June 3, 2019


Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting on 28 April. Everyone said they supported the plans and there is a strong desire to see the job done in one phase, if necessary by the Parish Council raising an additional loan to fill any funding gap remaining at the end of the year.

We are now completely focused on raising the money we need.  To do everything we want to do will cost £455,000. We already have £269,000 in the bank or firmly pledged and we have a reasonable chance of re-securing £80,000 awarded to the previous scheme. It’s a challenge but we’re well on the way and since the meeting we’ve submitted two bids worth £20,000.  Three others worth £100,000 are close to submission.

In this month’s printed Bulletin you will find a pamphlet describing our proposals which includes donation forms. If you would like to join the 60 or so people who have already made personal donations to the project please complete a form or make a donation via Virgin Money Giving – and search for Blewbury Village Hall.

We now need to keep up the momentum and from now on we will be regularly reporting progress against the target. As usual thanks for all your support. Steve White