Sustainable Blewbury

September 22, 2017

Apple juicing sessions: It’s been a very good year for apples, and it would be a pity to waste what you can’t eat. We have three more sessions for making some of the tastiest apple juice you’ve ever had, from your own apples:

  • Sun. 8 Oct., 2–4pm, Manor stable
  • Sun. 22 Oct., 12–3pm, Red Lion garden
  • Sun. 5 Nov., 11am–1pm, Manor stable

Please bring your (washed) apples and clean glass (screw-top) wine or drink bottles if you want to pasteurise your juice. If you want to freeze it, bring clean plastic containers. Cut out any bad bits but no need to core the apples. Cost: £1 per pressing (large basket of apples), pasteurising 30p per bottle (keeps for up to a year).

Our equipment is also available to hire: £10 per day in Blewbury and Upton, £15 elsewhere. For details and bookings contact:

Blewbury Garden Market: Every Saturday morning from 9.30 to 11.30 am, with fresh local garden fruit and veg, plants, flowers, home-baked bread and cakes, preserves and Blewbury honey. Why not bring us your surplus produce to sell for you (before 9.30 please) and at the same time see what else is available, including many items not available in shops. Note that our last session at the garage this year will be on Saturday, 14th October.

We will again have Garden Market Extra running through the autumn, winter and early spring at the Post Office, with bread and cakes on Saturday mornings, and jam and occasional produce all week.

Dates for your diaries:

A talk by Prof. Eric Eisenhandler – ‘Climate Change: Growing Elephant, Shrinking Room’ at Blewbury Manor barn on Monday 30th October at 8pm, tickets £6 (including a glass of wine) from the Post Office. The talk will discuss up to date information about climate change and the improving outlook for renewable energy.

Village Leaf Clearance – Do you remember last year’s very enjoyable leaf-clearing event? It was fun for everyone, older or younger! We are repeating it on Sunday 3rd December from 2–4pm. More details nearer the day.



Miele vacuum cleaner.  Old but still working well.

Steve Russell

Several metres of water pipe insulation.

Peter Saunders


• 3-tier in/pending/out trays (A4, black). Trays can be separated.

• Brita Maxtra water filter cartridges, box of 6

• Approx 100 see-through A4 document wallets for ring binders

Chris Whatmore

To freecycle your item please send a short description, email & phone number to Lydia Inglis (

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