Team & Timescale

Project Team

  • Steve White
  • Chris Lakeland, Chairman, Blewbury Parish Council
  • Bruce Gibson, Chairman, Hall Management Committee
  • Jane Gibson
  • Andy Bray
  • Paul Whitehead
  • Elizabeth Murphy
  • Mike Allen

With support from Meirion James, Hall Management Committee Treasurer, Marianne Suhr, Lydia Inglis, Ellie Wong and Alex Elderfield.


The fastest programme we can achieve would have us start work in July. However, if we start then, we will not have all the money we need and will have to proceed in two phases.  It will be simpler, less risky and cheaper to wait until later in the year to give us a chance to raise all the money we need and do the job in one phase.   We are therefore working on a programme which starts work in November.