Post Office News

October 28, 2018

We have a limited amount of Harry Potter stamps on sale now, while this year’s Christmas stamps go on sale on November 1st – very pretty post boxes, with holly & robins! On November 14th, Royal Mail are issuing stamps to commemorate Prince Charles’s 70th birthday!

Lloyds, Bank of Scotland & Halifax personal & business customers can now make cash deposits using their debit card, which offers a much faster service into accounts! This means almost all banks can now be accessed through the Post Office network, for cash withdrawals & deposits, also cheque deposits via envelopes that we always keep in stock! This is a free service for personal & community/ charity accounts, while business accounts usually pay a fee. Santander have a new cheque deposit envelope and we keep those too!

Letters to Santa/Father Christmas can now be posted to him at Santa’s Grotto, Reindeerland, XM45HQ. You will need a stamp to send it, and he tries really hard to reply to all letters, which must be posted by December 8th.

We hear many groans & moans: 1) speeding cars through the village, (please slow down?) 2) Bonfires, horrible smoke on nice days when folk have their laundry on the line & windows open, (please be mindful of other people) 3) Fireworks, please be mindful of neighbours with dogs, cats, horses, babies or who are elderly, frail or trying to sleep when they are set off late? 4) Litter, please take your rubbish home or dispose of it in one of the village bins, don’t just drop it? 5) Hallowe’en; if you are out ‘trick or treating’, please visit only houses with hallowe’en decorations up! (I know most of you already do this, so just a reminder really!) Love from Karen & Maggie