December 31, 2017

The Christmas break will be a hard earned one for both pupils and staff at Blewbury school, with the Children looking forward to a visit from Santa, and the Staff some well-deserved R&R, as it has been another busy term.

Those parents with children at Blewbury School will know that there are common themes which run through the school’s curriculum. This academic year the topic is “Innovation”, and it has been warmly embraced by the pupils. Each term the theme is broken down into subdivisions and the last term has been labelled “Farm to Fork”. Children love inventing things, and when given the opportunity to design their own bread they relished the opportunity (no pun intended). When I was informed that I would be on the receiving end of some marshmallow and chocolate loaf, I was not lit up with anticipation, however, the reality was quite different, and I can now see a career in food technology ahead for some very imaginative students. If bread was not your thing, then perhaps pizza may be more tempting. The dough was made from scratch with basic ingredients, but the only limit to the topping varieties were whether they were edible (well, that was the brief anyway). I learned of many new, never considered, bread ingredients and pizza toppings including edible glitter and other such sparkling delicacies.

The purpose of all of this is, of course, education and what a fun way to learn. Take, for example, the science of bread. Adding simple ingredients to make a more complex compound and studying the material change. Then comparing that to melting a pan of chocolate and cooling it again so it returns to its original state. There is plenty of maths involved too. Measuring, weighing, working out quantities and being precise in the calculations (particularly of the edible glitter). Reading and writing too, documenting new recipes and observing the findings and results, as well as the design of the finished product. Our students were also give the opportunity to study different breads from different cultures, thanks to some wonderful input from our overseas link schools who shared their own local recipes and ideas with our school.

In addition to the academia there has been traditional Christmas activities too, including a carol service which incorporated carols from around the world and a musical nativity production which identified the plight of refugees and donated all collections to UNICEF. Foundation year took a trip to the Cornerstone and Key stages One and Two made a journey to the Watermill theatre to watch a performance of the Borrowers.

Food to fork has been a great theme for last term, but I must say I am really looking forward to the New Year theme which will be entitled “What did they do for us?”. The pupils will study Ancient Civilisations and will look at many aspects of technology passed down through the ages and used today. It will also give me an excuse to blow the dust off the Monty Python videos at the back of the cupboard.

Have a wonderful Christmas.   Michael Evans, Class 6 Link Governor