Minutes July 2016


Of the Meeting of the Parish Council

held in the Vale Room on Wednesday 6th July at 7.30 p.m

Councillors present: Mrs J Gibson (vice-chair who chaired the meeting), Mr M Penington (MP), Mr M Shayler (MS), Mr M Blythe (MB), Mrs L Inglis (LI), Ms V Fox (VF). Also present: Mrs Elaine de Ridder (clerk), David Hollick (Lengthman), 2 members of the public.

Matters resolved:

  1. The policy about the use of TFF was adopted.
  2. The policy for maintenance and safety at the two play areas was adopted.
  3. All payments were approved.


Actions arising from the meeting Target date
1.      CL & clerk to look at available budget for car park lighting By next meeting
2.      Clerk to contact Steve King about a plan/drawing for proposed changes to the BMX track which could be posted online. Clerk/MS to ask Wendy Cawley if should would help co-ordinate a meeting with users. MS to put up a sign and post on BVS Facebook once plans have been posted online. As soon as possible
3.      Clerk to inform BVS of the donation of the tug of war rope As soon as possible
4.      Clerk to follow up with OCC again re the grass cutting contract As soon as possible
5.      Clerk to send letters to Oxford Pipeworks, CBG and SGA. As soon as possible
6.      Clerk to write to residents about hedges As soon as possible
7.      Clerk to email JG a copy of the Blewbury map. JG to contact the Vale re additional bins. As soon as possible
8.      Clerk to email resident a copy of  the policy relating to the use of TFF By next meeting
9.      JG to make final adjustments to the maintenance and safety policy By next meeting
10.  Clerk & CL to review levels of insurance By next meeting
11.  Clerk to send an email of support to Harwell PC As soon as possible
12.  LI to draft a response to consultation re unitary authority As soon as possible
13.  In response to the BBB grant request, councillors to consider if a grant should be paid if it was not included in this budget. Councillors to consider if a possible grant should be considered for the next financial year By next meeting
14.  JG to include Police and Crime commissioner survey in the Bulletin Bulletin deadline
15.  Clerk to re-circulate the Local Plan 2032 preferred options As soon as possible
16.  Clerk to investigate grant for car park Grant application deadline 1st August


  1. To receive apologies for absence. Apologies from Mr C Lakeland, Ms M Jacobs (MJ), Mrs C Cameron (CC), District Councillor Shelley, District Councillor Waite, County Councillor Lilly.
  2. To record declarations of interest. MP declared an interest in planning.
  3. To approve the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 8th June 2016. The minutes were accepted and signed as a true record.
  4. To receive the County Councillor’s report. No County Councillor present.
  5. To receive the District Councillor’s report. No District Councillors present.
  6. To receive the Lengthman’s report. The lengthman’s report was circulated prior to the meeting. See Annex A.
  7. Open Forum.

A member of Sustainable Blewbury came to show the Parish Council the plans for the Community Orchard on Tickers Folly Field (TFF). He reported that there feedback from the exhibition on TFF at the Family Fun Day was very positive and that several volunteers came forward to help. The Parish Council confirmed its support of this project.

  1. Blewbury Neighbourhood Development Plan (BNDP). To receive an update on the Neighbourhood Plan if available. The consultation process is still in progress. Nothing further to report.
  2. Matters arising
    • To report back on actions arising from previous meeting. All actions were taken.
    • 13/01/15 To approve the suggestion and cost for improved car park lighting. As it was not clear if there was sufficient budget available to complete this project, it was agreed that the decision would be deferred. Action: CL and clerk to look at available budget for car park lighting
    •     06/07/16          To discuss suggestions for improvements to the BMX track and decide what to do next and when. The Parish Council was supportive of the suggestions but decided that it was imperative that the current users be consulted before anything was agreed. The PC also thought it would be good to involve Rob Steele during the discussions. Action: Clerk to write to Steve King to request a plan for his suggestions for the BMX track. Clerk and MS to contact Wendy Cawley re the BMX track and to post plans online.
    • 06/07/16 To agree to donate the tug of war rope bought for the family fun day to the BVS. Agreed. Action: Clerk to inform BVS of the donation of the tug of war rope.


  1. Village hall redevelopment
    • To receive an update on the progress of the working party and fundraising. It was reported that the Gift Aid number has still not been received which will enable private donations to be made towards the project.
  2. Recreation Ground
    • 12/11/14 To receive an update from the PC representative on the BVCIC. There has not been BVCIC  meeting in recent months but a meeting was scheduled in the next week. Action: Clerk to send letter to CBG, Oxford Pipeworks and SGA re problems with the plant room.
  3. Planning & Housing
    • 12/11/14 To receive an update on speculative approaches. Nothing to report.
    • To receive the planning committee report. See Annex B for the planning report.
    • To approve responses to current applications

P16/V1545/HH and P16/V1546/LB, Cleve Cottage, Chapel Lane         Increase the height of a chimney by 120cm, and put a 60cm cowl on top. The increase in height is to raise the outlet to 180cm above the height of the thatched roof, as required by building regulations and insurance. The chimney is at the east end of the building.

Blewbury PC has no objection


Amended application: P16/V0888/HH, Pilgrims Way, The Pilgrim’s Way       First floor extension in place of the existing roof to create a storey and a half dwelling; alteration of the porch roof; the raising of the chimney to accommodate the new roof pitch; and the rendering and cladding of the exterior. (Amended by drawings received 10 June 2016)

Blebwury PC objects as before


Applications too late for the agenda:

P16/V1695/HH, Hillview, Bessels Lea         Close boarded 2M high boundary fence to east side

Blewbury Parish Council objects as it is out of keeping with the street scene both in height and material. Residents have complained about the safety aspects, especially when turning from Bessels Way into Bessels Lea Road.


P16/V0904/HH, 4 Sheencroft Cottages, Didcot Road       AMENDED: Proposed garage conversion & extension including loft conversion

Blewbury PC has no objection.


  1. Finance & Administration
    • To receive a budget report. A short budget report was given by the clerk. Most expenditure has been kept within the budgeted amounts but expenditure not budgeted for has been a problem
    • 06/07/16 To decide how to proceed with local grass cutting in view of the OCC’s new limited commitment to cutting verges. Despite several requests, no draft contract has been received. Action: Clerk to make urgent enquiries to obtain a draft contract from OCC.
    • To approve payments to be made under ancillary powers and within budgeted amounts


Description Amount
E de Ridder (salary and expenses) £973.55
D Hollick (salary and expenses) £399.63
NEST (pension contribution) £59.41
BT Payment Services Ltd £25.44
Biffa Waste Services Ltd £41.64
White Horse Horticulture £220.00
Post Office Ltd (PAYE & NI) £482.18
Oxfordshire County Council £210.08
Blewbury Hall Executive Management Committee £300.00
William Smith & Sons Limited £172.20
Lister Wilder Limited £15.61
Pear Technology Services Ltd £12.00
Heelas Plumbing Services Ltd £720.00
Payments relating to the Village Hall refurbishment
West Waddy ADP £2,438.10
TOTAL                            £6,069.84


All payments were approved.


  1. To receive an update on any issues relating to Footways, Footpaths, rights of way and open spaces. Overgrown hedges are still a problem and further properties were identified to be contacted. Action: Clerk to write to residents with overgrown hedges.
    • To discuss the possibility of purchasing an additional litter bin for Bessels Way.

It was agreed for JG to investigate the possibility of an additional bin. Action: Clerk to email JG a copy of the Blewbury map. JG to contact the Vale re additional bins.

  1. To receive an update on any issues relating to roads, road safety and public transport. Nothing to report.
  2. To receive and agree the plan of action for the Tickers Folly Community Orchard.  See Open Forum.
  3. Cemetery
    • 02/06/15 To receive an update on the electronic cemetery map system. The cemetery map software has been installed but some technical issues still exist which would hopefully be resolved. Item closed
  4. Village Hall Management Committee. To receive an update from the VHMC. Nothing to report.
  5. Risk Management
    • 11/05/16 To accept and implement the circulated policy about the use of TFF. Accepted. Action: Clerk to email a copy to resident who requested to use TFF.
    • 08/05/16 To accept and implement the circulated policy for maintenance and safety at the two play areas. Accepted. Action: JG to make final adjustments to the maintenance and safety policy
    • 08/07/16 To review levels of insurance cover for renewal. Action: Clerk to review with Chairman.
  6. Correspondence
    • Items requesting a reply & consultations
      • To agree to send a letter in support of Harwell PC’s response to the OCC and VWHDC unitary councils dispute. Agreed. Action: Clerk to write in support of Harwell PC.
      • Have your say in our Local Authorities consultation. Action: LI to draft a response to the Local Authorities consultation.
      • Blewbury Brass band application for a grant. Blewbury PC is very supportive of the BBB but there is no budget for additional grants in the current financial year. It was decided that this application would be kept on the agenda for councillors to consider a plan/amount for this and any other future grant requests. Action: Councillors to consider if a grant should be paid if it was not included in this budget. Councillors to consider if a possible grant should be considered for the next financial year.
      • Police and Crime Commissioner survey – seeking views on policing and crime. Action: JG to include the Police commissioner’s survey in to the Bulletin article.
      • West Berkshire Minerals and Waste Sites consultation. Noted.
      • Local Plan 2032 Preferred Options Consultation. Action: Clerk to circulate
    • Items for information that have been circulated
      • OALC update. Noted and circulated.


  1. Any other business. Exceptionally to deal with business received too late for inclusion in agenda. The clerk was reminded to investigate a possible grant to improve TFF car park.
  2. To set the date of the next meeting. The next meeting of the Parish Council is on 14th September 2016. A short payments meeting would be held in August. The date will be confirmed.


Meeting closed 21h05


Annex A


JUNE 2016



Footpaths in good condition generally. Highways have been to inspect the path to the rear of the houses to Savages.



No problems.



TFF is in good condition and where the hedges were layered there is really good recovery growth. This will mean a considerable hedge cutting programme in the autumn as we now have well over 120 metres of hedges layered.

Car Park- Mark S and I have looked at resurfacing the parking area and installing a concrete ramp from the edge of the tarmac entrance . Mark is preparing a quote which will probably be in the region of £1500.



KAP- no issues

TFF-Generally in good working order except for quite a bit of exposed matting in several areas.

The posts around the skate park ramp are now in a state of disrepair and I suggest we replace all of the intermediate posts (the corner posts seem OK). 15 in total and then retention the wiring. This should not be too expensive.



There is still the problem of rubbish around the perimeter.



No issues.


Annex B


Planning report for Parish Council  – July/August 2016

Planning Applications

All Blewbury planning applications, decisions  and Parish Council responses, including items under consideration, can be found in the ‘Parish’ section of the Blewbury website
(http://blewbury.co.uk/parish/planning/), which is updated once a week. Links are also provided to the main Vale Planning site, where full details can be obtained.


Responses from the Parish Council:

P16/V0236/A – Ashbrook Lets – BPC objects.  The size and modern design of the sign will detrimentally affect the visual amenity of the surroundings.  Your attention is drawn to Policy P15 – Highways and traffic principles of the Blewbury Neighbourhood Development plan, which has reached its final stages.    Policy 15.3 reads –  Street furniture and signage should be kept to a minimum and be practical, of modest scale and in keeping with local surroundings.
P16/V0192/FUL – Westbrook Farm – BPC objects to this application, as before.  It is contrary to the saved policy of the Vale Local Plan DC1 Design and the emerging Blewbury Neighbourhood Plan Part 7 – Housing Design and Village Character Assessment.  The design (including detailing and materials) of Plot Number 1 is out of character in terms of its appearance compared with existing local properties and the other plots in the proposed development.  A higher standard of design is expected in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.   It stands in a very prominent position, as seen from across the fields and from the A417.The previous version of this application was more visually acceptable.


Decisions from the District Council:

P16/V1106/FUL – Alden Farm – Change of use for milking parlour to three dwellings.  GRANTED.

P16/V0834/HH – Hill View, Bessels Way – Two storey side and rear extension ( a separate application will be put in for the fence along Bessels Way).  GRANTED

Enquiries regarding planning in the parish may be sent to blewburypc@gmail.com