Village Hall Refurb

June 24, 2019

Work on the Village Hall refurbishment has begun! From Monday January 20th the Village Hall will be closed and access to the Hall will be under the control of the contractor’s site manager.

No-one should try to enter the Village Hall for the duration of the project without the permission of the site manager. To reduce the chance of unauthorised entry to the building site, the locks to the main hall entrance will be changed. Anyone holding keys to the Village Hall should return them to the Post Office as soon as possible.

While work on the main hall in is progress the Post Office will remain open until work starts on the refurbishment of the Post Office itself in April. Unfortunately it has not be possible to keep the Doctor’s Surgery open during the early stages of the refurbishment and the surgery will remain closed until further notice.

The contractors will need to construct a compound to house their equipment and service buildings. This will mean that the car park will be reduced in size and access to the gate through to the School from the Village Hall car park will be down the path at the back of the Hall. Inevitably there will be times when access to the Village Hall car park will be a challenge. This is regrettable, but unavoidable – so apologies in advance and please bear with us. With this in mind it would be very helpful if visitors to the Post Office and the School avoided driving unless absolutely necessary while the work is going on.