Sustainable Blewbury Leaf Clearance

A big thank you from Sustainable Blewbury!

We would like to thank all the people who helped us clear the footpaths of leaves on Sunday 27th November. A vital part of how this was organised and done was due to Heather Richards, of the BVS.

There were so many of you scattered round the village we could not thank everyone individually. A special thank you must go to all the Blewbury school children who asked their parents to come with them to help rake leaves, and to David Hollick and Glen Meadows who collected all the bags of leaves in Mark Shayler’s trailer, pulled by the Parish Council tractor.

We hope you all enjoyed the cake at the Blueberry afterwards: a final thank you to the Blueberry for providing free tea, coffee and squash for all the workers.

The weather was fine, and it turned out to be a real community event, with a record amount of leaves collected: 180 bags! Some are being used at the allotments, some at the SB Permaculture site, and the remaining 100 bags will be taken to Agrivert at Benson to become part of the compost that local farmers appreciate.

Jo Lakeland and Eric Eisenhandler, co-Chairs of Sustainable Blewbury