Sustainable Blewbury

January 22, 2019

Climate for electric cars? –  A talk by Anthony Simpson, Mon. 25th Feb., 8.00pm at Blewbury Manor Barn

With concerns in our towns and cities about air quality, as well as the growing threat of climate change, the shift away from diesel and petrol towards electric vehicles has started. Are they really more environmentally friendly? Can our electricity system cope? Find out about the latest developments, and perhaps consider whether you are ready to go electric! Tickets £6 (including a glass of wine) from the Post Office, or on the door (if not sold out).

Thermal imaging – February 2019

Would you like a warmer home and lower heating bills? Thermal imaging can find where your heat is escaping. Or, have you made some improvements and would like to check that they are effective? Sustainable Blewbury volunteers have been doing this every winter since 2009 – we have imaged more than 200 homes in Blewbury.

If you’d like your home thermally imaged in February, email us at or phone Jo Lakeland (01235 850490). This service is FREE.

Green drinks – Monday 4th February, from 7.30 pm at The Blueberry

Green drinks are a friendly chat over a drink, to ask questions or tell us what you think about green topics: anything from issues in and around the village to energy problems, climate change, biodiversity, or what SB does. Everyone is welcome, it’s completely informal, there’s no agenda, just come and chat.

32″ Sony Bravia tvVal Stevens valerie.ahs@gmail.com01235
3 sheets MDF: all 3ft x 2ft
(915mm x 610mm) & approx 4 mm
Not new but clean and unused.
Chris Whatmore
To freecycle your item please send a short description, email &phone
number to Lydia Inglis

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