Minutes September 2018

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held in the Vale Room on Wednesday 12th September 2018 at 7.30 p.m.

Councillors present: Mr C Lakeland (Chair), Mrs J Gibson (JG), Mrs C Cameron (CC), Ms M Jacobs (MJ), Mrs L Inglis (LI), Mr D Lomas (DL), Mr M Blythe (MB), Mr M Penington (MP). Also present: Michelle Taylor (clerk), Mr David Hollick (Lengthman), County Councillor Mike Fox-Davis, District Councillor’s Reg Waite and Janet Shelley and two PCSO’s.

Matters resolved:

  1. All payments were approved.
  2. Quotation for Chipper/shedder-All approved within budgeted amounts.
  3. Payment for the Parish Council Insurance cover. All agreed.
Actions arising from meeting Target date
1.      Clerk to book a venue for speeding meeting and send invites out to local Parishes and attendees, confirming time and location. As soon as possible
2.      Cllr Inglis and Cllr Jacobs to produce report prior to meeting outlining concerns from local parishioners, along with suggested solutions. By 4th October 18
3.      Clerk to Liaise with Lengthman to obtain instructions for each piece of trim trail equipment. As soon as possible
4.   Cllr Lakeland and Lengthman to inspect the tiger mulch at TTF play       space, then Lengthman to replace with matting if needed. As soon as possible
5.      Cllr Lakeland and Clerk to review equipment risk assessments and   update as necessary. By next meeting
6.      Clerk to contact BVS Chairman for bonfire night risk assessment prior to event. By next meeting
5.      Cllr Lakeland to respond to concerned resident ref Cleve. As soon as possible
6.      Cllr Lakeland to contact Sustainable Blewbury Chair ref Cleve. As soon as possible
7.      Cllr Inglis to contact PJ Meadows ref solutions for silt in stream By next meeting
8.      Cllr Lakeland to write to resident ref concerns over condition of wall adjoining Watery Lane. As soon as possible
9.      Cllr Lakeland to write to management at cricket and football club ref actions to be taken on sight screens and netting. By next meeting
10.  Cllr Gibson to reply to both parishioners who sent suggestions for BMX track. As soon as possible
11.  Cllr Inglis to send information to the editor at the bulletin ref Oxford Cambridge Expressway to be uploaded on website. As soon as possible
12.  Cllr Lakeland and Cllr Gibson to obtain forms and start processes for the renewal of ACV for the Red Lion. By next meeting
13.  Cllr Lakeland and Clerk to respond to the Vale Community Awards nominations. As soon as possible
14.  Cllr Lakeland to respond to Project Resound. As soon as possible
15.  Cllr Inglis to forward Clerk information to upload to website. By next meeting
Urgent Actions to be followed up at next meeting
1.      Confirming a date for gravel laying in and around the village.


  • To receive apologies for absence. Apologies Cllr Mark Shayler.
  • To record declarations of interest.  No declarations were made.
  • To approve the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 11th July and 7th August 2018. The minutes were accepted and signed as a true record.
  • To receive the County Councillor’s report. County Councillor’s report was circulated prior to the meeting. See Annex A. It was reported that a meeting had been arranged between the County Council and Highways Officers to meet with Blewbury and other local Parish Council members to discuss future plans on how to resolve the issues of speeding along the A417 and B4016. Action: Clerk to book a venue and send invites out to local Parishes and concerned residents confirming time and location. Action: Cllr Inglis and Cllr Jacobs to produce report prior to meeting outlining concerns from local parishioners, along with suggested solutions.
  • To receive the District Councillor’s report. District Councillor’s report was circulated prior to meeting. See Annex B. It was reported that the Oxford Cambridge Expressway is in its final stages, and further information will be sent upon completion. Issues were raised over the lengthy process of applying and receiving confirmation for S106 funding, for local projects.
  • To receive the Lengthman’s report. Report was circulated prior to meeting covering July and August 2018. See Annex C. It was reported the extra matting for the trim trail has now been finished, but still awaiting instruction signs for each section of equipment. Action: Clerk to Liaise with Lengthman to obtain instructions for each piece of trim trail equipment. Concerns were raised again over the condition of the matting at the bottom of the slide at TTF Play space. Action: Cllr Lakeland and Lengthman to inspect the tiger mulch at TTF play space, then Lengthman to replace as necessary


  • Open Forum. Nothing to discuss.
  • Police Liaison. PCSO Gary Kirby and a colleague attended the meeting for the first time in many months. He reported on the level of local crime, mainly hare coursing. He was invited to attend the arranged speeding meeting and agreed if available.
  • Matters arising

To report back on actions arising at previous meeting. All actions were taken apart from confirming a date for gravel laying in and around the village.


  • Village hall redevelopment

10.1 To receive an update on the progress of the refurbishment. It was reported the committee has been working with a builder to see if they could achieve the preferred scheme at a cost within the proposed budget.  This was not possible. The builders were able to reduce the costs to close to the target but there remained too many uncertainties and risks to be confident that the scheme could be delivered to time and cost. Consequently, a decision was made to refurbish the hall within its current footprint. This revised approach should remove a lot of the risks from the project and give a degree of confidence that it can be delivered.


  • Recreation Ground

11.1   To receive a progress report on recent developments concerning the future of the clubhouse and report on its operations. It was reported all developments and operations are running well to date, awaiting a report from the CIC on a future management plan.

11.2    To receive an update on the sewage blower repairs. Company has been contacted, awaiting new part to arrive, and confirmation of start date.

  • Planning & Housing
    • To receive the planning committee report.

12.2 To approve responses to current applications:



Chimes Bridus Way Bessels Lea Blewbury OX11 9NW

Alteration to oriel bay (on front elevation) to create ‘walk-in’ bay; alterations to fenestration of rear elevation. Parish Council has no objection.



Downside Farm Woodway Road Blewbury Didcot OX11 9EX

Variation of condition 2 – approved plans on application ref P17/V2803/FUL. Conversion of existing redundant stable to dwelling (as amended by documentation received on 30 January 2018 and 31 January 2018). Parish Council has no objection.



2 Pound Cottage London Road Blewbury Didcot OX11 9NY

Proposed new rear dormer window and change of material/design for other windows- as an amendment to application P15/V1053/HH. Parish Council objects on the grounds that the work was not carried out with the necessary permissions, consequently avoiding potential objections on the grounds of overlooking.



Blewburton Barns Hagbourne Road Aston Upthorpe Didcot OX11 9EE

Variation of condition 3- materials, 4- parking, 5- landscaping scheme application ref P17/V0552/FUL. Proposed extension to north of existing workshop. Parish Council has no objection.




  • Finance & Administration

13.1     To receive any update on S106 contributions. It was reported S106 contributions have now been received. A written question has been submitted to the Town and Parish Forum reference the processes and procedures contributing to lengthy release periods for funds.

13.2   To receive estimates for a Chipper/shredder and approve costs within budgeted amounts. Estimates were received and circulated. Quotation approved within budget amount.

13.3  To approve payments to be made under ancillary powers and within budgeted amounts-All agreed.


PAYEE Description / Power to spend Amount
M Taylor & D Hollick Clerk and Lengthman’s salary and expenses £1,538.46
NEST Clerk’s pension £49.97
Biffa Waste Services Ltd Waste services £66.58
BT Payment Services Ltd Clubhouse line rental and Wifi £28.08
RADII Skatepark Repairs TFF Skatepark Annual Repairs £450.00
 Lister Wilder Ltd Machinery Repairs £92.03
White Horse Horticulture Grass cutting contract £200.00
Came and Company Insurance Renewal £5289.00
Abbey Garden Sales Ltd Replacement Machinery/Wood Chipper £789.00
Total £8,503.12


  • Risk Management.
    • 05/01/17 To receive an update on TFF Play Space safety inspection. Report received and all issued resolved.
    • 11/10/2017 To receive an update on the progress of our Emergency Plan and SSE communities funding for contingency items. Contingency items have been accepted, still awaiting reply.
    • 14/03/18 GDPR – to receive an update on GDPR compliance to date. Nothing to report.

14.4 13/06/18 To receive an update on the TFF BBQ area. Ongoing

14.5 13/06/18 To receive an update on the improvements to the Football goal at TFF. It was announced funding is going well and work should be commencing Autumn 2018.

14.6 12/09/18 To agree on a plan to produce missing risk assessments for the operation of all maintenance equipment and vehicles. Action: Cllr Lakeland and Clerk to review assessments and   circulated for approval.

14.7 12/09/18 BVS Bonfire Night Risk Assessment – agree an action to progress this year’s risk assessment from the BVS. Action: Clerk to contact BVS Chairman for risk assessment prior to event.

14.8 12/09/18   To receive an update on the TTF Playpark slide/pipe damaged mulch repairs.

(Item 6) Action: Cllr Lakeland and Lengthman to inspect the matting at TTF play space, then Lengthman to replace.

14.9 12/09/18 To approve payment for the Parish Council Insurance cover. All agreed.

  • To receive an update on any issues relating to the Environment.

15.1 12/09/18   To decide on a course of action for the Cleve. Action: Cllr Lakeland to respond to concerned resident ref Cleve. Action: Cllr Lakeland to contact Sustainable Blewbury ref Cleve.

15.2 12/09/18   To receive an update on Watts Lane. It was reported all work has now been completed. Action: Cllr Inglis to contact PJ Meadows ref future plans for stream.

15.3 12/09/18   To investigate the state of the wall adjoining the brick wall from Watery Lane to    Westbrook Street. Concerns were raised over the condition of the wall Action: Cllr Lakeland to write to Howard Laurence Ward ref concerns over wall.

  • To receive an update on any issues relating to Footways, Footpaths, rights of way and open spaces

16.1      09/05/18 To receive any update on communications relating to a cycle path. Nothing to report.

16.2     11/07/18 To receive an update on the gravel laying around the village. Ongoing.

16.3     12/09/18 To agree a course of action relating to clearing the cricket club sight screens and netting next to the Melland Room. Action: Cllr Lakeland to write to management at cricket and football club ref removal of broken posts, screens, and netting.

  • To receive an update on the outdoor Gym Equipment.
    • 14/03/2018 To receive an update on the Gym Equipment at TFF. It was reported the gym equipment is near completion. Awaiting instructions for equipment (Item 6)

17.2   12/09/2018 To receive an update on the future of the BMX track. It was reported two parishioners responded to the announcement in the bulletin, with suggestions for the BMX track. Action: Cllr Gibson to reply to both parishioners who sent suggestions for BMX track- Ongoing.

  • To receive an update on any issues relating to roads, road safety and public transport.

18.1     08/11/17 To receive an update on the Oxford Cambridge expressway group. Action: Cllr Inglis to send information to the editor at the bulletin ref Oxford Cambridge Expressway to be uploaded on website.

18.2     13/12/17 To receive an update on Salt bins in and around the village, and discuss a bulk order if required prior to the winter period. Ongoing.

18.3     14/02/18 To receive an update on actions following communications relating to speeding on the B4016 and A417. County Councillor Mike Fox-Davies has arranged meeting to discuss future options. (Item 4)

18.4     12/09/2018 To receive an update ref speed report from PCSO. It was reported the PCSO had nothing on file. Action: Clerk to contact Highways for past reports.

  • Village Hall Management Committee. To receive an update from the VHMC. Awaiting report.
  • Community Asset Renewals. To consider renewal of ACV for the Red Lion. Action: Cllr Lakeland and Cllr Gibson to obtain forms and start processes for the renewal of ACV for the Red Lion.


  • Correspondence
    • Items requesting a reply & consultations

21.1.1 Town and Parish Forum being held on the 24th September at The Beacon, Wantage. Cllr Lakeland will be attending.

21.1.2 Vale Community Awards nominations. Action: Cllr Lakeland and Clerk to respond to the Vale Community Awards nominations.

20.1.3 Project Resound. Action: Cllr Lakeland to respond to project resound.

  • Items for information that have been circulated

21.2.1 SLCC Branch Meeting-Cholsey 12th September.

21.2.2 Invitation to Public Event about the Joint Statutory Spatial Plan – 24th September 2018.

21.2.3 Research relating to traffic/speeding in villages.

  • Website Correspondence and Uploads on PC section. Action: Cllr Inglis to forward Clerk information to upload to website.


  • Any other business. Exceptionally to deal with business received too late for inclusion in agenda. Nothing discussed.
  • To set the date of the next meeting of the PC. The next Parish Council meeting will be held on the 10th October in the Vale room.

                                                          Meeting closed 21:27 pm

Annex A:









Councillors at OCC and Cherwell District Council have approved a proposal for a partnership between the two local authorities, including the appointment of a joint chief executive. The partnership arrangement will offer long-term opportunities to join up services for residents, reduce the costs of providing services, and secure investment in Cherwell to enable the continued growth in homes and jobs. The partnership proposal came after the financial problems in Northamptonshire County Council, which has implications for Cherwell’s existing partnership with South Northamptonshire Council, created an opportunity to explore closer joint working. The joint arrangement was approved by county Councillors on 10 July and Cherwell Councillors on 16 July, and will come into effect on 1 October. Partnership arrangements under a single chief executive will make joint working more effective and deepen the partnership arrangements. Spatial and transport planners already work closely together on schemes related to housing and infrastructure, and that will be make day-to-day working simpler as they are working to a single chief executive. Following a formal internal recruitment process, Yvonne Rees, the current chief executive of Cherwell and South Northamptonshire councils has been appointed to the new post of joint chief executive of Oxfordshire and Cherwell councils, with a start date of 1 October. The post of county council chief executive, currently occupied by Peter Clark, will be made redundant.




Thousands of students are preparing to take their crucial next steps after receiving A-Level results at schools and colleges across Oxfordshire last month. Confirmed pass rates for the county as a whole will be confirmed when national figures are published later this year. In the previous two years the key benchmark of two or more A-Levels at the A*-E pass rate was achieved by around 95 per cent of students. For anyone unsure of their next steps after A-Level or GCSE exam results, further help can be found at the Oxme website and through the National Careers Service which has a helpline number – 0800 100 900. Throughout the results period and beyond, county council staff will be available via the web chat service on the Oxme website or over the phone (01865 328460) to talk to young people and parents about the wide range of learning and employment opportunities available in Oxfordshire for 16-19-year-olds, and to help with applications. Details of drop-in sessions can also be found on the council’s website.




OCC is carrying out a detailed review of the costs and liabilities related to its properties following the Carillion collapse so that a robust financial plan can be considered by councillors in the autumn and included in the council’s budget. Carillion provided services on behalf of OCC including maintenance of council buildings; property services, and building work such as school extensions. OCC made a net payment of £10.6m at the end of December 2017 to Carillion to cover work already completed as part of the final settlement to end the contract with the company, limiting any future financial liability. However, the costs of dealing with ongoing construction and property maintenance problems following the Carillion collapse have not yet been calculated but are expected to be “very significant”. Surveys to assess defects in buildings including schools are continuing across the county council’s properties. Compliance with health and safety requirements is also being considered, with any safety issues that emerge being dealt with quickly.




The latest published figures on people who are unnecessarily in hospital while they await confirmation of care arrangements have been published. The figures for June 2018 show that on average 90 Oxfordshire residents had their hospital discharge delayed. This is 9% fewer than in May and less than half the number of people delayed than the same time last year. Oxfordshire’s delays figure trajectory continues to be better than national improvement with a 0.3% improvement in the last month and a drop of a quarter in the last year.




Commuters returning to work after the holiday period are being encouraged to walk or cycle, for all or part of their journey, by OCC. The council is championing healthy alternatives to the car, which will also help to reduce congestion and pollution on the county’s roads. Exercise is widely recognised as one of the best ways to improve physical and mental health. Daily physical activity lowers the risk of depression and dementia by around 30 per cent according to the Department of Health. Exercise also reduces the likelihood of cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease and strokes. The council has appointed an active and healthy travel officer, using central government funding, to assess existing walking and cycling routes. Priority will be given to improvements and maintenance schemes designed to encourage active travel and reduce pollution. Over 85,000 new jobs and 100,000 new homes are planned in Oxfordshire by 2031. The council is committed to ensuring that as the population grows, infrastructure is in place to encourage healthy travel options. Streets and spaces will be developed to put first the needs of pedestrians and cyclists. OCC’s Cycling Champion, Councillor Suzanne Bartington, said: “Active travel is win, win, win – for health, the environment and local economy. I encourage Oxfordshire residents to try foot or bike even for only part of their journey and feel the positive benefits for themselves.” For further information about the benefits of active travel, visit the website: www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/whycycle




Almost every primary school child in the county will now be able to get free cycle safety training after the award of an £84,500 Bikeability grant which will pay for an additional 2000 places. The bulk of cycling training in the county is carried out by a 700-strong army of volunteer instructors under the Oxfordshire Cycle Training Scheme, which has been running for more than 40 years. Training is offered to children from nine-years-old and up and is a mixture of learning about the Highways Code and practical ‘on the road’ tuition. Parents and carers who want their children to take part in training should contact their school’s head teacher.



Annex B


Blewbury Parish Council

District Council Notes for Parish Councillors on

Wednesday, 12th September 2018

from Cllr Janet Shelley & Cllr Reg Waite


– o – o -o –





– o – o -o –


Planning Enforcement Investigations:

VE18/161   2 Pound Cottage, London Road, Blewbury OX11 9NY                                         Reported: 26 March 2018                                                                           Alleged Breach: Without planning permission the addition of a rear dormer (conservation area)                                                                                   Case Officer: Heather Rose                                                                                6 week target date: 7 May2018                                                                   Site Visited: 26 April 2018                                                                          Still under Investigation

– o – o -o –


Local Plan Part 2:


The Inspector’s examination and questions on several matters, including the proposed development of 1,000 dwellings in Harwell Campus, was undertaken in The Beacon, Wantage last week.


Cllr Reg Waite attended the lengthy Inspector’s examination on matter 7 – Harwell Campus as an observer.  This lasted for 6 hours – from 10.00am to 4.00pm.


– o – o -o –


Kitchen Waste:


The Vale can now collect and recycle your used cooking oil as part of our food waste service.


Oil is collected every week.  After cooking, any left-over oil can be allowed to cool before being poured into a plastic bottle no bigger than a 1 litre size.  The bottle and contents can then be placed into your kerbside food waste caddy along with other food waste and put out for the weekly collection.


The oil is highly calorific and so makes a lot of energy.  In fact, one litre of used cooking oil can generate enough electricity to make 240 cups of tea!


– o – o -o –


More residents satisfied with council’s work – but work still to be done:


More residents are satisfied with the Vale Council’s work and almost three-quarters believe the services it provides are ‘good’, according to a survey.


Researchers spoke to 1,100 residents across the Vale for the Council’s Residents’ Survey, which is carried out from time to time to help the council identify priorities and shape the way it works, as well as providing information about residents’ attitudes and satisfaction rates.


Seventy -nine per cent said they were satisfied with how the council runs things.  This is up by seven per cent since 2015 when the council carried out its last Residents’ Survey.


More residents also felt the council did a ‘good’ job for people like them – up by five per cent to 69 % – and trust in the council remaining high with 83 per cent saying they trusted the council ‘a great deal’ or ‘fair amount’.


However, there was a drop in satisfaction in some areas.  This includes providing value for money – down by eight per cent to 61%, which is in line with national trend.  Despite the decrease, satisfaction remains higher than the national average, which has ranged from 47 to 56 per cent over the last five years, according to the Local Government Association.


Satisfaction with council services remains largely consistent and over seven out of ten residents thought the quality of services provided by the council were good overall. There has been a significant increase in satisfaction for some areas including

–           Housing – up by 15% to 72%

–           Environmental protection, covering issues such as fly-tipping – up by 18% to 82%

–           Public toilets – up by 11% to 50%

–           Community safety – up by 6% to 79%

Waste and recycling continued to receive the highest satisfaction rate of all services, with 83 per cent.  However, satisfaction with this service has dropped since 2015 by 4 per cent.

Whilst we are pleased many of our residents are satisfied with the way the Vale operates, we are under no illusion that there is room for improvement and we want residents to feel confident that we are providing not only good value for money, but best value.


Janet and Reg would welcome your thoughts and suggestions where you feel improvements can be made.


– o – o -o –






Pub in West Hanney shut down after two dead mice found:


Owners of the freehold fined £1,495 to cover the Council’s costs following a routine but unannounced inspection by Environmental Health Officers on 15th August 2018 when they discovered a mouse infestation.


– o – o -o –


New managers in post:


Donna Pentelow is now the Head of Community Services.  She will be overseeing the council’s art and community centres, active communities and community enablement teams.


Michelle Wells is the Insight and Policy Manager.  Michelle will be looking at existing and future policy partnership working with other councils and government, and future project funding.  She will also be overseeing Didcot Garden Town until a new manager is in post.


– o – o -o –


Houses in multiple occupation:


New legislation comes in on 1 October, which affects landlords of houses in multiple occupation (HMOs).


As licensing authorities, both South and Vale grant licences to larger HMOs that are three or more storeys and occupied by five or more people forming at least two separate households.


From 1 October, the legislation changes so that smaller properties used as HMOs will also require a licence.  Other changes to be introduced include national minimum sizes for rooms used as sleeping accommodation and the requirement to landlords to adhere to council refuse schemes.


More information can be found on the Vale’s website.


If you have any information on HMOs in Blewbury Parish that may require a licence, please refer matters to Reg and Janet; or e-mail our Environmental Health Team with copies to us, or by phoning 01235 422403.


– o – o -o –


Householders Yellow Enquiry Form -Annual Canvass update:


The elections team inform us that the annual canvass campaign is going quite well with 64 per cent of households in the Vale having responded to date and 65% in South (more than 87,000 homes so far)


Please encourage residents to respond quickly and online if possible as it is much more efficient to the council.  Reminder letters are being sent out to roughly 34,000 homes.


By law, each household must confirm their details.  Anyone who fails to do so could be fined up to £1,000.


– o – o -o –


SmartWater scheme launched:


Officers from Thames Valley Police have been visiting households in Botley and Cumnor to launch a crime prevention and anti-burglary scheme in partnership with the Vale’s Community Safety Team.


The council gave funds to buy 500 new household S588oitymatWater kits – a unique forensic marking solution registered to an address and helps retrieved stolen items to be traced back to its original owners.  The kit protects property, deters thieves and helps the police to convict criminals.


The police will be rolling the scheme out to other area in the South and Vale at a future date.  You can find out more information on Thames Valley Police website.


– o – o -o –


A total of £3.1 million available for projects via the European Social Fund:


Businesses and charities are encouraged to bid for major funding, supporting better access to the jobs market.


OxLep are encouraging businesses and charities to ‘be ready’ after the Education and Skills Funding Agency published two European Social Fund (ESF) project specifications, with the aim of supporting people to gain access to the workplace.


– o – o -o –


OxLEP’s  Annual Revue Event:


OxLep will be holding its 2018 annual review event on Tuesday, 25 September at Satellite Applications Catapult, Harwell Campus.  Anyone interested should register their place by visiting their website – www.oxfordshirelep.com


At the event OxLep will be reflecting on what has been a ‘game-changing’ year for Oxfordshire, looking back on some of their achievements and the emerging economic themes over the last 12 months, including their Local Industrial Strategy, the Oxfordshire Growth Deal and the emerging ‘Oxford-Cambridge Corridor’.


They will also share the progress they continue to make strengthening the county’s economy through robust and effective relationships between businesses, academia and the public sector.


– o – o -o –


Councils recover over £1.2 million in Council Tax:


South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils recovered over £1.2 million in council tax arrears last year thanks to tough enforcement action.


In 2017/2018 the councils issued more than 5,000 court summonses to people who had repeatedly failed or refused to pay their council tax.  Magistrates then granted liability orders against almost 4,000 of those individuals. This meant enforcement action, including the use of bailiffs, could be taken to retrieve the money.


Bailiffs recovered over £900,000, with most of those in arrears eventually paying the money they owed.  The councils were forced to take further action against 64 people.  More than £140,000 (plus costs) was recovered after 28 people received charging orders, which allows the councils to enforce the sale of their property to retrieve the money.


The councils also took committal to prison action against 36 people, with four receiving suspended prison sentences.  This enforcement action recovered almost £173,000.


The councils are also recovering and saving a further £272,000 after 80 people were caught claiming discounts on their council tax that they weren’t entitled to.  This resulted in 53 discount cheats being fined and ten prosecuted in court.


– o – o -o –


JS & RWW 12 Sept 2018


Annex C






As you will all be aware July was very hot and therefore little grass cutting was needed.


The barriers from Watts Lane and those near the Chapel entrance were removed to give better access for motorised wheelchairs and large pushchairs.

The CIC end of the Tractor shed was reorganised with Dick Street so that the Father Christmas sleigh could be accommodated, This has yet to be moved from Boham’s barn.



The end of August has seen the resumption of grass cutting.

The skate ramps have been serviced by Rob Steele and one of the boards replaced, and then all treated with wood preservative. He is also going to quote for a re-board of the riding area next year as there is quite some wear in places. This was discussed with myself and Michelle.

We have now got the Annual report on the play areas and all the areas needing attention have been dealt with. (wooden mushrooms removed etc.)

The work on the Trim Trail was resumed with the taller posts being installed. The equipment is still not operational as Hags insist that extra matting is needed due to the increased height of some of the units. These have been delivered but still awaiting installation.

There have been a couple of issues with equipment which is being attended to.

One area of concern at the recreation ground is the metal sight screen left by the cricket club and the old goal posts from the football club which have been left on the perimeter. Also the cricket nets which have partly collapsed and could fall onto someone. These are all safety issues which could affect the PC if someone gets hurt.





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