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Village Diary

This Diary of village events is kept up to date with information passed to the Editor. However, please be aware that dates and times of events may change before they take place, so do check with the organiser if you’re in any doubt.

For venues and other information, roll your mouse over the relevant Diary entry.

Bin collections are usually on Fridays but this varies whenever there is a public holiday. Furthermore, because of the new dual calendar system, different parts of the village have different bins collected on any given day. To download the calendar that applies to you click here and enter your postcode.

Blewbury Players Friends’ Evening @ Village Hall
Apr 26 @ 7:30 pm
SB Repair Café @ Village Hall
Apr 28 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Autumn Leaves Bingo @ Vale Room
May 7 @ 2:00 pm
Parish Council meeting @ Melland Room
May 8 @ 7:00 pm


1.     To elect a Chairman

2.     To elect a Vice-Chairman

3.     To complete Declaration of Acceptance of Office forms (for 1. & 2. above)

4.     To complete Register of Members Interests forms (as necessary)


5. To discuss the Council’s Councillor vacancy


6. To confirm all Committees & Committee members & Working Groups currently existing for the Council


6.1 Committees: –

  • Finance (DM, AC, LR)
  • HR (AM, DM, LI)


6.2 Working Groups: –

–    Clubhouse (AM, DM, HEH & J Gibson)

7.     To receive & approve apologies for absence

8.     To record any declarations of interests relating to this meeting

9.     To receive the County Councillor’s report

10. To receive District Councillor’s report

11. To receive the Lengthman’s report from Iain Wood

12. Open Forum

To receive representations from members of the public if present. Maximum 15 minutes (3 minutes per person).

13. To approve previous minutes & report on any matters arising – All Cllrs

Minutes of the BPC meeting held on 10th April 2024

Note: – Any changes to the minutes need to be agreed by a vote.

14. To hear the Planning Committee Report & Planning Responses – L Inglis


14.1 To agree or ratify the Council’s response to the following consultations


14.1.1 P23/V2635/FUL Land at end of Coffin Way, Blewbury

Appeal – planning application refused in January 2024.

Construction of single dwelling & associated works.

Deadline 30.05.24

14.1.2 P24/V0945/LB Corrydon House, London Road, Blewbury

Various internal & external renovations.

Deadline 30.05.24

14.1.3 P24/V0956/FUL Abners Barn, Church Road, Blewbury

Proposed renovation, conversion & extension of grade 2 listed barn to create self & custom build 3-bed dwelling house, pursuant to previous planning consents.

Deadline 06.06.24

14.1.4 P24/V0958/LB Abners Barn, church Road, Blewbury

LB consent for 14.1.3 above.

Deadline 06.06.24


14.2 To note planning permissions received during the month


14.2.1 P24/V0533/HH Lowmans, South Street, Blewbury

Planning permission 26.04.24

14.2.2 Ashbrook House, Westbrook St, Blewbury

Planning permission 10.04.24

14.2.3 P24/V0405/FUL Community Artwork Structure for Play Close, Blewbury

Planning permission 02.05.24


15. To hear an update on Speed Watch & Speed Reduction Measures (L Robinson / J Ingoldby)


16. To hear an update on Finance & Administration from the Clerk


16.1 Financial updates


16.1.1 General Power of Competence

Council to resolve to retain the General Power of Competence on meeting the criteria.


16.1.2 To hear an update on the internal & external audits Internal Audit External Audit Council to agree & sign off the Accounting Statements


16.1.3 End of month reconciliation for April sent in advance of the meeting to the Chair. To be agreed & signed at the meeting.


16.1.4 Receipts in April included: –

– Cemetery related £90

– VAT refund £25,207.99

– Clubhouse income Q4 £2,740.50

– Hall admin salary reimbursement from VH £1,377.50

– Donated funds towards a new Skate Park £50,000


16.1.5 Lloyds Bank account funds as of 30.04.24 were £180,539.03

This sum includes main reserves of: –

  • £16,594.16 remaining village hall refurb funds
  • £10,521.53 CIL funds
  • £5,000 EV Charger grant fund

Net funds available £148,423.34


16.1.6 Any other Financial updates

i. Interest bearing account for reserves – Council to resolve to open a 30-day interest-bearing account with Lloyds Bank.

ii. Council to agree whether to retain or decline the Community First Oxford membership renewal (£70)


16.2 Administrative updates


16.2.1 To hear an update to proposed changes to existing leases – D Mathias

i. Croquet club

ii. Tennis Club

iii. Band Hut

16.2.2 To hear an update on the grass cutting contract for this year

Tactical Facilities Management appointed to maintain the Pound, Play Close & Churchyard for 2024.

16.2.3 To hear an update on the format of this year’s Annual Parish meeting currently scheduled for Wednesday 15th May – J Saunders

16.2.4 Any other administrative updates

i. Council to approve updated Parish Council Members & Responsibilities lists.

ii. To confirm the Council’s Standing Orders are in order & any required amendments.

16.3 To agree authorisers for this month’s payments (signatories present only)


16.4 To approve payments to be made under the general power of competence and within budgeted amounts as detailed in the table below – All Councillors







E Cooper/D Hollick/

E Holroyd/I Wood

Clerk, Lengthman, trainee Lengthman & Hall Administrator salaries & expenses for April£3938.15
NEST DDClerk’s pension April£113.65
HMRCPAYE Clerk, Lengthman, Hall Admin & Employer NIC contributions April£762.28
Biffa Waste Services Ltd DDWaste services April£180.30


BT DDClubhouse digital fibre package£80.07
Scottish Power DDClubhouse electricity 01.05.24*£258.00
J NewmanClubhouse cleaning April£252.00
Walters ElectricalVarious works at Clubhouse*£523.00
Post OfficeBPC stamps*£17.60
AmazonMicrosoft Office for Hall Admin/Card*£44.97
AmazonNew equipment for Lengthman: – Overalls & gloves*£58.31
AmazonIT for Hall Administrator: new mouse*£14.98
The Zip Wire CompanyVarious parts for zip wire*£187.96
GallagherTractor insurance renewal£156.65
PWLBPWL 497831 Clubhouse*£4207.50

*Paid to be ratified




VoWHDCPrecept first half£56,500.00
HMRCVAT refund£25,207.99
VHEMCClubhouse income Jan-Mar 2024£2,740.50
Blewbury Brass BandGround rent fee£5.00
Anonymous donationTowards new skate ramp£50,000.00
VHEMCHall Admin salary reimbursement Jan-Mar£1,377.50
Blewbury Croquet ClubAnnual Rent arrears & paid up to end of lease in 2036£16.00
AmazonRefund for item not received£32.49
M&J DidcockCemetery fees (Pottle)£90.00

17.    To receive from VHEMC – D Mathias

17.1 EV charger update – L Robinson

17.2 Any other updates

18.    To receive an update on the Community Art project – L Inglis


19.    To receive an update on all things relating to the operation of the Clubhouse & the recreation ground – E Holroyd, I Wood


          19.1 Clubhouse

19.1.1 Clubhouse Admin report

Clubhouse income for April 2024 estimated at £TBC

19.1.4 Any other updates


19.2 Recreation ground update


19.3 Scout Hut update

BlewShed feasibility study


19.4 Any other updates


20.    To receive an update on all aspects of TFF & car park – M Shayler


20.1 Play area / trim trail update


20.2 Inspections


20.3 Skate Park future refurbishment / replacement update – D Mathias/A Calder


20.4 Cycle Track – potential refurbishment / replacement update – D Mathias/A Calder


20.5 Any other updates


21.    To receive an update on Risk Management & Compliance – A Calder


22.   To receive an update on issues relating to the Environment – A Millman


22.1 Information from Sustainable Blewbury


22.2 Any other environmental & bio diversity issues


23.   To receive an update on any issues relating to Footways, Footpaths, rights of way and open spaces – M Shayler, I Wood


23.1 Parking on the Pound update


23.2 Any other update on Footways, Footpaths, Rights of Ways & open spaces in & around the village



24.   To receive an update on any outstanding consultations – All Councillors

None outstanding.


25. To agree the date/venue of the next meeting(s) of the Council – All Councillors


Annual Meeting of the Parish on Wednesday 15th May at 7pm in the Village Hall.


Next full council meeting is the Annual Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 12th June 2024 at 7.00pm in the Melland Room at the Clubhouse.











Appendix A


1.BPC to review its overall storage position with the set-up of a working group – DMASAP
4.DM to speak David Long re introduction of a maintenance charge to the Croquet ClubActioned
5.DM & AM to speak to the Tennis Club re introduction of a maintenance chargeApril meeting
6.Clerk to look at lease data that needs to be updated.Actioned
7.Clerk to obtain two additional quotes for grass cutting contract.Actioned
8.DM, AM, JS to open discussions re format of APM in MayActioned
10.LR to obtain further quotes re EV charger at VHASAP
11.DM to obtain new skate ramp proposal from Radii RampsActioned
12.AC to continue investigations in to new pump trackOngoing
13.AM & JS to consider draft community engagement statement regarding ‘water problems’ in the villageASAP
16.DM to speak to resident of Turnpike House re parking.Actioned


1.HG to provide an update on the new DC building in Didcot.C’fwd
2.HG to check on progress of requested dog waste bin re-siting on Berry Lane.C’fwd
5.DM to open discussions with A Forman re Post Office Post Mistress formal arrangements (appointment/grant)ASAP
10.MS to investigate what remedial work may be required at the TFF car park (filling in of pot holes?).C’fwd
11.LR / MS to see if funding for car park maintenance is available.C’fwd
7.DH / MS to arrange to replace part on zip wireOngoing
2.MS to deal with vandalised bench by the TTT on TFFASAP
8.MS to investigate possibility of installing steps in to TFF from Rubble Pit LaneTo be installed
Blewbury Garden Market re-opens @ Blewbury Garage forecourt
May 11 @ 9:15 am – 11:00 am
Coffee & Kids! @ Vale Room
May 13 @ 9:30 am – 11:00 am
BlewShed meeting @ The Shed, Recreation Ground
May 14 @ 7:30 pm
Local History Group @ Robinsons, Parsonage Lane
May 14 @ 8:00 pm
BVS AGM & Annual Parish Meeting @ Village Hall
May 15 @ 7:00 pm

Blewbury Village Society AGM – Agenda

Wednesday 15th May 2023 at 7.00 p.m.
Location – Blewbury Village Hall
1. Introduction to the BVS
2. Chair’s report for the past year
3. Treasurer’s report for the past year
4. Any questions?
5. Election of Officers (Chair, Treasurer and Secretary)

Blewbury Annual Parish Meeting


Wednesday 15th May 2024 from 7pm

Blewbury Village Hall

Please note: – This meeting will be preceded by the Blewbury Village Society Annual General Meeting at 7pm


Annual Meeting of the Parish – Facilitated by the Parish Council

  1. Opening remarks from the Parish Council Chairman – Dermot Mathias
  2. Round table discussions, accompanied by written or short verbal reports, bringing together the following: –
    1. Parish Council’s Year – Dermot Mathias
    2. Parish Council Planning Report (Lydia Inglis) & Financial report (Clerk)
    3. County Councillor – Sally Povolotsky
    4. District Councillor – Hayleigh Gascoigne
    5. Village Hall Management Committee – Andrew Forman
    6. Bell Ringing – Richard Loyd
    7. United Charities & Tony Loy Trust – Sheila Loy
    8. Malthus Trust – Meirion James
    9. Blewbury School – Ann Parham
    10. Blewbury Pre School – Philippa Weedon
    11. Blewbury Local History Group – Roger Murphy
    12. Blewbury Players – Steve White
    13. Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue – Anni Byard
    14. Speed Watch – Jill Ingoldby
    15. Sustainable Blewbury – Anne Millman
    16. BlewShed – Mike Magnay
    17. St Michaels – J St John Nicolle
    18. Blewbury WI
    19. Blewbury Bulletin – Chris Whatmore
    20. Blewbury Flying Squad
    21. Blewbury Bridge Club

And any other groups not mentioned above, together with the good people of Blewbury.


  1. Summary of discussions & ideas
  2. Date of next meeting: – May 2025 (TBC)
  3. Closing remarks & thanks – Dermot Mathias


Dermot Mathias

Chairman, Blewbury Parish Council

3rd May 2024

Guided birdwatching walk @ Meet at Village Hall
May 18 @ 9:30 am