August 24, 2018

Special stamps depicting “The Old Vic” & “Captain Cook” are out this month, and the last posting dates for Christmas ‘economy mail’ overseas (that used to be called ‘surface mail’) are at the end of September. Sorry for mentioning that word!

Thanks for being so understanding about our awful working conditions while the temperature rose so high, hopefully all back to normal now, but if it gets over about 28c outside, we will close in the afternoon, it’s at least 4 degrees hotter in that back office, made us feel very unwell! We are OK in the mornings though!

Upcoming variations on opening hours:

  • We are closed on Saturdays until further notice.
  • Monday 5th September: closed in the morning.
  • Last week in September & first week of October: open all day on Mondays, but mornings only for the rest, and closed on Saturdays. Love Karen and Maggie