Village Hall refurbishment

We have had an encouraging response to the latest questionnaire, with 95% of people saying they completely or broadly supported the proposed refurbishment.

There was also a wide range of comments and suggestions which will help to finalise the design. As this Bulletin is published, we will be evaluating the tender response from builders. This will determine what we think we’ll be able to afford overall and exactly what we can do in phase 1. Clearly, this will also depend on the money we raise. We have had a contribution of £433 from the Women’s Institute and, as a result of a very successful Bonfire Night, the BVS has decided to donate another £1000 towards the project. We are grateful for these contributions which are very welcome. Following the publication of the pamphlet and promotional film, both of which can be viewed on the project’s pages on the village website, we have also now received donations from individuals amounting to £11,600, which with the Gift Aid top-up is worth £14,300. In total, the village has now raised over £45,000 through fund-raising events and personal donations. We are grateful for every donation, no matter how small. If we can maintain momentum, there is no reason why we can’t raise at least as much again.

We have also had a number of offers of help in kind, which are also appreciated. If you haven’t already done so, please do consider donating to the project, bearing in mind that for higher rate taxpayers the donation will be set off against your higher rate tax. You can find out how to donate in the pamphlet or on the website or ask me.

Thanks also to all of you who voted for the project’s entry for an Aviva Community Award. We are waiting to hear if we have made it to the final.  Steve White