Village Hall Refurbishment

September 24, 2018

I reported in the summer Bulletin that we were working with a builder to see if we could achieve our preferred scheme at a cost we could afford. The answer is we can’t.

It has proved impossible to build a small extension to provide us with a bigger kitchen and post office, while restoring the storage adjacent to the Main Hall, within our budget. We were able to reduce the costs to close to our target but we were left with too many uncertainties and risks to be confident that the scheme could be delivered to time and cost. A survey of the flat roofs has also confirmed that there is nothing we can reasonably defer to contain the costs of the scheme.

We will therefore refurbish the hall within its current footprint by:

  • Rewiring and installing new heating, lighting and ventilation in all areas
  • Refurbishing the toilets, kitchen and post office
  • Replacing fixtures, fittings and signage throughout
  • Replacing ceilings and floors, doors and windows
  • Replacing and insulating the flat roofs and insulating the Main Hall loft
  • Renewing the internal and external décor

Although we will lose additional capacity, the hall will be brought up to modern standards and be more pleasant, comfortable and efficient to use. The aim still is to make it fit for another generation. This revised approach will remove a lot of the risks from the project and give us confidence that it can be delivered. The price will still not be cheap and we still need to raise more money but we would expect to reach the target quicker. We are in the process of appointing a project manager and the work which, given the availability of funds, we will phase, will then be re-tendered. We’ll give you details of the revised scheme, price and timing as they become firm.

Thanks again for your patience. If you have any comments or questions about this revised approach please let me know.

Steve White