Minutes for October 2014 (Special Meeting)

Minutes of the Special Parish Council Meeting of the Blewbury Parish Council in the Benefice Office on Friday 31st October 2014 at 8.30 a.m.

Councillors present: Mr C Lakeland (CL), Ms V Fox (VF), Mr B Cooper (BC), Mr R Farrell (RF)

Also present: E de Ridder (clerk)

  1. Apologies for absence. Ms J Gibson, Mr M Blythe, Mr G Reade, Mr B Morgan
  1. Declarations of interest. None made
  1. Clubhouse plant room. It was agreed that the annual maintenance or the heat pumps should be carried out. Competitive quotes were sought last year. The winning company’s quote is the same for this year and on that basis it was agreed that we should go ahead. As the CIC had a grant from the PC very recently, they will be asked to pay for it. Action: BC to contact BVCIC about the heat pump service and to instruct Dixons to go ahead. BC also to contact GA Electrical to arrange for a convenient time to carry out works as agreed previously.
    • Approval of quote to replace water sterilising unit. At the previous meeting it was agreed that the bulbs on the horizontal unit should be replaced as an interim measure, knowing that the unit itself might be damaged. A quote was sought to replace the unit with a vertical one. It was agreed that as the vertical unit was considerably cheaper than replacing the horizontal one, the whole unit should be replaced and not just the bulbs. This will also be cost effective in the long run as the contractor would not be needed to replace bulbs when needed. Action: BC to contact Synergy to arrange for the horizontal unit to be replaced with a vertical one.
  1. Written response to proposed development on land west of Woodway. Some advice was sought through the Neighbourhood Plan working party and it was recommended that the Parish Council should not contact the Vale formally at this stage. It was recommended instead that once a case officer was assigned to an application, an informal approach might be made. Action: RF to write to councillors and Neighbourhood Plan working party to explain why the PC will not write to the Vale at this stage. It was agreed that CL should write to the developers. A draft letter was circulated prior to the meeting and agreed. Action: CL to write to the developers.
  1. Any Other Business

The clerk reminded the PC about the approaching tribunal date for the enforcement action taken by the Vale against Ladycroft Park’s owners. She will remind the District Councillor again so that a letter could be sent to Highways legal team.

The planning application from Downside was also mentioned at it was agreed that the objection should be sent.

Meeting closed 9.03 am