Village Hall Refurbishment Project

December 31, 2017

Thank you to everyone who voted for the project in the Aviva Community Awards.

Unfortunately, we again failed to reach the final, but will be getting a £100 consolation prize. Much more positively, the project has received £2280 from Blewfest and £8500 from the Definitive Rat Pack. Many thanks to the whole Blewfest team and to Sheila Loy, George Long and the Rat Pack team for these magnificent contributions from two outstanding village events.

Buoyed up by these donations, we will be identifying a builder in the New Year who can do the work at a sensible price. We will be discussing a start-date and, depending exactly how much we have in the bank and success with funding applications, whether to do the job in one go or in phases. We won’t be able to afford everything we would like to do; nor can we afford to hang around indefinitely hoping to raise all the money we need. We need to get on.

Steve White