewbury DIDCOT OX11 9QE

Proposed single storey extension and internal alterations. PC has no objections.



Former Rifle Range Building Churn Estate Boham’s Road DIDCOT OX11 9HD

Conversion of former Rifle Range building to a single residential dwelling and erection of an ancillary domestic outbuilding for storage and maintenance. Retention of hardstanding for domestic parking and turning. PC has no objections.



Demolition of the existing and erection of a replacement dwelling at Pennie Lane Stud, Blewbury, Oxfordshire. PC has no objections.


  • Finance & Administration
    • To ratify the appointment of Meirion James as nominated Parish Council Trustee to the Malthus Trust for a further 4 years. All agreed. Action: Cllr Lakeland and Clerk to compose a letter to Meirion James to confirm successful appointment of trustee of the Malthus Trust for a further 4 years.

12.2   To ratify the appointment of Jill Willison as replacement trustee to the United Charities and   note the resignation of Audrey Long after 25 years in post. All agreed. Action: Cllr Lakeland and Clerk to compose a letter to Sheila Loy confirming the successful appointment of Jill Willison as the new trustee of the United Charities.

12.3. To receive any update on S106 contributions. S106 funds can be applied for the resurfacing of TFF Carpark (See item 13) Action: Cllr Lakeland to confirm with the VWH that the TFF Gym Equipment (Trim Trail) work will commence April 2018.

  • To approve payments to be made under ancillary powers and within budgeted amounts. All payments were approved.



PAYEE Description / Power to spend Amount
M Taylor Clerk’s salary and expenses £635.60
D Hollick Lengthman’s salary and expenses £367.68
NEST Clerk’s pension £46.94
BT Payment Services Ltd Clubhouse line rental and Wifi £28.08
Biffa Waste Services Ltd Waste services £55.07
Oxfordshire Association of Local Councils GDPR Training Day £48.00
Playground Services Ltd Repairs to Play Area-Play Space Bohams Road Blewbury £6,734.40
Total £7,915.77


Invoices too late for inclusion on the agenda;

Playground Services Ltd-Repairs to TFF Playspace: £330.00

Graham Nye- Clubhouse Repairs: £96.10

New Total: £8,341.87


  • Risk Management. Concerns were raised over the condition of TFF Carpark. Action: Cllr Shayler to contact Grundon to ask for quote ref: TFF Car park ground surface repairs
    • 05/01/17 To receive an update on resurfacing and replacement of safety matting at the Play Space. Repairs in progress.
    • 11/10/2017 To receive an update on our Emergency Plan. Ongoing. (Action brought forward Clerk, Cllr Gibson and Cllr Lakeland)


  • To receive an update on any issues relating to the Environment. It was reported that Beeswax would be planting a total of 10,000 trees for the wildlife corridor. Action: Cllr Shayler to contact Beeswax to ask for a donation of 150 whips to put up around the corner of the cemetery leading onto Boham’s Road.
  • To receive an update on any issues relating to Footways, Footpaths, rights of way and open spaces.
    • 08/11/17 Update on trees along Church Lane, Blewbury. Still awaiting reply from OCC. Action: Clerk to follow up.


  • To receive an update on the outdoor Gym Equipment.
    • 13/12/17 Update on quotes for supplying and fitting the Gym Equipment at TFF. It was confirmed three companies have provided quotations for the supply and fitting of the Gym Equipment at TFF. Decision was made to appoint HAGS, and start date for works to be carried out, confirmed for April 2018.
  • To receive an update on any issues relating to roads, road safety and public transport. 17.1 08/11/17 Update on the Oxford Cambridge expressway group. Communication received from CRPE ref: Oxford Cambridge Expressway campaign. Action: Clerk to email Cllr Inglis and ask her to compose a response to the CPRE- request received on the 14/02/18.

17.2 13/12/17 Update on Salt bins in and around the village. Ongoing

17.3 14/02/18 To consider a course of action concerning conditions of local roads. Action: Cllr Gibson to draft a letter to Ed Vaizey ref: Roads.


  • Village Hall Management Committee. To receive an update from the VHMC. Annual meeting arranged for next week. Report will then be sent to BPC members.
  • Correspondence
    • Items requesting a reply & consultations
    • Items for information that have been circulated
      • A417 Meeting notes. Circulated.
    • Any other business. Exceptionally to deal with business received too late for inclusion in agenda. Nothing discussed.
    • To set the date of the next meeting of the PC. The next Parish Council meeting will be held on the 14th March 2018.

Meeting closed 21:00pm

Annex A:





A key proposal for the upcoming Oxfordshire County Council Budget is to have a Councillor Priorities Fund – all County Councillors will have a £15k fund each to support parish council Highways needs and community group projects. In addition, the county council is choosing to prioritise children’s social care with £1.9m extra being put in to this service. Overall this means £8.5m is being added to the budget for children’s social care in 2018/19. This follows the central government announcement in late December that it would allow councils to raise council tax by an additional 1% primarily to address financial pressures in children’s social care. Earlier in December the council had proposed a 1.99% Council Tax, with an additional 3% precept for adult social care bringing the total proposed rise to 4.99% the same as last year. The additional 1% that has now been allowed would take the total rise for 2018/19 to 5.99%, with a proposed 2.99 % rise in 2019/20. Other calls on funding include the local government national pay settlement where a total of £2.9m extra is required over 2018/19 (£1.4m) and 2019/20 (£1.5m) for staff pay across all of its services, including employees such as librarians, care workers for vulnerable children and adults, highways staff, trading standards, the Registration Service etc. OCC is able to fund this from reserves over these two years. The Budget proposals go to Full Council on February 13th.


 As detailed in the December report, the Oxfordshire Growth Board* has reached an outline Housing and Growth Agreement (Growth Deal) with Government. This will see an additional £215m of investment over the next five years to build infrastructure, support the delivery of new homes and boost economic productivity across the county. This breaks down as: £30m pa for five years for infrastructure; £60m for affordable homes across the county; and £5m to develop a Joint Statutory Spatial Plan (JSSP). The Board wants the five-year deal to be the first stage in a sustained partnership with Government to secure the ongoing investment needed to deliver properly planned growth and economic development over the coming years. This will support councils to achieve the ambition of 100,000 new homes across the county over the period 2011-2031, as identified through the 2014 countywide Strategic Housing Market Assessment and Local Plans. During the period of development all planning authorities will have their five-year land supply requirement reduced to a three-year land supply with that condition in place for the first three years of the new JSSP. The Growth Deal is coming to the stage that it will soon go through the six councils’ democratic processes to be agreed.


*The Oxfordshire Growth Board comprises the six councils: Cherwell District Council, Oxford City Council, Oxfordshire County Council, South Oxfordshire District Council, Vale of White Horse District Council and West Oxfordshire District Council, together with the county’s Local Enterprise Partnership (OxLEP).


OCC has formally terminated its contract with Carillion LGS Limited effective from 1 February 2018, following the collapse of the parent company. This brings forward the already agreed end of the contract set for the end of June 2018. OCC made a net payment of £10.65m to Carillion to cover work already completed as part of the final settlement to end the contract with the company. Carillion provided services on behalf of OCC including school meals and cleaning; maintenance of council buildings; property services, and building work such as school extensions. Carillion staff in OCC’s maintained schools who contracted their services via OCC will be transferred to OCC under staff transfer arrangements known as ‘TUPE’, and services will continue as normal. Services previously provided by Carillion to the county council will continue through a mix of bringing staff in-house (e.g. school meals, cleaning); continuing with suppliers (mainly catering), and working with existing sub-contractors (mainly construction and property services). Like every other Carillion customer, OCC is now working out the most cost-effective way to complete work left unfinished by Carillion. OCC will now take over direct responsibility for commissioning future construction work and service delivery. County council officers are reviewing the uncompleted works under the Carillion contract and talking to sub-contractors about the best way forward. Carillion sub-contractors and suppliers will be financially exposed to the collapse in Oxfordshire, as is happening across the country. OCC is establishing a process to assess, on a case-by-case basis, the impact on companies in the Carillion supply chain involved in providing county council services such as building maintenance.



Extra funding to support unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASCs) living in Oxfordshire has been received by the county council. A government grant worth £335,000 has been awarded to help strengthen the support services available to UASCs over the next two years. It is part of a wider national funding announcement of £29million. OCC has the same responsibilities for looking after UASCs arriving in the county as it does for all other children and young people in care. Young asylum-seekers are among the most vulnerable groups in society – often with no connections or family in the UK, little spoken English and having made long and traumatic journeys. The new money is not for covering the cost of care placements themselves, but for additional support to help UASCs adjust to living in the county, and integrate with local communities. The council currently looks after 52 UASCs. These young people have predominantly travelled from Afghanistan, Albania and Eritrea.


Funding for roads

The following email was sent to all Councillors on Friday 2 February regarding additional funding for road maintenance.

Fix My Street and Safety Defects

Members of the public are rightly concerned about the state of the roads in Oxfordshire and January has seen a dramatic increase in the number of Fix My Street (FMS) reports being registered on the system due to the severe weather events in December 2017 and January 2018, where repeated freeze, thaw and snow has caused considerable damage to the road network.

The average January sees nearly 2000 reports coming in whilst January 2018 has seen over 7000 reports. The vast majority of these reports relate to safety defects on the highway, potholes, potential flooding issues and tree damage. We anticipate that the February and March figures will also rise well above average as a result of the bad weather. An additional £1m to fund highway repairs has been received from Central Government and it could not have come at a better time.

To deal with the issues the Area Operations Teams  are prioritising potholes, flood sites and vegetation issues blocking the highway in the first instance. To do this we are drafting in additional staff, extending overtime and working weekends where necessary. In addition, our contractor, Skanska, is looking to recruit additional teams to deal with the increasing number of defects that are being listed for repair.  Other, non-safety, issues will unfortunately need to be deferred in the short term. These issues will not be forgotten and will be addressed when we have dealt with the current problems on the network. We will be updating our web pages to reflect this change in priority.

The rise in the number of Fix My Street shows how well the public are supporting the Fix My Street system and we are keen to ensure that we respond to issues as quickly as we can. Any assistance that the public can give in providing photos of the sites would be very helpful as we may be able to prioritise work from the photos rather than visit each site individually. Please do not compromise your own safety by taking photos if it is not safe to do so. If a defect has paint markings around it then it has already been scheduled for repair and does not need a new report.

What you will see:

  1. More inspectors on the network to prioritise work and deal with short term safety issues
  2. More defect gangs fixing these potholes.
  3. An increase in structural patching and minor patching programmes to deal with sites with large clusters of pothole during the late winter and early spring period. These repairs last longer but take time to arrange.
  4. An additional Dragon Patcher on the network from mid-February operating as “Inspect and Fix” on the rural network.


Annex B: 

                                 Blewbury Parish Council

District Notes for Parish Councillors on Wednesday, 14 February 2018

from Cllr Janet Shelley & Cllr Reg Waite



Cllrs Janet Shelley and Reg Waite regret they are unable to attend as they have the full Council Meeting on the same evening.


Enforcement Investigations:

VE17/627 – Pilgrims Way, The Pilgrims Way, Blewbury OX11 9NG

Reported: 25 October2017

Alleged breach: Breach of conditions 3 & 4 of P16/V0888/HH

Case Officer: Claire Merritt

Site visited: 2 November 17

6 week target date – 6 December 17   12 week target date – 17 January 2018

Still being monitored. Up to date report from the Vale awaited.

VE17/494 – Chailey House, Bessels Way, Blewbury

Reported: 24 August 2017

Alleged breach: Landscaping not undertaken in accordance with the scheme approved by P15/V0471/FUL.

Case Officer: Heather Rowe

6 week target date – 5 October 17.   12 week target date – 16 November 17.

Site visited: 7 September 17; 13 October 17 and 10 Jan 18.

Now ready for closure.  Bellway were very helpful in addressing the issue and have planted a native hedge between the fencing of the new properties and the homes of Ladycroft Park as detailed in the approved plans.                                            


VE17/223 – Unit 3, Eastfield Farm, Woodway Road, Blewbury

Reported: 21 April 2017

Alleged breach: Unauthorised change of use of an agricultural building to B2 industrial use.

Case Officer: Robert Cramp

Site visited: 4 May 2017

6 week target date – 2 June 2017.  12 week target date – 14 July 2017

Enforcement action has been authorised – currently with Council’s solicitor.


Our food waste trucks need a name – vote now!

Vale residents are being invited to vote for their favourite names put forward by local school children for our new fleet of food waste recycling trucks.

Names suggested by primary pupils are out for public vote – and you can help choose the best by picking your top three out of ten names whittled down from dozens of suggestions.

The most popular will be printed onto our new food waste trucks and you will see them out and about on the roads carrying out weekly food waste collections.

The child whose suggested name gets the most votes will scoop £150 book tokens for their school and a swimming pass for their family.

It’s quick and simple to take part:

Vote now

Voting will close on Friday 16 February.

The food waste trucks are part of a new £6.5 million fleet of waste and recycling collection vehicles introduced by the councils’ waste contractor Biffa at the end of 2017.

You can recycle all cooked and uncooked food waste using the councils’ household collection service. Food waste is collected every week and taken to an anaerobic digestion plant near Wallingford to be recycled into gas for electricity and fertiliser for local farmland. During 2016/17, 10,024 tonnes of food waste was collected and sent for recycling in Vale of White Horse and South Oxfordshire.


PopUp Business School aims to start over 50 new businesses in Didcot:

Revolutionary start-up training company, PopUp Business School aims to start over 50 new businesses in Didcot. 

The PopUp Business School will be popping up at The Orchard Shopping Centre next month and are inviting aspiring entrepreneurs to attend the sessions to learn how to start or grown their own business.

The school is working in partnership with and are co-funded by Hammerson Plc (owners of the shopping centre), Soha Housing, South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils and The European Social Fund.

The week-long, free workshop, which starts on Monday 19 March at The Orchard Shopping Centre, will teach local residents from around the South Oxfordshire area everything they need to know from; how to start a business without any money, how to generate sales from social media to making a website without any technical skills. 

Since 2011, PopUp Business School has been travelling around the United Kingdom teaching aspiring entrepreneurs how to start their own businesses. However, unlike other enterprise support companies their advice is the polar opposite of the status quo. They don’t believe in business plans, financial projections or loans. Instead they get their students starting off with sales and proving a demand in their businesses first. 

To sign up to the free workshop and to find out more information, you can visit www.popupbusinessschool.co.uk


Vale Cabinet approves safeguards in Growth Deal:

Last week the Vale of White Horse District Council Cabinet recommended that council agrees the Oxfordshire Housing & Growth Deal, based on a commitment from government and partner councils to address a number of so called ‘red-lines’ which aims to protect the district from uncontrolled development.

By agreeing the Deal, the Vale is securing £150 million of infrastructure funding for Oxfordshire, with the hope of additional cash in the future, and £60 million for Affordable Housing. The Vale has already been successful in a bid for nearly £8 million to deliver the Wantage Eastern Link Road, £9 million for the Lodge Hill junction and is hopeful for a further application of nearly £200 million to benefit both the Vale of White Horse and South Oxfordshire districts.

In addition, the council has negotiated a number of benefits to protect the Vale’s existing local plan, including reducing the current 5 year housing land supply requirement to just 3 years.

The deal would see council’s establishing a Joint Statutory Spacial Plan (JSSP) for Oxfordshire to improve joined-up planning across the county. Importantly the Vale has made it clear that this plan must not allocate housing sites and will put no additional pressure on the Vale in the period to 2031. The Vale will consider the most appropriate way to consult with our residents on the scope of the JSSP in due course.

Commenting after the meeting, Cllr Matthew Barber said, “This is a big step forward. I have been extremely cautious about this deal, but I am confident that if the red-lines we have set down can be met then the Vale, and indeed the whole of Oxfordshire, can benefit from much needed infrastructure spending without the fear of returning to a period of uncontrolled development. This is not the end of the story, we need significantly more investment than is currently being offered, but my Council is seeking to mitigate the risks whilst hoping to maximise the benefits.”


Fly-tipper ordered to pay more than £3,000:

A man has been ordered to pay over £3,000 after admitting dumping rubbish in a drainage ditch in Abingdon.

Andrey Kafica, 28, of Dodgson Road, Oxford, appeared at Oxford Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday 30 January when he pleaded guilty to one charge of the unauthorised depositing of waste and another of transporting a controlled waste without the required registration.

On Monday 5 June 2017 rubbish including garden chairs, wooden frames and cardboard boxes were found in the ditch by Peep O’Day Lane, a popular cycling route.

The waste was traced back to a house in nearby Steventon.  The occupants were interviewed by enforcement officers from Vale of White Horse District Council, they confirmed the rubbish had been removed by a cleaning company, providing invoices, receipts and photos of the men who had taken it away.

Mr Kafica was then interviewed under caution when he admitted fly-tipping the waste.  He said that he had agreed to take the rubbish away as an additional job which had not been agreed by his employer.

In court Kafica was fined £1,800 and also ordered to pay £1,076.75 costs and £201.42 compensation.

Every time a fly-tip occurs on public land it costs the tax payer money to clean up and investigate.  Aside from wasting precious time and money it also spoils our landscape and is potentially dangerous to people and wild animals.

In this case the evidence provided by the occupants was vital in ensuring a successful prosecution.  We encourage people to follow this example and ensure they comply with their legal responsibility to retain information showing who is taking their waste away.

To find out how to stay legal when having waste removed from your property please visit whitehorsedc.gov.uk/removingwaste.


Innovative district heating network could be built in Didcot:

South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils have identified an innovative opportunity to use excess heat from industrial sites to heat other buildings in and around Didcot Garden Town. 

One potential idea is to build a ‘district heat network’ that could be to use excess heat from Didcot B Power station to directly heat nearby business premises. 

The scheme could provide heating to new businesses and offices set to be built on the old Didcot A Power Station site and stretch out via underground pipes to a nearby business Enterprise Zone sites in North Didcot.   

As part of Didcot Garden Town plans to introduce renewable energy, the environmental project would lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions whilst providing low-cost reliable heat.  The water source heat pump could produce 16,500 megawatt hours per year – equivalent to powering 1,375 homes. 

The district councils have completed two preliminary stages of feasibility studies and worked closely with RWE, land owners, businesses, developers and local key stakeholders.  The studies have also included other local schemes, some of which would supply heat and power to other businesses and residential developments.

The district councils hope to receive government funding later this year to progress the heat network project further by completing financial and technical tests and to create possible designs for the proposed various combined heat and power networks.  

Background information –

Energy centres can be powered by using a variety of technologies from conventional power such as gas powered combined heat and power to innovative or renewable sources like waste heat, hydrogen, solar, ground source heating and biomass.

Benefits of heat networks are:

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions and less pollution
  • Improved air quality
  • Increase of fuel security – reliable source of heat
  • Reduced energy costs for the consumer

The government is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80 per cent by 2050. 

For a sustainable heating supply, domestic properties will need to have almost zero carbon emissions and industrial properties will need to reduce their emissions by 70 per cent.

A key element to reducing the UK’s emissions will be from heat networks – government will be investing £320m for capital investment to bridge funding gaps that may exist between project costs and commercial viability.


Extra bank security means changes for some council tax payers:

Calling council tax payers – the bank details have been changed for Vale of White Horse District Council, which means changes for some council tax and some business rate payers.

The council has been given a new sort code which is 20-01-25, its bank account number remains the same.

The new sort code will affect people who pay their council tax or business rates by bank transfer or standing order. Those people are requested to update their payment details as soon as possible otherwise the payments may not reach the council.

This change doesn’t affect the majority of council tax payers, the 81 per cent who pay by direct debit, as the new sort code will be amended as part of the direct debit service.

The new bank details and information on how to pay will be enclosed with council tax bills being issued in March.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused to council tax and business rates payers. The change has been imposed as a result of extra security measures and anti-fraud work by our bank account provider.

We will be contacting everyone who may be affected by including a message in their council tax bills. However, those paying by direct debit will not have to make any changes themselves.

You can also pay online, by phone, or by direct debit:

  • Switch to direct debit online
  • Or contact the Council Tax Section by calling 0345 302 2315 to set up your direct debit over the phone

For all other Direct Debit enquiries please contact the council on 01235 422422.

Vale of White Horse: www.whitehorsedc.gov.uk/counciltax 0345 302 2315


Search Binzone in the App Store or Google Play Store

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South & Vale Business Breakfast Meeting – open to all:

Tuesday, 20 February, Satellite Applications, Catapult, Electron Building, Harwell Campus, OX11 0QR.  7.30am – 10.00 am

Book at Eventbrite.co.uk


Chairman’s two charities

Although final figures are not yet quite available, it is estimated the fundraising for Reg’s two charities from the raffle, auction and donations from his Valentine’s Charity Dinner on Saturday, 10th February will be in excess of £2,400.

Reg wishes to thank most sincerely everyone who participated to make this success possible.

Three further fundraising activities booked –

Sat, 24 March – Quiz Night at War Memorial Hall, East Hanney – 7 for 7.30pm

Fri, 20 April – Chairman’s Charity Golf Day, Hadden Hill Golf Club

Sat, 12 May – Concert in The Beacon, Wantage

All enquiries to Reg on regwwaite@aol.com r 01235 861779 or to Karen Dodd at the Vale on karen.dodd@southandvale.gov.uk or 01235 422082

JS & RWW 14 February 2018

Annex C:

Planning report for Parish Council  – March 2017

Planning Applications

All Blewbury planning applications, decisions and Parish Council responses, including items under consideration, can be found in the ‘Parish’ section of the Blewbury website

(http://blewbury.co.uk/parish/planning/), which is updated once a week. Links are also provided to the main Vale Planning site, where full details can be obtained.

Responses from the Parish Council:

P18/V0009/FUL Pennie Lane Stud Berry Lane      

Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of planning permission P17/V0002/FUL.

Parish Council has no objection.

P18/V0103/FUL Former Rifle Range Building Churn Estate Boham’s Road

Conversion of former Rifle Range building to a single residential dwelling and erection of an ancillary domestic outbuilding for storage and maintenance. Retention of hardstanding for domestic parking and turning.    Parish Council has no objection.


P18/V0258/HH   20 Grahame Close            

Proposed single storey extension and internal alterations. Parish Council has no objection.

Decisions from the District Council:

P17/V2280/HH   Hall Barn Close Chapel Lane       

Proposed alterations (as amplified and amended by drawings received 11 January 2018) Granted.      

P17/V2281/LB    Hall Barn Close Chapel Lane       

Proposed alterations (as amplified and amended by drawings received 11 January 2018


P17/V3302/HH   7 Millbrook Close             

New timber shed (WORKS ALREADY EXECUTED). Granted.                      


P17/V3182/HH   7 Millbrook Close             

Erection of a new single storey rear extension. Granted.


P17/V3004/LB    Orchard Dene House Watts Lane

Replace current front door to East elevation. Granted.                        


P17/V3390/LDP Laurel Bank London Road            

Certificate of Lawful Development: replacement of existing windows on the front and sides of the original property. Granted.  

Enquiries regarding planning in the parish may be sent to blewburypc@gmail.com