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Monthly Archives: June 2020

Village Hall Refurbishment Update

June 4, 2020

Good progress has been made over the past month.  In spite of social distancing and continuing difficulties with supplies, MD Group have recovered time.

Rewiring has continued; new ceilings have been installed, with new insulation in the Main Hall ceiling and loft; the WCs have new windows; door frames have been fixed; and sanitaryware and kitchen cupboards have been delivered to site awaiting installation. The roofers, who have been particularly set back by the shutdown, have started on the new flat roofs. MD expect the pace to continue to accelerate over the next month.

The refurbishment of the post office will start on 26 May. Because of the difficulties of distancing in such a confined space, this will take longer than in the original programme. The plan is to re-open on 25 June.

We shouldn’t get carried away, but things are looking a lot more positive than a month ago. Ironic, isn’t it? After all this time, we could soon have a shiny, new village hall we won’t be able to use. Steve White

What did you do in the big lockdown, Grandad?

Blewbury Local History Group

Here we are again and maybe we are getting used to the situation, or maybe not! We have had few responses for our appeal last month to Grannies which was a bit disappointing. In our last history meeting, online, several people commented on various apps which have been helping villagers with shopping. There were also comments about how friendly folk are when out walking in the village. There were also lots of remarks about the peace, and the birdsong, but also comments about how pleased parents would be to have school restarting again. Will there be changes when Lockdown finishes? Let us know what you think – this period is absolutely unique and historical. (The nearest was Spanish Flu, after 1918 and much of that history has been lost or hidden.)

Next meeting is Tuesday, June 9th at 8pm by Zoom. Contacts: Mark at or Audrey 850427 or and Roger Murphy at