Village Hall Refurb

June 24, 2019

It’s been a busy month. The Garfield Weston Foundation confirmed we can keep the £10,000 they pledged to the previous scheme, the Doris Field Trust gave us another £1000 and the Ben Waters gig raised £2000 – thanks to Gay Edwards for organising that. We’ve also had some personal donations, so we now have £286,000 in the bank or firmly pledged.

Since the end of April, we’ve submitted 12 applications for grant support. 10 of these, worth over £250,000, are still under consideration, and we’ve got a few more still to do. It will take several months before we know the outcome of all these. If we win them all, we will exceed our target. The chances are we won’t, so we have to keep on with our own efforts.

David and Sophie Harber have very generously donated one of their sculptures to the refurbishment fund. We are holding a silent auction to raise money for the refurbishment. You’ll find all the details in the flyer inside this Bulletin.

We are also planning a Community Art Project that everyone can get involved with, to create a stunning work of community art for display in the hall for future generations to enjoy. We hope to include in the next Bulletin details of how you can get involved and have a lasting part in the village hall refurbishment.

Personal donations can still be made via

Finally, we’ve edited the promotional film we made in 2016, making it shorter and incorporating the latest images. We’re using this in support of our funding applications. Check it out –

As usual thanks for all your support.  Steve White