Village Hall Refurb: Getting back on track

We have now received a quantity surveyor’s report which confirms that we can make substantial savings in the cost of the project.

We will have to make compromises in a number of areas but we should be able to retain most of what we want within a budget of £500,000 – a new post office, new storage alongside the Main Hall, new toilets and storage around the Vale Room, new insulation, lighting and heating and modern décor, both inside and outside. We may not be able to increase the size of the kitchen, although it will be completely modernised; we may delay upgrading the flat roofs, as they are currently performing adequately; and we will simplify specifications wherever we can, while ensuring good quality. Before we can get back on track, we will need to incorporate these changes into a revised design and validate the cost with the market. We will then decide the timescale, including whether we phase the work. We will then go flat out to raise all the money we need. If we can’t, we won’t move the post office and we’ll do without the new Main Hall storage.

As far as funding is concerned we have recently received a number of generous contributions. The Bridge Club has donated £2735, on top of the £6000 they have already given, the BVS have contributed their year-end surplus, a further £1500, and the Ben Waters’ concert, organised by Gay O’Nolan, raised £3005. This means that we have raised a total of £74,000 through personal donations and fundraising and, with more fundraising events planned, we are on course to raise over £100,000 in this way. We are all very grateful for everybody’s hard work and generosity. Taking account of grants previously approved and the contribution from the Parish Council, the challenge remains to raise a further £200,000 of grants.

Thank you for your patience and continuing support. I hope I can report more progress when we Bulletin resumes after the summer break.

Steve White