Minutes September 2016

Of the Meeting of the Parish Council
held in the Vale Room on Wednesday 14th September 2016 at 7.30 p.m


Councillors present: Mr C Lakeland (Chair), Mrs J Gibson, Mr M Penington (MP), Mr M Shayler (MS),  Mrs L Inglis (LI). Also present: Mrs Elaine de Ridder (clerk), David Hollick (Lengthman), 1 member of the public.

Matters resolved:

  1. It was agreed to reduce the “Black Swan” reserve to £10,000 if necessary.
  2. It was agreed to proceed with improved car park lighting at the Recreation Ground.
  3. It was resolved to seek the Secretary of State’s approval for proposed borrowing and to agree to proceed with an application for a PWLB loan to £100,000 for the Village Hall refurbishment project.
  4. The audited annual return was approved and accepted
  5. All payments were approved.
Actions arising from the meeting Target date
1.      Clerk to report obscured 30mph sign and the mile marker close to Savages As soon as possible
2.      Clerk to enquire if a formal resolution was needed to approve the BNDP As soon as possible
3.      LI to circulate draft examiners report of the BNDP. LI to draft a response to the Neighbourhood Plan consultation As soon as possible
4.      CL to enquire if quote for car park lighting was still valid. CL to proceed with car park lighting By next meeting
5.      Clerk to submit the Community Awards nomination. Deadline 30th September
6.      Clerk and CL to submit the applications for borrowing approval and the PWLB loan. As soon as possible
7.      CL to ask BBB if a letter of support was needed. CL & clerk to write letter of support if necessary By next meeting
8.      CL to speak to Tony Salter re unused allotments. Clerk to check when the lease for the allotment extension expires. By next meeting
9.      Lengthman to check existing bin base on Bessels Way. JG to check the bin specification with the Vale. Clerk to order the bin By next meeting
10.  Clerk to find out if unsigned maps can be submitted as evidence. JG and CL to submit DMMO application By next meeting
11.  Clerk to contact Arthur McEwan-James re footpath As soon as possible
12.  Lengthman to remove Bessels Lea barriers. Clerk to respond to resident By next meeting
13.  Clerk to ask Sustainable Blewbury to seek written approval from the Croquet Club to proceed with the planting scheme. MS to assess the distance of the bonfire to the proposed orchard As soon as possible
14.  Clerk to send lengthman a copy of the  grass cutting invitation to tender By next meeting
15.  Clerk to reply to resident re the chalk pits By next meeting


  1. To receive apologies for absence. Apologies from Ms M Jacobs (MJ), Mrs C Cameron (CC), Mr M Blythe (MB), District Councillor Waite, County Councillor Lilly.
  2. To record declarations of interest. No declarations made at the beginning of the meeting.
  3. To approve the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 6th July 2016 and Friday 19th August 2016. The minutes were accepted and signed as a true record.
  4. To receive nominations for candidates and co-opt a new councillor. Although the clerk received a few enquiries, only on candidate confirmed their availability. The candidate was invited to attend the Parish Council meeting and co-option was postponed until October.
  5. To receive the County Councillor’s report. No County Councillor present but report was circulated prior to the meeting. See Annex A. The clerk gave an update following a telephone conversation with Mr Lilly and reported on the proposals for a unitary council. It was also mentioned that Cllr Lilly’s term would expire in the next year and he was not sure if he would be nominated again. Following recent enquiries about overgrown vegetation obscuring signs. Cllr Lilly confirmed that the County Council recently employed two men specifically to clear vegetation where reported. Highways confirm that only warning signs would be cleared and not information signs. Action: Clerk to report obscured 30mph sign and the mile marker close to Savages.
  6. To receive the District Councillor’s report. No District Councillors present but a report was circulated. See Annex B.
  7. To receive the Lengthman’s report. The lengthman’s report was circulated prior to the meeting. See Annex C. The lengthman was thanked for the excellent refurbishment of the notice boards.
  8. Open Forum.

Nothing was discussed during Open Forum.

  1. Blewbury Neighbourhood Development Plan (BNDP). To receive an update on the Neighbourhood Plan if available. There was a steering group meeting the previous night. The examiner report was discussed. The examiner was happy with the plan and the next step would be for the plan to go to Cabinet, after which it would go to referendum. The Parish Council approved the final plan. Action: Clerk to enquire if a formal resolution was needed to approve the plan. The NALC consultation about Neighbourhood Planning Bill was briefly discussed. Action: LI to circulate draft examiners report of the BNDP. LI to draft a response to the Neighbourhood Plan consultation.
  2. Matters arising
    • To report back on actions arising from previous meeting. All actions were taken. CL and the clerk reported back on the budget action. It was decided that it was possible to reduce the “Black Swan” reserve to £10,000 if necessary, meaning that there was money available for the car park lighting and a bin on Bessels Way.
    • 13/01/15 To approve the suggestion and cost for improved car park lighting. See 10.1 above. It was agreed to go ahead. Action: CL to enquire if quote for car park lighting was still valid. CL to proceed with car park lighting.
    •     06/07/16          To discuss suggestions for improvements to the BMX track and decide what to do next and when. The clerk reported that no drawings have yet been produced but that the enthusiasm for improvements was still there.
    • 06/07/16 To agree the nominations for the Vale’s Community Awards. It was agreed that the BNDP steering group be nominated. The Clerk contacted the Vale to enquire about the maximum number of people that can be nominated. The Vale encouraged the PC to nominate the BNDP as a group. Action: Clerk to submit the Community Awards nomination.


  1. Village hall redevelopment
    • To receive an update on the progress of the working party and fundraising. The leaflet about the project will be circulated with the next Bulletin. Tender documents have not yet been sent out.
    • Resolution to seek the Secretary of State’s approval for proposed borrowing and to agree to proceed with an application for a PWLB loan to £100,000 for the Village Hall refurbishment project. All agreed. The resolution was passed. Action: Clerk and CL to submit the applications for borrowing approval and PWLB loan.
  2. Recreation Ground
    • 12/11/14 To receive an update from the PC representative on the BVCIC. There has not been BVCIC   CL, MP the clerk and Simon Barrett from the BVCIC will meet with CBG to discuss failings in the design, installation and the signing off of the plant room.
  3. Planning & Housing
    • 12/11/14 To receive an update on speculative approaches. The deadline for the Landmaze application has passed but no decision has yet been made.
    • To receive the planning committee report. See Annex D for the planning report. The clerk also mentioned the Downside Appeal hearing and that a resident has requested that the PC send a representative. As a written submission was sent it was not deemed necessary to send a representative.
    • To approve responses to current applications

P16/V2185/HH    2 Downside, Westbrook Street           Two storey rear extension

Blewbury PC objects. The final wording would be included in the planning report.


P16/V2099/FUL and P16/V2100/LB    Ashbrook House, Westbrook Street   (Amended 30/08/16) Construction of a reception and storage building to serve existing serviced let apartments. Relocation of 2no parking spaces

Blewbury PC has no objections.


It was mentioned that application for the Methodist Chapel is imminent. MP will declare an interest. CL mentioned that he had strong historic links to the chapel but did not have a current or pecuniary interest in the application. As public perception might be that he has an interest, it was decided that if colleagues felt CL should not  take part in the final decision he will not use his vote when a response is agreed.


  1. Finance & Administration
    • 06/07/16 To decide how to proceed with local grass cutting in view of the OCC’s new limited commitment to cutting verges. It was agreed that it was not worth entering into a contract with OCC as the responsibility would be great but the funding extremely limited. It would be a huge addition financial burden on the PC.
    • 14/09/16 To agree a procedure for applications for small grants made to the Parish Council. It was mentioned that there was £200 in the budget for small grants but it is already allocated to charities providing services in the villages. It was agreed that a letter of support be sent to the Blewbury Brass Band if needed. Action: CL to ask BBB if a letter of support was needed. CL & clerk to write letter of support if necessary. The decision to include small grants for village organisations for the next year was delegated to the clerk and finance committee.
    • 14/09/16 To approve and accept the audited annual return. The clerk received the notice of the conclusion of audit and which are being displayed on the parish notice boards and online. No matters were brought to the auditors’ attention and no further action was needed. The audited annual return was presented to the Council, and was approved and accepted.
    • To approve payments to be made under ancillary powers and within budgeted amounts


Description Amount
E de Ridder (salary and expenses) £944.13
D Hollick (salary and expenses) £647.73
NEST (pension contribution) £54.01
BT Payment Services Ltd £25.44
Biffa Waste Services Ltd £56.83
White Horse Horticulture £200.00
Came and Company £5,197.79
Pear Technology Services Ltd £78.00
BDO LLP £360.00
Payments relating to the Village Hall refurbishment
PSB Consulting Engineers (Oxford) Ltd £2,304.90
West Waddy ADP £1,575.00
TOTAL                          £11,443.83


All payments were approved.


  1. To receive an update about allotments and rental income. The clerk reported that the rent has been received and that not all allotments have been taken up which might mean a small shortfall. Action: CL to speak to Tony Salter re unused allotments. Clerk to check when the lease for the allotment extension expires.
  2. To receive an update on any issues relating to Footways, Footpaths, rights of way and open spaces. A complaint was received about a footpath on Beeswax land which has been plowed over. OCC was consulted and advised that a landowner has a couple of weeks to work the land and to reinstate the path. Action: Clerk to contact Arthur McEwan-James re footpath.
    • To receive an update about additional litter bin for Bessels Way. As money has been made available from the budget, it was agreed to proceed with the bin on Bessels Way. Action: Lengthman to check existing bin base on Bessels Way. JG to check the bin specification with the Vale. Clerk to order the bin.
    • To agree to proceed with the DMMO application. It was agreed to proceed with the DMMO application. It was noted that despite clear instructions, some maps were not signed. Action: Clerk to find out if unsigned maps can be submitted as evidence. JG and CL to submit DMMO application.
    • To agree a plan of action about the barriers on FP 24. Following a complaint it was agreed that both barriers on the Bessels Lea end of FP24 be removed. Action: Lengthman to remove Bessels Lea barriers. Clerk to respond to resident.
  3. To receive an update on any issues relating to roads, road safety and public transport. It was reported that the Friday bus is running and works well. It was also reported that CL will be speaking in support of the grant to improve TFF car park. The clerk mentioned that the Kind Alfred’s bus now stops at the Woodway entrance and children have to cross the road where speeding is a huge problem. The clerk has spoken to Walters bus service but was advised that the school instruct them on where to stop. Mrs Buck will be speaking to the school again.
  4. To receive an update on the plan of action for the Tickers Folly Community Orchard. It was reported that there was a good meeting about the orchard and that 60 trees would be planted which is more than originally agreed. Concerns were expressed about future maintenance so it was agreed to increase the spacing between trees as to make mowing easier when trees are established. It is estimated that in time it would cost about £500 extra in maintenance cost. Action: Clerk to ask Sustainable Blewbury to seek written approval from the Croquet Club to proceed with the planting scheme. MS to assess the distance of the bonfire to the proposed orchard.
  5. Cemetery
    • 11/05/16 To receive an update on the electronic cemetery map system.  Technical issues with the software have not yet been resolved.
  6. Village Hall Management Committee. To receive an update from the VHMC. A report was circulated. The VHMC would in principle still be open to having a combined facilities management structure but does not want to take on a liability. They propose to wait until the BVCIC is in a better financial position.
  7. Risk Management
    • 08/07/16 To agree the levels of insurance cover for renewal. Levels have been agreed and it was agreed to proceed with the renewal of cover.
    • 14/09/16 To initiate the annual review of village upkeep requirements. Councillors and lengthman were encouraged to let clerk know what future requirements might be e.g. grass verges. JG met with a contractor to get a quote for work on the Savages footpath.
    • 14/09/16 To agree scope of new grass cutting contract and invite tenders. It was agreed to ask White Horse Horticulture to quote for the renewal of his contract. It was also agreed that the lengthman look at the scope to see how much it would cost the PC to do some of the work itself. Action: Clerk to send lengthman a copy of the grass cutting invitation to tender.
  8. Correspondence
    • Items requesting a reply & consultations
      • Request for permission to dig for fossils at the chalk pits. The Parish Council give permission. Action: Clerk to reply to resident re the chalk pits.
    • Items for information that have been circulated
      • OALC update.
      • Drayton Neighbourhood Plan – Planning Appeal Hearing. Noted and also circulated to the BNDP steering group.
      • CPRE AGM – 22 October 2016.
      • Community First Oxfordshire AGM – 27th October 2016. Noted.
      • Oxfordshire Playing Fields Association AGM – 22 September 2016.
  1. Any other business. Exceptionally to deal with business received too late for inclusion in agenda. The clerk reported that her husband has accepted a job in New Zealand and that the search for a replacement clerk should be started soon. It is her intention to stand down in June 2017, after the completion of the audit.
  2. To set the date of the next meeting. The next meeting of the Parish Council is on 12th October 2016.


Meeting closed 21h35


Annex A – County Councillor’s report






There have been reports suggesting that proposals for reform are off the table due to the lack of agreement between the City and District Councils, and the County. While it is true that Government wishes to proceed by consensus, where possible, OCC hopes that the debate is not over – particularly when Grant Thornton has put forward a new compromise proposal, which has yet to be fully discussed. With £200,000 spent on independent advice, and with both District and County reports showing that savings well in excess of £100,000,000 (One Hundred Million Pounds) are possible over a five-year time period through a single strategic authority for Oxfordshire, it is everybody in the communities of Oxfordshire interest that the debate continues. That sort of significant saving can really improve and see the return & delivery of services to the people of Oxfordshire, reversing those awful cuts made due to Government cutbacks. The reports also detail that the current number of Councillors in Oxfordshire overall could be reduced from over 270 down to approx.100. The OCC Leader has asked officers to bring a paper to County Council on 13th September, and Cabinet on 20th September, to ensure that all County Councillors are all able to express a view on this debate, regardless of Political Persuasion, and how New Local Government, fit for the 21st Century, should move forward for the benefit of Oxfordshire residents.




Plans to expand Oxfordshire’s Home Library Service and joining up services ‘under one roof’ were among the hot topics at Bicester Library, during a fact-finding visit from Minister for Civil Society Rob Wilson MP. The flagship county council facility offers a wide range of council services and activities, and has attracted more than 2,000 new members since opening in April.

Heralded as a “great example” by Mr Wilson, Bicester exemplifies an emerging identity for Oxfordshire’s libraries as focal points for a broad range of services, help and advice. The council has also announced plans to grow its Home Library Service so that people with mobility problems who can’t get to a library can have books and other items delivered to their door.




Now is the time for residents to book their blanket in for a free check in October. Oxfordshire County Council’s Fire & Rescue Service and Trading Standards are urging electric blanket owners to get their blankets tested free of charge ahead of the approaching colder months.

Testing electric blankets annually is important as all electrical systems have the potential to go wrong. In 2015 a total of 22 per cent of the electric blankets failed the safety test and were declared unsafe to use. They can be perfectly safe to use provided they are in good condition and have the necessary overheating safeguards incorporated into the design. Station Manager Chris Barber of Oxfordshire County Council’s Fire and Rescue Service said: “Like any other piece of electrical equipment, it is vitally important that electric blankets remain in safe working order, last year nearly a quarter.” Testing is by pre-booked appointment only, strictly on a first come, first served basis. Residents should call Trading Standards on 01865 815 000 option 4 to arrange an appointment or email communityengagement@oxfordshire.gov.uk.





Help is at hand for young people considering their next steps after receiving exam results this month. Oxfordshire County Council is giving advice and support for 16 to 19-year-olds about staying in learning, finding a job or starting an apprenticeship. Throughout the results period and beyond, staff will be available via the web chat service on the Oxme website or over the phone (01865 328460) to talk to young people and parents about the wide range of learning and employment opportunities available in Oxfordshire, and to help with applications.




The Oxfordshire Comet is a not for profit, bookable transport service for those who can’t access suitable public transport. It can be booked for any type of trip, whether it’s to meet friends in town, travel across the county, attend an appointment or pop to the shops. The service is available 10.15am – 2.30pm Monday to Friday (not Bank Holidays). It uses vehicles that normally take children to school and adults to day care centres. (OCC identified the times of the day when they weren’t being used and are making them available so that residents can make the journeys they want.) Because OCC already owns these vehicles, the Council only has to cover running costs, meaning charges are low for passengers. More information can be found here: https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/content/oxfordshire-comet

Ardington, Lockinge & West Hendred – Please especially note!




OCC and Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group work in partnership with other organisations to identify and support many of the 61,000 family, informal or unpaid carers in Oxfordshire. Both organisations do this because they recognise and value the important role that carers have in the lives of the more vulnerable members of our communities. A joint consultation is taking place in two parts: Part 1 of this consultation is about the Oxfordshire Carers’ Strategy. This is a document about priorities for carers’ support and the outcomes desired for carers of all ages. It also gives an overview of how carers are supported in Oxfordshire. Part 2 of this consultation is about the proposed options for carers’ personal budgets. There is no longer enough money for OCC to carry on doing things in the existing way, so OCC wants to find the best way of spending the funding available to meet the needs of as many carers as possible. Please take part by completing the online questionnaire here https://consultations.oxfordshire.gov.uk/consult.ti/Carers/answerQuestionnaire?qid=4183363.

Or by attending one of three workshops. Please first read the strategy and supporting documents available as part of this consultation. If you require a paper copy of these documents, please contact OCC by email on carerssupportreview@oxfordshire.gov.uk or phone 01865 323410.

Consultation workshops

All taking place from 10.30am – 1:00pm on the following dates:

○ 13th September at Didcot Civic Hall

○ 15th September in Banbury Town Hall

○ 29th September in Oxford Town Hall

To attend, please phone 01865 323410 or email carerssupportreview@oxfordshire.gov.uk


Harwell First Phase Link Road (Harwell By-Pass)


Towards the end of September/early October, the work should start on this important new highway. The same contractors who have been undertaking the New Northern Slips at Chilton are tasked with this contract, and will be establishing a new site compound very shortly to commence the work. Subject to no unforeseen difficulties the construction work will take 12/14 months.


County Councillor Stewart Lilly



Annex B – District Councillors’ report


Blewbury Parish Council

District Notes for Parish Councillors on Wednesday, 14th September 2016

from Cllr Janet Shelley & Cllr Reg Waite






Cllr Reg Waite tenders his apologies as he commenced a holiday today.


A reminder of the Chairman’s Community Awards 2016:

The Chairman of the Vale, Cllr Michael Badcock will be looking for nominations for the Vale Community Awards, which will be presented at a lunch to take place in the Beacon, Wantage on Saturday, 26th November from

A letter was sent out to all Parish and Town Councils with more information recently.  Please keep Reg and Janet informed if you have any nominations and forms must be returned by no later than 30th September.  We can e-mail additional application forms to you.

Nomination forms were despatched with the Chairman’s letter. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Reg or Janet or alternatively contact Karen Dodd on 01235 422082 or by e-mail on – Karen.dodd@southandvale.gov.uk

This event is a great opportunity to show residents of the Vale that the Council really does appreciate those who contribute to our community. Nominations can be for anyone, of any age, who lives within the Vale.  Please feel free to nominate as many people as you wish.

Any nominations yet please?  Please let us know.


Keep an eye out for your yellow letter then confirm or change your details online:

People across the Vale and South Oxfordshire will have received a yellow letter which was sent to every household across the districts in recent days.

As soon as people receive their letter residents are required to confirm who currently lives in their property.  The Councils need this information to make sure everyone who is eligible to vote is able to do so in the future elections.

As soon as people receive the yellow letter they should visit www.householdresponse.com/southandvale to confirm their details are correct or, if not, provide the correct information.

Residents who do not have access to the internet will be able to confirm their details by completing and returning the form that comes with the letter.  People whose details are correct also have the option of confirming their details by phone or text – the details are included on the yellow letter.


Recyclable Waste and Fly tipping:


Residual waste (black bins) – The provisional figures show that for the first quarter, April to June this year, the residual waste per household in the Vale comes out at 78.22 kg compared with 70.33 kg per household last year.  The comparative figures for neighbouring South Oxfordshire District Council are 80.83 kg and 70.57kg.


Recyclable waste (green bins) – The Vale’s provisional figures for the first quarter, April to June 2016, indicate the recyclable waste is 64.65% against our target of 66.50% and compares with 67.00% achieved for the same period last year.  South Oxfordshire’s comparative figures are 64.88% against target 67.50% (their achievement for the same period last year was 69.59%)


As mentioned earlier items such as food waste and nappies have been placed in green bins and for June the rejection rate was 10.97% (South the same at 10.97%).  Steps are being introduced to reduce the rejection rate and include – new literature in the most difficult areas within each authority, and

no black bags whatsoever accepted in or accompanying green bins.

It is recommended green bins should only have loose items deposited.


Please notify Reg and Janet if you become aware of any residents abusing the system as this is costing the Vale money.


Fly-tipping – despite national media reports the rolling six-month number of fly tips in the Vale up to and including June 2016 was 22 compared with 25 last year.  South Oxfordshire’s figures are 38 (45)




The latest on the devolution bid:


“As Leaders of Oxfordshire’s district and city councils we are pleased to jointly release our proposition for public service reform and the future of local government in Oxfordshire.

The two studies – carried out by the district and the county council respectively –  show that there are different alternatives for how local government is organised and there are different views on these options. The work by the district councils favours three unitary councils working together through a combined authority. The study by the County Council concludes that a single county unitary would be the best option. Following discussions with civil servants, it is clear that the new government’s priorities in this area have changed and they are looking to councils to develop consensus about governance arrangements to support a devolution deal. There are also many commonalities in the findings of the two studies and it is important that all councils now take some time to fully consider all of the evidence and how this might fit with the government’s priorities as they emerge over the autumn.

Our aim has always been to seek investment in housing and transport infrastructure; to improve skills training and develop the local economy. We are committed to working together with Oxfordshire County Council in the best interests of our residents and over the coming months we will be working jointly to agree a way forward with government.”



Opening of Great Western Park Sports Facilities on 2nd September:


On Friday, 2nd September the brand new Boundary Park sports pavilion at Great Western Park (and based in Harwell Parish) was handed over to BPSA (Boundary Park Sports Association) which will be using the facility for games and training sessions.


BPSA is a new Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).  The objects of the new CIO are “the provision of community participation in healthy recreation for the benefit of the inhabitants of Didcot, Harwell and the surrounding area by the provision of facilities for playing sports or games capable of promoting physical health and fitness”.  The Trustees of BPSA consist of representatives from Didcot Rugby Club, Didcot Cricket Club and Harwell & Hendred Youth Football Club.


The event was attended by the Rt Hon Ed Vaizey, MP, who unveiled a plaque to mark the occasion.


The public are invited to visit the pavilion, which has a bar, and to support the sporting activities.


Great Western Park:


1,400 occupancies (out of a total in the region of 3,300) have now been reached in GWP – figures of occupancies for the Harwell area falling within this development are awaited.




Change of Chief Executives:


As reported earlier David Buckle retired from the Vale and South on 31st August, and his successor, David Hill, officially commenced his duties from 1st September.




Vale of White Horse District Council Chairman’s Charity Dinner

7 pm for 7.30 pm, Friday, 30th September 2016:


Cllr Michael Badcock, Chairman will be hosting his charity dinner on Friday, 30th September and he would be delighted if as many as possible would join him.  He is honoured that, by kind permission of the Station Commander, the dinner will take place in the Officers’ Mess at Dalton Barracks in Abingdon-on-Thames.


The dinner will be raising funds for the Amber Phillpott Trust who raise money for research into childhood leukaemia and the Abingdon branch of Riding for the Disabled.


For further details please contact Mike’s secretary/PA Karen by e-mail karen.dodd@southandvale.gov.uk or by phone 01235 422082.




JS & RWW 13th September 2016

Annex C – Lengthman’s report


Lengthman’s Report

July/ August 2016



Generally in good condition. Top end of Savages path from gate to A417 needs hedge cutting. I have spoken to Richard Savage who will get it done soon.

Some hedge cutting needed on Moreton Path.



No issues.


TFF & Car Park

Car Park- awaiting result of grant application for improvement.

TFF field area- no issues

Hedges- these have all be cut with the help of John Ogden and Alex Musson using Alex’s equipment. They look good!


Play Areas

KAP – no issues

TFF – Some remedial work needed where there is exposed matting through constant wear and soil erosion.

Three monthly checks and maintenance started covering top shackles and linkages etc. All OK.

Skate park fence posts still need attention. Graffiti starting to appear on back boards.


Recreation Ground.

Usual problem of rubbish etc in the field edges.

The car park area needs work doing on the shrubbery, which is going wild. ( roses, mostly ).

Also lots of rubbish being left by their black bin, which is not being cleared.


Buildings & Equipment.

No Issues at present.



Parish Council Notice Boards have been completely refurbished.



Annex D – Planning report for Parish Council  – September 2016

Planning Applications

All Blewbury planning applications, decisions  and Parish Council responses, including items under consideration, can be found in the ‘Parish’ section of the Blewbury website
(http://blewbury.co.uk/parish/planning/), which is updated once a week. Links are also provided to the main Vale Planning site, where full details can be obtained.


Responses from the Parish Council:


P16/V2185/HH   2 Downside, Westbrook Street        Two storey rear extension

Parish Council objects. P16/V2185/HH: 2, Downside, Blewbury


Blewbury Parish Council objects to this application for the following reasons:


Retrospection is not considered to be a material consideration. However the National Planning Policy Framework quotes the following:-

‘A breach of planning control is defined in section 171A of the Town and Country Planning Act as the carrying out of development  without  the required planning permission.’ We believe this to be relevant in this case.


In addition, relevant material planning considerations include:

  • Overshadowing and loss of light
  • the development deprives 1 Downside of light to the landing window – it also overshadows by extending several feet beyond the northern boundary of 1 Downside. The floor plan does not show that the extension extends beyond 1 Downside but it definitely does.
  • Noise disturbance, smells, obtrusive lighting or other impacts on amenity
  • The distance between the two walls of the two properties is so small as to be completely un-maintainable. Debris will accumulate and could cause damp problems to both properties. This is exacerbated by the existence of a second storey.
  • The planning history of a site
  • The second storey to the extension was built without planning permission. The planning history of this site is complex and much contested.  The PC is concerned that the building work is taking a long time and we cannot see that increasing the size of 2 Downside to a three bedroom property is viable given the problems of access.
  • Car parking provision
  • the PC is given to believe that the current occupiers of 1 Downside have right of access to the driveway area at all times which means that 2 Downside has no viable off road parking. This is of particular concern as Westbrook Street is difficult for motorists to navigate as there is so much on street parking.


The Parish Council would recommend a site visit by the relevant planning officer.


P16/V2099/FUL and P16/V2100/LB            Ashbrook House, Westbrook Street (Amended 30/08/16) Construction of a reception and storage building to serve existing serviced let apartments. Relocation of 2no parking spaces

Parish Council has no objections


P16/V1938/FUL Westbrook Farm, Westbrook Street            

Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of replacement dwelling with carport and landscaping

Parish Council has no objections


P16/V1832/T56  Radio Mast, Churn Hill, Woodway Road

Installation of 3 x antennas and 1 x cabinet.

Parish Council has no objections



New Premises Licence Application: Savages, The Nurseries

Parish Council has no objections


Decisions from the District Council:


P16/V0888/HH – Pilgrim’s Way, Pilgrims Way – Extension to the side and addition of an upper storey.  Raising of chimney, and rendering and cladding of the exterior.



P16/V1726/FUL Blewbury Centre, Besselsway         Agricultural building



P16/V1832/T56  Radio Mast, Churn Hill, Woodway Road

Installation of 3 x antennas and 1 x cabinet.

Decision: Prior approval is not considered to be required for the siting and appearance of the



Enquiries regarding planning in the parish may be sent to blewburypc@gmail.com