Post Office News

October 7, 2018

The Post Office is now back to normal opening hours, including afternoons. The only exceptions in the immediate future are the afternoons of Tuesday September 25th and Tuesday October 2nd, when we will be closed.

There are some special Poppy commemorative stamps out on 23rd October, we may get some, who knows! The Christmas stamps are on their way, and are on sale 1st November, very pretty snowy mail boxes!

You may have seen on the news that Post Office Ltd have made a £35 million profit. This has been achieved by cutting the pay of all postmasters: we get paid less for each transaction and do more unpaid work than ever before, so we are really unwilling to any more unpaid overtime. However, customers continue to rush in at closing time and expect us to be really pleased! The last 15 minutes of our day is needed for cashing up and doing essential admin, not processing Mail/banking that won’t go until the next day!

The Village Hall car park seems to be busier than ever at school drop off & pick up time, so please take extra care and remember that there are deliveries to the post office, and patients in the doctors surgery that take priority over school traffic. I have noticed lots of rubbish being left in the car park too – please put it in the waste bins provided (but not the shoe recycling bag!)

Please also be aware that there are some nasty scam emails & phone calls going around, (one asks that you buy gift cards to pay a tax bill), these are very scary, but are all rubbish! Come in or ring and ask us if you are unsure! Love Karen & Maggie