Post Office News

April 27, 2019

We have some rather lovely Marvel super heroes and birds of prey stamps available now, and the British engineering ones are available on May 2nd.

A reminder that passports need to be six months in date before travelling abroad, and international driving permits will be required. Didcot post office issues these, and they are valid for one year; you will need to take your photo licence (or your paper licence and photo id) and £5.50.

May has two bank holidays, and allowances will be paid into accounts on the previous working day. Maggie will be working on those Saturdays. We will be closing on the Easter Saturday, my garden needs me!

We have tickets for the Ben Waters concert and supper on June 1st, the Promises Auction on May 11th, and some Duck Race tickets. We will also have tickets for the Pre-School’s Curry & Quiz Night and the BVS Summer Dance, as well as the booklets for Oxfordshire Artweeks. The show schedule for the VPA summer show will be available at the beginning of May too!

We now have lovely free range eggs for sale, all proceeds to the Pre-School!

For anyone interested, Post Office Ltd have been in court recently for their treatment of 550 postmasters (they lost). The next case in now being heard, (they are not doing well in that one either), and there are another 2 cases pending, after which we are all hoping that we will be treated far better! Just search online for Post Office trial!

Happy Easter! Love Karen and Maggie