October 20, 2017

Karen is away from 4th November, so Maggie will be in the Post Office. There may be a couple of afternoons that she won’t be able to cover, but she will put a notice on the door!

The Christmas stamps will be on sale from mid-November, the last recommended posting dates for airmail start in early December, but we know that Royal Mail workers are threatening strike action in November & December, so post extra early. Royal Mail are cutting the pay of posties and cutting 40% off their pensions, and when they are on strike we will not be accepting any post as we are not covered on our insurance for it.

In the run up to our busiest time of the year, please remember that our official LAT, (Last Acceptance Time) is 4.30pm or 11.30am on our half days, (although the official time given is 9.30am on half days). This is the time that our postman calls to collect, not the time we close! Please fill out the customs labels for parcels going outside the EU and put an airmail sticker on everything outside the UK, we will not have time to stick your stamps on for you!

Post Office Ltd are treating all postmasters very badly at the moment and cutting our pay, so we are definitely not doing any unpaid overtime whatsoever. The union is undertaking to take them to court for various reasons.

Please take extra care in the Village Hall car park, particularly on “Doctor Days”, Tuesdays & Thursdays. It is extremely busy at school drop off & pick up times, and we have seen some very dangerous driving and plenty of near misses! Please drive slowly & carefully, thank you! All very gloomy I’m afraid. Love from Karen & Maggie

I have noticed several youngsters on bikes & scooters around the village recently, riding dangerously, in the dark, with no lights or high viz etc, one zig zagged down the middle of Westbrook Street, deliberately blocking the road. Thankfully I was driving slowly at the time, and saw him just in time not to run him over.
Please check your kids are safely equipped, particularly on dark evenings, and know how to ride safely.  Karen