Minutes for January 2015

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting of Blewbury Parish Council
held on Wednesday 21st January 2015 at 7.30 pm in the Vale Room

Councillors present: Mr C Lakeland (Chairman)(CL), Mr R Farrell (RF), Ms J Gibson (JG), Mr B Cooper (BC), Mr B Morgan (BM), Mr M Blythe (MB), Mr M Shayler (MS)

Also present: Mrs Elaine de Ridder (clerk), County Councillor Lilly, District Councillor Shelley

Matters resolved:

  1. The Parish Council agreed to accept responsibility and liability for the bench at Dibleys once it is made and installed
  2. It was formally agreed that the precept be set at £43,000
  3. It was agreed to send the new lengthman on the playground inspection course
  4. All payments were approved.
Actions arising from the meeting Target date
1.      Clerk to ask GR for a NAG update By next meeting
2.      Clerk to contact Mark Sumner re the Coffin Way barrier By next meeting
3.      Clerk to order replacement bin for the Playclose By next meeting
4.      CL to respond to the Youth Club initiative. By next meeting
5.      JS to obtain quote for the repairs to the equipment store As soon as possible
6.      Clerk to contact John Clark again for a date for the annual inspection of play areas As soon as possible
7.      MS and lengthman to investigate the replacement of the ride-on mower and tractor By next meeting
8.      Clerk to review financial regulations By next meeting
9.      Clerk to ask Highways for markings on the road for Berry Lane By next meeting
Actions brought forward
1.      Croquet Club boundary to be investigated. On-going
2.      RF to investigate pension options for the clerk On-going


  1. To receive apologies for absence. Ms V Fox (VF), Mr G Reade, Mr M Shayler for late arrival.
  2. To record declarations of interest. CL declared an interest in the payments.
  3. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 10th December 2014. The minutes were accepted and signed as a true record.
  4. To receive the County Councillor’s report. County Councillor Lilly reported that the application for funding for Coffin Way’s resurfacing has gone in. Works to the Milton interchange has started but the Steventon Bridge works have been delayed. Works to the Chilton slips will start in February. There was a possibility that Chilton Road through Upton leading to Hagbourne Hill might not be closed as previously proposed. Following the plea from the County Council, two couples in Blewbury have come forward interested in fostering. An officer has been appointed at County Hall to deal with broadband upgrade. Phase 1 of the new road between Didcot, Harwell to the Kingswell. A highly specialised unit for the rescue services has been bought. A meeting has been called for the A417 councils. JG to attend. The local transport plan LPT4 consultation has been launched. Finally it has been mentioned that there has been a proposal for a unitary council instead of having a county and several district councils. It was mentioned that various cones and bollards have been left by Highways after completing works to roads. Details will be sent to Cllr Lilly. The clerk mentioned the problems with the Friday bus service to Wantage.
  5. To receive the District Councillor’s report. The PC expressed their regret about the recent fire at SODC’s building in Crowmarsh. District Councillor Shelley reported that the planning department was the worst affected by the fire. Several other services are also affected but it was best to check the SODC website. An update on Ladycroft was requested and the PC will be updated as soon as a meeting has been held. It was mentioned that the Local Plan consultation was not affected by the fire as the paperwork was stored in Abingdon. DC Shelley was asked to find out if elections would be affected. She was also asked to find out about the lack of notification of tree work in villages.
  6. Police liaison. Nothing to report.
  • Neighbourhood Action Group. Action: Clerk to ask GR for a NAG update
  1. Open Forum. No members of the public present.
  2. Neighbourhood Plan (NP). It was reported that the survey had a 62% response. An event to report back to the village will be held on 28th It is hoped that there will also be a preliminary report on the landscape assessment. Vacancies for a council representative as well as a minute secretary have arisen.
  3. Matters arising.
    • 08/10/14 To receive an update on approach for funding reference Coffin Way. Cllr Lilly informed that clerk that the request has been submitted and a decision would be made shortly. The barrier on Coffin Way was also mentioned. Action: Clerk to contact Mark Sumner re the Coffin Way barrier.
    • 12/11/14 The purchase of Playclose bins to be considered in January. The clerk obtained a quote for the bin and it came to less than the budget of £200. Action: Clerk to order replacement bin for the Playclose.
    • 03/12/14 To consider the Parish Council’s response to the draft Local Plan. Response submitted. Item closed.
    • 21/01/15 To discuss how to assess value of investigating funding for Youth Club set up. In principle the PC was in support of a Youth Club but they could not identify anyone who would be willing to start up the Youth Club at such short notice. Funding was only available for another 3 months. Action: CL to respond to the Youth Club initiative. Item closed.
    • 21/01/15 To receive an update on a bench for Dibleys bus users. The Parish Council agreed to accept responsibility and liability for the bench once it is made and installed. It is as yet unclear how soon this will be. Item closed.
  4. To report back on actions needed on closed items
    • To receive an update on issues raised re the Croquet Club boundary. Investigations are on-going.
  5. Recreation Ground.
    • 12/11/14 To receive an update from the PC representative on the BVCIC. To consider financial assistance needed in the next financial year. This was considered as part of the budget for the next financial year.
    • 08/10/14 To receive an update on plant room maintenance and remedial works. It was reported that GA Electrical carried out the maintenance. Further matters were brought forward for attention, mainly regarding the control panel. GA Electrical will be asked to provide a quote for further maintenance and checks.
    •  08/10/14         To receive an update on skate ramp maintenance. The work will now be carried out in the Spring. Item closed until April.
    • 12/11/14 To approve the cost for labour reference equipment store repairs. MS was unable to obtain the further quote. Action: JS to obtain quote for the repairs to the equipment store.
  6. Risk Management.
    • 12/11/14 To receive an update on annual inspection of play areas and repairs needed prior to the inspection. MS and the new lengthman have carried out the regular inspections. Essential maintenance will be carried out prior to the annual inspection. No date has yet been set for the annual inspection. Action: Clerk to contact John Clark again for a date for the annual inspection of play areas.
  7. Planning & Housing.
    • 12/11/14 To receive an update on the Barton Willmore speculative approach. Following representations to the Vale, it was confirmed that they would need an environmental impact statement if they were to proceed with a planning application.
    • 21/01/15 To receive an update on the meeting with Bellway Homes. Bellway Homes are the new developers of the Chailey House site. They’ve proposed some minor changes to the existing plans but it would mean an 11% increase in the number of new residents. If a new application is submitted, a new application for S106 contributions should be made to the Vale. The Parish Council would also prefer a new footpath to join up with the concrete track when the development starts.
    • 02/02/06 To receive the Planning Committee Report. See report attached (Annex A).
    • 08/11/12 To approve responses to Current applications. No current applications.
  1. Finance & Administration
    • To receive a report on play areas and village upkeep. The lengthman has started and will report back at the next PC meeting. Item closed.
    • To receive an update on the setting up of the Clerk’s pension. Ongoing.
    • To receive a report from the finance committee meeting. To agree the precept for 2015-16. The draft minutes of the finance committee meeting was circulated by way of a budget report. The finance committee recommended that the precept be increased by £2,500 which is the anticipated cost of the election in May. This figure was provided by the Vale. The Parish Council had to budget for certain contingencies for the facilities they manage. The level of reserve was discussed and further earmarked reserves might be identified. Action: MS and lengthman to investigate the replacement of the ride-on mower and tractor. It was formally agreed that the precept be set at £43,000.
    • To approve the format of the Parish Council pages on the new Blewbury website. It was agreed that no photos will be put on the new website. The information provided would be similar to what already appears on the current website. Item closed.
    • To receive an update on  the Malthus Trust. Concern has been expressed as it appears that the terms of two trustees have expired. The Parish Council usually appoints a trustee for a 4 year term but the last time two trustees were appointed was in 2008 and in 2010. The clerk has written to the Malthus trust to ask for clarification re the appointment of trustees.
    • To check and review financial regulations. Action: Clerk to review financial regulations.
    • To approve payments to be made under ancillary powers and within budgeted amounts
Description Amount

Payment made prior to the meeting:

H Tuckwell & sons Ltd



E de Ridder £883.47
BT Payment Services Ltd (direct debit) £22.80
SLCC £149.00
Didcot Plant Ltd £215.39
BVCIC £35.00
GA Electrical Ltd £441.31
Oxfordshire South & Vale CAB £100.00
Blewbury Cob Wall fund £300.00
Oxfordshire Playing Fields Association £30.00
Payments on behalf of the Village Hall:
·         Mrs J Newman £180.00
·         Mrs K Brooks £50.10
·         White Horse Horticulture £120.00
Payments relating to the Neighbourhood Plan:
·          Alex Elderfield £38.00
·         Hankinson Duckett Associates £3,878.40
TOTAL  £6,747.67

            All payments were approved.

  1. Village Hall Management Committee. To receive an update from the VHMC. The next meeting is to be on 3rd February, with an annual meeting scheduled for 25th The new treasurer has started and new signatories have been added.


  1. Footways, Footpaths and rights of way
    • To receive an update on the gravelling of footpaths. In total 20 tons of gravel has been spread with a little bit more needed at the top of Footpath 24. MS has offered to do this when he has some spare gravel. Item closed.


  1. To receive an update on any issues relating to roads, road safety and public transport. The complaints about Whites Coaches were raised when the County Councillor was present. Berry Lane has again mentioned as people unfamiliar with the village do not notice that the road is narrow on the bend. Action: Clerk to ask Highways for markings on the road for Berry Lane.


  1. Correspondence
    • Items requesting a reply & consultations
      • Oxfordshire Playing Fields Association Playground Inspection Training Course. It was agreed to send the new lengthman on the course.
    • Items for information that have been circulated
      • OALC update. Noted
      • Dates for hedge laying. Noted
      • Blewbury Parish update on S106 funds. Noted
  1. Any other business

Exceptionally to deal with business received too late for inclusion in agenda

Partitioning in the Scout Hut might be considered in the future.

It was reported that the sign of the Quaker burial ground has been installed.


  1. To set the date of the next meeting

The next meeting will be held on 11th February in the Vale Room. The Vale Room is unavailable for the March meeting.


Meeting closed 21h25


 Annex A – Planning report for Parish Council  – January 2015

 Planning Applications

For full details see the Vale website – http://bit.ly/u2FSqN

P14/V2470/FUL – Land on South Street, opposite Borlase – proposed new dwelling. This application has been withdrawn.

 Responses from the Parish Council:

(no applications this month)


Decisions from the District Council:

P14/V2567/HH – The White House, London Road – Single storey conservatory link.  GRANTED.

P14/V2308/HH – Ashbrook House, Westbrook Street – Amendment:  Erection of Ancillary Accommodation with Home Office, Gym and Landscaping.  GRANTED.

P14/V1382/HH – Waylands London Road – Single storey extension at the rear and enclosure of open porch area at the front.  GRANTED (in July – notice omitted)