Post Office News

November 3, 2016

You will all have seen the new £5 notes by now…

apparently they are able to go through a washing machine, but someone has already tried to put one in a tumble dryer, with sad consequences! (they melt & shrink!) The old ones can be used until May next year and the new £10 will be in circulation by the end of next year.

It’s that time of year again: Christmas stamps go on sale November 8th, (very pretty, with Robins or Snowmen, Christmas puddings or stockings, or a Madonna for the religious alternative). The surface mail deadlines have passed, except for Europe, which is 3rd November, and all the airmail posting dates, which are in December, will be in the next Bulletin.

Santa’s address is “Santa’s Grotto, Reindeerland, XM45HQ”, for Christmas letters etc; post early & remember to put a return name & address for a reply! The latest he can reply is usually the first weekend in December!

All AIRMAIL post must have an airmail sticker on it, and if “NON EU” must also have a customs label on it, BEFORE you get to the counter.

Last Acceptance Times for post are clearly marked in each Post Office, ours is 4.30pm, except on Wednesdays & Saturdays, which can be as early as 9.45am, but Colin tries to collect as late as possible, so 11.30 am is usually the latest we can accept it! Please don’t rush in at the last minute and expect us to be thrilled that we are once again doing unpaid overtime!

I expect we are having the Scout post again, I haven’t heard yet! It covers Didcot, Harwell, Upton, Hagbournes & Blewbury & gives the Scouts some much needed funding.  Love from Karen & Angela