Data transparency and Freedom of Information

Blewbury Parish Council is committed to openness and transparency.

Audit notices for 2016-17

Exercise of public rights

By law any person interested has the right to inspect a smaller authority’s accounts. The period of inspection is 16 June 2017 to 27 July 2017. A summary of the rights and a copy of the detailed notice of the period for the exercise of public rights is available here.

A copy of the unaudited accounts is available here. The Annual Governance statement can be read here.


Notice of conclusion of audit 2015-16

Notice is hereby given that the audit for the year ended 31 March 2016 was completed on 08 August 2016. A copy of the notice of the conclusion of the audit can be downloaded here. We can confirm that there is no separate issues arising report.

A copy of the the audited accounts for 2015-2016 can be downloaded here.


Data transparency:

  • Details of all Parish Council expenditure are published in the monthly agenda. The Council minutes also contain details of payments including invoices received too late for inclusion in the agenda. If you require any further information please contact the Clerk.
  • The audited accounts 2014-2015, including the annual governance statement, bank reconciliation and explanation of significant variances, can be downloaded here.
  • The internal audit report for 2014-2015 can be downloaded here.
  • Chairman’s report to the Annual Parish meeting (2015) can be downloaded here.
  • Further downloads available:
    • Code of conduct for councillors
    • Openness and transparency on personal interests (guide for councillors)
    • Standing orders
    • Financial regulations

Freedom of Information:

THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT 2000 gives a general right of access to all types of recorded information held by public authorities and places a number of obligations on them. Every public authority is required to adopt and maintain a publication scheme setting out the classes of information it holds and how the public can gain access to it.

Classes of information available under The Parish Council Model Scheme adopted by Blewbury Parish Council is available here.  For more background information on the Freedom of Information Act, please see this link.