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Blewbury School News

April 1, 2021

You might have expected it to be hard for people from Blewbury to visit Blewbury School during the lockdown period. There have of course been many challenges for all of us as normal life has had to be suspended, but in fact a whole new ‘Blewbury People’ initiative has been launched by the School in the period since Christmas.

Aided and abetted by Picasso Class teacher Miss Su Calvert, and School Governor Roger Murphy, the children have been on a mission finding out more about interesting individuals in the village. Using Zoom video-conferencing the children invited several Blewbury People to tell them about themselves in the form of short video clips and then set up sessions where they were able to ask  them  searching questions.

The ‘Blewbury People’ series has been such a success it is going to carry on after the Easter holidays, so do please contact us or the children if you know of anyone else out there in Blewbury that they could find out about.
Members of the Blewbury community have been sharing information about their jobs, passions and lives with the children through these short pre-recorded videos. The children have then had a chance to reflect and discuss them before taking part in a live question and answer session on Zoom. So far, they have interrogated Prof Paul Whitehead, who is a water scientist, Shakespeare enthusiast and Blewbury Bulletin Editor Chris Whatmore, Dave Wall, one of our village postal workers, and then on their Book Day they interviewed Loraine Fergusson, who is a well-known Blewbury author. The children were really excited to meet these individuals live, and have asked them all some really interesting questions. This has certainly allowed some great school-village interactions to continue during a period of strict lockdown. It just shows yet another way in which videoconferencing has transformed both home and school learning and other forms of remote communication.

Su Calvert (Picasso Class Teacher) and Roger Murphy (Community Governor)