Post Office news

November 21, 2016

We are now getting really busy with Christmas post!

We will have extra collections from early December to help clear our tiny Post Office, otherwise we can’t get to the kettle! We do not have time to stick your stamps on, and  All AIRMAIL post must have an airmail sticker on it, and if “NON EU” must also have a customs label BEFORE you get to the counter, the people behind really appreciate it! We are not being difficult in asking for all post to be in by half an hour before closing, we don’t get paid for overtime, and we have to cash up and dispatch the paperwork before the postie comes in (approx. 15 minutes before closing) & at this time of year, we do at least an extra hour every day!

Last date for Christmas posting 2nd class is Tuesday 20th December & 1st class is Wednesday 21st, Special Delivery Thursday 22nd.

Mon 28th November;  Int standard to operational HM forces

Sat 3rd December; Africa & Middle East

Weds 7th; Cyprus, Asia, Far East & Japan, Eastern Europe

Thur 8th; Caribbean, Central & South America

Sat 10th; Greece, Australia, New Zealand,

Mon 12th; Int Standard to static HM Forces

Weds 14th; Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland

Thur 15th; Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA

Fri 16th; Austria, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland,

Sat 17th; Belguim, France, Ireland, Luxembourg

Please also remember that anything flammable or explosive has restrictions on it. Phones, batteries, perfumes, nail varnish & aerosols have to have special labels on, be securely packed, and have the sender’s address on!

Santa’s address is “Santa’s Grotto, Reindeerland, XM45HQ”. Please post early & remember to put a return name & address for a reply! The latest he can reply is usually the first weekend in December, so write in early!

I expect we are having the Scout post again, but I haven’t heard yet! It covers Didcot, Harwell, Upton, Hagbournes & Blewbury & gives the Scouts some much needed funds.   Love from Karen & Angela