Project Resound: Latest News

June 20, 2019

Thank you to all those who organised and supported the concert on 8thJune.  It was another successful and enjoyable occasion and we raised £1,270 taking our fundraising total almost to £60,000.

Those of you following us on Facebook will have seen some of the glass that has now been produced and selected for the roundels and other elements of the window design.  There is one more event this summer and a few other project ideas that we have to help take us take us to our funding target of £75,000.  We are also working towards an additional £5,000 contingency fund to cover additional buildings works and electrical fittings if needed.

If anyone is considering making a donation and wishes to have the opportunity to include a dedication for a loved one in the accompanying book, now is a good time.  We would like to have everything ready so that once Bishop Colin blesses the window in January 2020, we can move forward as quickly as possible to publication. The schedule is firming up for the installation of the window in the autumn and more will follow on this in the next bulletin.


Saturday 6thJuly 2019 – St Michael’s Church and grounds. All welcome

6pm – Walk and talk tour of the recently researched archived history of St Michaels.  There is recognisable art and fascinating stories surrounding Blewbury church from every century since it was rebuilt in the 1100s.  The new window will be a legacy from the 21stcentury for current and future generations to enjoy.

7pm – Summer BBQ, (Meat or Vegetarian).  Bar with Real Ale, Wine and Soft Drinks.

Everyone is welcome to join us for the tour or BBQ or both.  To help us plan, please buy your ticket in advance on sale from Blewbury Post Office:  £10 for adults, (£5 for children 5 and under) to include tour and food.  There will also be some availability if you wish to turn up on the day.


More ideas are now the planning stage including a display and sale of new artefacts arising from the upcycling of the old window glass.  Renowned artist David Harber and Nick Thomson have very kindly agreed to design and manufacture artefacts from the glass that will be removed from the existing Edwardian window.  There will be three groups of limited edition artefacts available from the 36 panels of the existing window.  24 rectangular limited edition artefacts can be reserve ordered from a selection as follows:

  1. Unpolished, antique brown bronze crush fold frame, enclosed in a circle of unpolished, antique brown bronze with two hanging points (as depicted above). £450.
  2. Unpolished, antique brown bronze crush fold frame only. £310.
  3. Unframed £250.

David Harber will provide an unpolished, antique brown bronze plaque for each type of panel which will be engraved with date and details, a Latin motto, the number of the panel out of 24 and David’s engraved signature.

The remaining 12 panels from the top of the window are unusual shapes and, if undamaged, we will sell them unframed for between £250 and £350.  Please email Gillian Loyd to reserve order:

If you would like to make a donation to Resound then a gift aid form can be downloaded from the Blewbury website /project-resound-launched/and/or you can donate on JustGiving

Thank you – Project Resound Team.