Village Hall Refurb: Please complete our questionnaire

February 17, 2017

Included in the September Blewbury Bulletin is a short questionnaire which can be completed in hard copy and returned by 23 September to the Post Office or April Cottage, Heather Way, or online here.

Please do complete this – it will only take a few minutes – as we need more evidence of support for the hall and its refurbishment to strengthen our funding applications.

In parallel with this, the architects are making some design changes which we can discuss with the builders with a view to achieving a firm, affordable price. Armed with this and strong evidence of support from the village, we will give ourselves the best possible chance of success in our funding applications, which we will resume with a vengeance in the autumn. In the meantime, the village continues to raise money. We are expecting a substantial Gift Aid tax refund from the personal donations given so far, Blewsing has donated £250 from its recent concert, and other upcoming events, including Blewfest and November’s Definitive Rat Pack Concert, are raising money for the project. Thank you for your continuing support.  Steve White