June 25, 2019

Thank you for all the lovely kind messages about Monty dog. We miss him very much, but he had a great life!

We have lots of ‘special’ stamps in stock, Birds of Prey, Marvel Super Heroes, Queen Victoria, British Engineering & D Day Landings. ‘Curious Customs’ are on sale July 15th, (cheese rolling & the Padstow ‘Obby Orse’ etc).

We have several dates that we know we can’t manage to be open: Saturdays 13th & 27th July, Saturdays August 24th & 31st. Tuesday 13th & Thursday 15th August will be open in the morning only. Monday 26th is a bank holiday, & allowances will be paid into accounts on Friday 23rd.

We have had clarification from head office that we must not accept post AFTER our LAST ACCEPTANCE TIME, this is 4.30 every afternoon or 10am on our half days, Wednesday & Saturday, (although Colin leaves our collection as late as he can, that’s 11.30am, but if it’s his day off, it reverts to 10am!) All customers MUST leave plenty of time to complete their transactions before closing time, we have to have completed our daily reports before closing time too, we do not get any overtime whatsoever, so the closed sign will be displayed at 10 minutes before closing!

Please also note that we close at 12 noon, not half past, we are only paid for 30 hours a week, and have to spread that over the week! (I say paid: anyone wanting to follow the Post Office trial on the substandard Horizon system, just google it. POL lost the first trial about the postmasters unfairly treated after their branches made significant unexplained losses due to said system; the case about our appalling contracts, training & pay was heard and adjourned until early next year. Hours of comedy gold on Twitter! Search for Nick Wallis!)

You may have found some painted rocks around the village, if you find one, either take a photo of it & post it onto the Facebook page ‘Blewbury Rocks’ & rehide, or just hide it again. This is an international game: paint a rock, hide it, find another, re hide, just a game of rock hide and seek, gets kids outside, being creative, and a bit of fun! Lots of our rocks have gone missing, so if you have one, please hide them again!

We have plenty of the ‘caddy bags’ in stock now, plus lots of yummy local honey, fresh local eggs, & ice cream to cool us down in the warm summer days (it has to arrive soon)!

We have tickets for the Summer BBQ at the church & the next Blewtube, plus the show schedules for the VPA summer show on July 13th. You can bring your entry forms back to us too!

Speaking of which, if the temperature hits about 28°, or over, we will be closed in the afternoon as the back office is like an oven & hits over 30°. You really shouldn’t be out in it either!

Love Karen and Maggie