Minutes September 2017

Of the Meeting of the Parish Council
held in the Vale Room on Wednesday 13th September 2017 at 7.30 p.m.

Councillors present: Mr C Lakeland (CL) (Chair), Mrs J Gibson (JG), Mr M Shayler (MS), Mrs L Inglis (LI), Mr Mark Blythe (MB)Also present: Michelle Taylor (clerk), Mr David Hollick (Lengthman), District Councillor Reg Waite, 1 member of the public.

Matters resolved:

  1. Parish Partner nominated- Cllr Mrs L Inglis (LI)
  2. Clerk and CL reviewed level of Parish Council Insurance Cover, and a 3year extension was agreed.
  3. For the tree on the corner of Bohams and London Road to be felled (Cut down) by Jenks of Oxford.
Actions arising from the meeting Target date
1.      CL and Cllr MS to formulate a grant application. As soon as possible
2.      Clerk to confirm to Came and Company that we are accepting the Ecclesiastical quote on a 3year agreement. As soon as possible
3.      Clerk to pass details of people who wanted to plant the memorial tree to CL who will write to them. As soon as possible
4.      MS to get a quote specific to adult trim trail. By next meeting
5.      Lengthman to contact White Horse Horticulture (Jason Woodage) to get a quote on supplying and fitting new safety matting. By next meeting
6.      Lengthman to cut back Lavender and Rose bushes at TFF As soon as possible
7.      Cllr Miriam Jacobs (MJ) to circulate report from meeting. By next meeting
8.      Clerk to follow up with the Robert Kelly and Resident reference the tree on FP24

By next meeting


9.      Action: CL to contact CIC. As soon as possible
10.  MS to contact Streetscape for sample matting. By next meeting
Urgent Actions to be followed up at next meeting
1.      Tree on FP24
2.      Safety matting


  • To receive apologies for absence. Apologies Cllr Mr M Penington (MP), Cllr Mr David Lomas (DL), Cllr Ms Miriam Jacobs (MJ), Cllr Mrs Charlotte Cameron (CC), along with County Councillor Fox-Davies and District Councillor Shelley.
  • To record declarations of interest.  No declarations were made.
  •  To approve the minutes of the Parish Council meetings held on 12th July 2017 and Parish Council payment meeting held on 16th August 2017. The minutes were accepted and signed as a true record.
  • To receive the County Councillor’s report.  County Councillor’s report was circulated prior to the meeting. See Annex A.
  • To receive the District Councillor’s report. District Councillor Reg Waite attended the meeting and sent a report. See Annex B. An update was given on the Didcot Garden Town, regarding proposed changes, and issues with public transport from local villages. Cllr Waite reported changes to waste recycling centres as of the 1st October 17. It was resolved that Cllr Lydia Inglis would represent BPC as our nominated Parish Partner. Cllr Waite also reported on Charity events in the coming months, along with grants becoming available from the district council to help fund a variety of facilities and improvements within the local communities. Action: CL and Cllr MS to formulate a grant application.
  • To receive the Lengthman’s report.  The report was circulated prior to the meeting. See Annex C. Further concerns have been expressed about the safety matting underlaying swing equipment at the TTF play area. Action: Lengthman to contact White Horse Horticulture (Jason Woodage) to get a quote on supplying and fitting new safety matting.
  •  Open Forum. Richard Farrell expressed his interest in continuing his duties as a licensee to serve alcohol, as and when the Melland Room is handed back over to the BPC.
  •   Matters arising
    • To report back on actions arising at previous meeting. All actions were taken, apart from Safety matting.
  • Village hall redevelopment
    • To receive an update on the progress of the working party and fundraising. It was reported that a survey had been circulated around the village to residents, and awaiting responses, and a possibility of retendering for the village hall redevelopment.
    • To receive a report from Macfarlanes LLP. A confidential report was given.
  • Recreation Ground
    • To receive an update from the PC representative on the BVCIC. Still waiting for a meeting date to be arranged for the handover of the clubhouse. Action: CL to contact CIC. Information was given for the arranged meeting, to discuss ideas for the future of the clubhouse on how to make it more viable for the community. This has been arranged for Tuesday 19th Sept at 9pm.
  • Planning & Housing
    • To receive the planning committee report. See Annex D for the planning report.
    • To approve responses to current applications:


P17/V2371/HH           Ashbrook House, Westbrook Street           

Removal of condition 9 on application ref. P14/V2308/HH (additional residential accommodation to be occupied only as accommodation ancillary and incidental to existing dwelling).

Parish Council requests that in any decision about removing condition 9 of the planning permission and listed building consent in this case, Policy 7 of the NDP (New Development in a Historic Setting) be consulted. Parish Council has no objection, but requests the above comments to be taken into account.           


P17/V2270/HH           Kerran, London Road         

Widen dropped kerb from property. Parish Council has no objection.


P17/V2394/HH           Chayton, Bessels Way

Conversion of existing carport into habitable accommodation. Demolition of existing outbuilding. Erection of new single storey rear extension and new car port.

Parish Council objects to the proposed car port only. The development as proposed would extend the existing building line on Bessels Way.


P17/V2416/HH           Badger’s Holt, South Street

Proposed two storey side extension, cosmetic changes to external envelope of existing dwelling and internal alterations.

Parish Council has no objection     


P17/V2336/HH           Sunmersby, Bessels Way     

Proposed new single story Garden room (as amended by plans received on 5th and 13th September 2017).

Parish Council has no objection.


P17/V1951/FUL        Red Lion, Chapel Lane       

Retrospective application for the erection of play equipment in the pub’s garden.

Parish Council has no objection.





  • Finance & Administration
    • To receive an update on S106 contributions. A short report was given confirming that £6,500.00, earmarked for MUGA has been approved by the Vale of White Horse District Council for use towards the planned outdoor fitness equipment Action: MS to get a quote specific to adult trim trail.